Doug Reinhardt wants to impregnate Paris Hilton

Doug Reinhardt has heard words come out of Paris Hilton’s mouth, yet somehow believes she’d be a perfect candidate for motherhood, according to InTouch:

“Paris would make a great mom — she’s my Angel Princess. I’d love to have some mini Parises one day,” Doug told In Touch at LA’s MyHouse on March 20. “I’d love to have children, that’s what completes your life,” added Paris.

Mini Parises?! Good game, life. *inserts shotgun into mouth*

[Editor’s Note: The Superficial will be on temporary hiatus until we can find another sex robot from the future to assume writing duties. If you happen to be from the year 2056, please momentarily cease fighting the Mini Paris horde and send us a replacement unit. Thanks in advance. – Anticlown Media.]

Photos: Splash News