Doutzen Kroes has nipples

February 1st, 2010 // 70 Comments

Somehow I completely missed these shots of Doutzen Kroes wearing a see-through bra in St. Barth’s on Thursday, so here they are or else I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. — More than usual. *flexes* Aw, yeah. Who’s Eric Roberts in Best of the Best? That’s right, you’re Eric Roberts in Best of the Best.

(This doesn’t make me gay.)


  1. my comment

    yawn. who?

  2. Kerri

    Damn I really wanted to say first.

  3. Shell Boy

    Why do men have nipples, just what’s the point?

  4. bob sagget

    Id take her outback to the bushes

  5. Superficial Press: Rough man bites fleshy parts of a dozen crows

    I like her!

  6. Duude

    Shell Boy, there is a book titled “Why Do Men Have Nipples,” read it. And why are you thinking of men when you’re looking at boobs.

  7. blob

    “Why do men have nipples, just what’s the point?”

    and what’s the deal with homework. You’re not working on your home.

  8. Heath

    Who the fuck is Doutzen Kroes?

  9. blobs

    “Why do men have nipples, just what’s the point?”

    and what’s the deal with homework? you’re not working on your home.

  10. rearrrr


  11. pimp

    nice nipples…

  12. flappyflap

    Perfection. I’d take that over Christina Hendricks any day. Absolutely no idea who she is though….

  13. dontneedone

    @3 so that women can suck on them duhhhhhh. at least thats what i would do.

  14. angerinside

    men have nipples to remind us that no matter how powerful we become there will always be a part of us that is useless.

  15. JR

    @12 you’d take that skinny twig over Christina Hendricks??

    This is how I know you’re gay. Or like pointy things.

  16. DKNY

    For you ignorant morons (aka the fags) out there , she’s a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

  17. flappyflap

    @15 the gay ones are usually the ones who overcompensate for their overall gayness by dissing a natural beauty in place of a distorted stereotype. Pointy? Are you kidding? Do you even know what “supple pouting breasts” means? the reference is probably lost on most fish readers….

  18. J

    Nothing like a few grainy, fuzzy photos of a semi-clothed woman that passes as sexy.

  19. bluecalypso

    These pictures are at least a year old…

  20. gen


    Oh, that explains why her thighs look perfect here. I think now they’re a bit much, or at least not wow-no-wonder-she’s-a-model perfect.

  21. wow

    @12 & 15: i would take ‘em both! they’re both super HOT in different ways. maybe i could get them at the same time? god good…i need to go be alone for a couple of minutes now…

  22. Andrew

    so….I’m tempted to say that these pics have been altered with that ‘filter nipple-through-mesh-shirt thing’ that’s been going around….but at the same time….who is this nipple sporting chica, and why is she relevant?

  23. you

    Is it just me or do most supermodels have ugly ass faces?

    This girl is a butterface.

    Gisele Bundchen looks like a man

    Nicole Cambell looks like Ru-Paul

    Alessandra Ambrosio’s chin is too pointy

    Adriana Lima’s teeth are fucked up

    Cindy Crawford has that disgusting mole

    Kate Moss also has fucked up teeth

    Who gives these disfigured “beauty’s” jobs?

  24. Jeb

    the nipples are nice how about some pussy shots

  25. Emily

    I think these are old pictures of her…? I’m almost positive I’ve seen them before

  26. She was fully nude in the 2007 issue of V so I’m sure she doesn’t care that much that people see her topless.

  27. Jerry Seinfeld

    “What’s the deal with airline food? Am I right, people?”

  28. Well apparently she is everything except

  29. qwerty

    These are from I/II 2009

  30. Nice Frances “Baby” outfit. Backflash from Dirty Dancing…

  31. She was fully nude in the 2007 issue of V so I’m sure she doesn’t care that much that people see her topless.

  32. God

    “Why do men have nipples, just what’s the point?”

    So one wouldn’t confuse his chest with his back.

  33. jonathan

    superficial fail…
    besides this, kutgw

  34. It’s too small!
    I wanna bigger

  35. Where is my first comment?

  36. @ 3. Shell Boy – “Why do men have nipples, just what’s the point?”


  37. Great nipples!

  38. God

    @36. Narcissist

    lol no

  39. ada

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  40. gen


    I hope you’re just kidding what with your name being “God” and all, because Narcissist is right. I hate people who think evolution is “wrong” or “stupid”. Talk about being a close-minded moron.

  41. Robert Paulson

    Hey fish,
    these pics are like, two years old!
    Yer slippin again.


  42. God


    Evolution is not THE reason. That’s like being asked, “Why are you chasing him?” and answering, “because he’s running”. For it to be the reason, man would have to say something like “Hmmm… ’tis a good day to evolve some nipples. YEAH!” Also, you’re a cunt.

  43. derek

    Body–nice. Face–not so much. I’m with #23 but not all models have ugly faces. You’re concentrating on VS models and obviously those models have to have great BODIES and something’s gotta give. I’ve seen plenty of pretty models.

  44. ham

    @23 For facially gorgeous models, go look at Jessica Stam, Gemma Ward, or maybe even Du Juan. It’s just that they’re not touted and marketed as sex symbols of some sort.

  45. gen


    No, retard, evolution is the reason for vestigality. Some traits or characteristics we have are now useless. Like having an appendix or the formation of goosebumps. I’m not going to hope to explain the actual principles of natural selection or macroevolution or speciation or sexual selection to you since clearly, you are very stupid.

    But evolution is the answer to that stupid, pseudo-interesting question, and I’m not sure where you were trying to go with your metaphor.

  46. Ego

    This is a perfect candidate for a boob job.

  47. God


    You are clearly a homosexual born of a whore and leper. To say that evolution is a reason in and of itself is preposterous and contradicts its very nature. Maybe you have AIDS.

  48. idiots

    If i am not mistaken the sex of a child is not determined until later in its development by then the nipples probably have already formed.

  49. Dave

    these are buku old

  50. Dee

    i think i saw these pic before

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