Doug Reinhardt spent $2 mil to make his penis itch

April 23rd, 2010 // 47 Comments

Doug Reinhardt reportedly dropped over $2 million on Paris Hilton during their relationship, according to RadarOnline:

“Doug never used Paris. He spent 2 million dollars on her over the course of a year and a half,” a source revealed to “She never once paid for a single thing.”
Reinhardt, a former professional baseball player, had a lot to live up to in terms of keeping up with the heiress’ jet-setting lifestyle. During the course of their relationship they had been to Fiji, Hawaii, Aspen and Anguilla among other places.
“Between flying private, private islands, etc… in reality he paid for everything!

Setting aside the fact there’s no way Doug Reinhardt has $2 million, I’m going to fully accept this story because it enforces previously established stereotypes that I’ll never abandon:

1. Doug Reinhardt is a fucking idiot.
2. Paris Hilton is a cheap vapid whore who’ll do anything for jewelry.

No, really, all this story was missing is a part where they throw Faberge eggs at Old Navy shoppers. “Dougie, I hit a poor person buying $5 capri pants. Do me!”

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  1. Que

    Que high price all pay.

  2. Aaron

    Why do I still find anything appealing about this woman? I’d wear two condoms and fuck the hell out of her as often as I could if I ever go the chance.

    But I think I’d have to stick my cock in her mouth every time she tried to speak or I’d commit suicide after two minutes of listening to her vapid whore drivel.

  3. misterfister

    He’s heir to some massive fortune. He’s a fucking idiot too. I wouldn’t by her a glass of water if she was dying of thirst in front of me. I hope he mudsharked the shit out of her.

  4. lalala

    How come no one ever talks about Paris’ boob job?!?

    And I’m not surprsed that he would spend that much and she wouldn’t contribute. Hes’s just dumb because there are better looking whores out there with less STDs and cheaper prices.

  5. Crabby Old Guy

    I wouldn’t treat this bitch off of the dollar menu at McDonald’s. Ugly. Stupid. And those are her most endearing qualities.

    This dude must have had a few too many fastballs hit his bean – he could get better trim just trolling the mall.

  6. havoc

    When $2.00 in bleach is all he really needs…..


  7. DragonKatt

    I wonder if she is one of those girls who really ‘plump’ up when it’s around that time of the month? Some girls can go up by a cup size or more!

  8. xylus

    I’d hit it… if it was a pinata…

  9. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    he’ll spend twice that amount on Valtrex alone.

  10. sprub

    Let’s see… 2M$ for 18 months…

    That makes Paris Hilton à 3700 $ a night whore !

    I hear Heidi Montag works it for scrap bits of silicon and hot-glue sticks.

  11. Timber

    Wait. Isn’t Paris Hilton rich?

  12. pimp

    i’d skull fuck her…

  13. r-rex

    Doug Reinhardt played baseball? wtf? Next thing you’ll tell me is he’s an actor or something.

  14. Peter Griffin says...

    Ugh…wish this whore would just go away. She’s goddamn ugly with that bird nose and wonky eye…and now she’s getting old!

  15. angrybtich

    he should of taken his money to get her a nose job!

  16. There will be 'a nightmare on Rough street'

    Can you imagine being whipped and played by a PH.

    Whopped dougie dog is an idiot…

  17. jo smo

    nice rack

  18. arealcad

    He played 3 non-consecutive years in minor league ball – rookie league and single A – his RBI barely made it above the Mendoza line.

  19. Ashley

    Isn’t his family really rich?

    Doesn’t surprise me she didn’t spend any money, yes she is a vapid whore and she probably also wants a guy to prove he’s not with her for her fame and money (it sickens me this trick got filthy rich for nothing) and she’s probably cheap when it comes to spending her money (like one of those wealthy people that cuts coupons).

  20. Ava

    Doug’s stepdad is the king of frozen burritos. The next time you are nuking one of those 4 for $1 burritos, feel the shame…. the shame of eating a frozen burrito and the shame of supporting Doug Reinhardt.

  21. I’d pay $50 to keep her a sanitary distance away from me. If I had $2 mil, I’d probably just retire.

  22. bu k?za bide beenimki girse ne olur ya

  23. Randal

    Paris is obviously worth every single penny spent. Love knows no boundaries when two hearts become entwined in such a magical dance and Doug clearly played his cards right, until Hawaii that is.

    Smarten up Doug, Hawaii is second class these days not first class Paris style. Even Randal has been there.


  24. Heywood Yablowme

    So here’s the thing. Two million dollars. Let’s say that is exagerated by 100%. That is still a lot of coin. Which leads me to the logical conclusion that Paris Hilton must be the best fuck on the planet.

    Now, we may not want to admit it, but she isn’t the smartest, or wittiest, or best looking, so what can she offer to a guy with $1,000,000? She can lick your balls while swallowing the entire length of your penis. Every morning. Her pussy, it is clear, can do tricks like those found in the foulest of Bangkok whore houses. She can hump a layer of skin off a cock.

    My only regret is that I don’t have a million dollars.

  25. who dat

    Any guy or girl who would consider dating paris, obviously has nothing going on & has no game.

  26. extralargepenis

    Ok, yes she did get a boob job.

  27. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She used up his cash and gave him herpes. This is not surprising at all.

  28. mfbinc

    she’s hot!!!

  29. Art

    “Which leads me to the logical conclusion that Paris Hilton must be the best fuck on the planet.”

    You obviously didn’t see her porn movies.

  30. Rogue Cuckold

    I would love to watch Paris with her black lovers! Then perform any tongue duties required!

  31. captain america

    there was a money back guarantee, folks?

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  35. Doug Reinhardt Looking gorgeous in this outfit..she is showing big boobs publicly..keep it…

  36. Darth

    Well,now i’m reading this,that mouthshot of her is getting more creepier. .

  37. cellphone

    Doug Reinhardt used to shove $100 dollar bills in her mouth just to cover it up.

  38. Rhialto

    Every time he refused to have sex with her.He had to pay her a $50 dollar fine.

  39. Gando

    I’d believe him when he’s saying that he did spent a shitload of money on her.Paris Hilton isn’t known for her generosity.He didn’t know that?

  40. bimbamboing

    That explains that credit card incident.But why did he go back to her?

  41. Snooki’s got good nookie.

  42. Snooki’s got good nookie.

  43. she’s clinging on to every last bit of fame, like a good whore should.

  44. Wow! I must say Paris is looking really awesome in above pics.. She has wear a very nice outfit and looking gorgeous as she has a very nice figure. I like her face and eyes coz she is looking like a barbie doll in some poses .

  45. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Doug!!! I’m available for your cute ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Call me.

  46. parissucksliterally

    she did not get boob job. in other recent pics she is still small. It is called chicken cutlets and a good bra. That is what makes her boobs look like this.

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