Doug Reinhardt shot down by The Hills

August 24th, 2009 // 28 Comments

Looks like Doug Reinhardt is regretting Paris Hilton shitting on The Hills back in May. Much like he crawled back to Paris, he’s crawling back to his old stomping grounds who want nothing to do with him. And he works for free. Page Six reports:

Cast members of MTV’s “The Hills” were overheard recently at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City “laughing about how Doug can’t get a part on the show,” said our source. “He’s been begging MTV producers for a contract.” Unlike cast members who are paid per episode, Reinhardt makes cameo appearances for free. “Doug keeps calling MTV, but they don’t want him,” said the source.

Wow. Just to put things in perspective, MTV pays Heidi and Spencer money to appear on their show, but Doug Reinhardt can’t even get an unpaid walk-on. Ouch. Now would be a good time to hang yourself in a Canadian motel room. I hear that’s in right now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. The 'A' Man

    First!! Why cant terrorists gun down this skank whore instead of killing innocent civilians!!

  2. stinky

    Who farted?

  3. kris

    Big FEET!! But I would still hit it, with a BAT!!

  4. abby

    Paris isn’t aging well.

  5. clpierced

    i had alot of random thoughts from looking at these pictures..
    if they have children, they would be tall decent boys or very awkward tall girls
    i wish there were taller guys here in michigan, i swear everyguy is around my height 5’4
    i think im going to stop laying out/going to the tanning salon, so i dont look leathery like paris here
    i saw the sex tape of paris, she wasnt that great, so why do guys keep fucking her?
    im hungry, i am going to get some cereal

  6. the only opinion that counts

    What is with the high heels on the beach? We already know she has big feet, so why not just wear flip-flops like the rest of the world does to the beach. Also, those ridiculous head band things look stupid, absolutely stupid, not only on her, but everyone that wears them. She should tone down her look, less make-up, casual clothes, lose the extensions–ALL THE TIME–and stop looking so manufactured. I am moving to lalaland and becoming a stylist, and I am going to do my best to enlist her and Brittany as my clients and make them look good!!! I can’t do worse then they are doing right now.

  7. Laura

    Wow, those last two sentences are one of the most tasteless things I have read in quite some time.

  8. is paris in her 50′s? she looks like that old leathery lady from something about mary

  9. Peter Pumpkin Eater


  10. dink squeeze

    No come on, this is Paris’ grandmother, right?

  11. Superbiggerevil

    No job, no problem! Just marry the Sleestack that lays the golden eggs and be just like K-Fed.

  12. Max Planck

    That’s Cloris Leachman…isn’t it?

  13. me

    Is that his grandmother walking with him??

  14. simone

    Wow…not only does he have herpes, he is denied a “part” on the hills….

    Douche Factor is HIGH!!!!!

    I guess thats what happens when you beg/pay for your ex to take you back, who by the way is probably the most hated dirty slut in Hollywood!

  15. kora

    isn’t he supposed to be an athlete?!?! What happened w that?!?!?!

  16. Jamie's Uterus

    Every time a guy puts on white flip flops, he looks gay, no matter what. And Paris looks like a STD ridden granny.

  17. Wow, those last two sentences are one of the most tasteless things I have read in quite some time.

  18. Darth

    Since when is he looking for a job?

  19. Galtacticus

    Isn’t being Paris Hilton bf already an around the clock job?

  20. Gando

    He’s tired of getting paid in STD’s.

  21. Rhialto

    Medical treatments are pretty expensive.

  22. Nero

    His last check from her was just enough to buy himself these new sunglasses and drink.

  23. Yo bro,
    You better try to improve your Baseball game instead of trying to become a celebrity via Paris.

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  25. deep cover

    what a sucka,he might be there for a while,but he ain’t gonna be there forever
    princess looks good

  26. julie

    …at least she is rich, what do u got? u moron

  27. What beaches with high heels? We already know he has big feet, like the rest of the world so why not just wear flip flops to the beach does. Moreover, those funny things stupid head band, absolutely stupid, not only that, but everyone wears them. Look at him, little make-up, tone down the casual dress, should lose extension – all the time – and stop looking so created. I am going to lalaland and become a stylist, and I do my best for her and Brittany as our customers and recruiting’m going to look good! I do not mind are they can right now.

  28. What a sucka, it could be there for a while, but it will not be there forever princess look good

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