Doug Reinhardt romancing Paris in Fiji

August 7th, 2009 // 37 Comments

Doug Reinhardt is doing his best to get back in the good/itchy graces of Paris Hilton, according to E! News:

He’s rented a private island in Fiji for the two of them, where they are currently spending their time deep-sea diving, Jet Skiing and even sky diving.
Sources close to Doug say he has stopped at nothing to win back Paris…
“He has been so generous and sweet, and has really impressed her with his romantic ways,” a source tells E! News.
Sources close to Paris say she is really happy: “She loves being treated like a princess…She can feel how deeply in love he is with her, and she’s having a blast.”

Because there’s nothing more romantic then having your boyfriend use your credit card to pay for a vacation then have sex with you while wearing ten condoms. I hear Princess Di preferred the same treatment.


  1. The Big 'A'

    First Bitches!!!

  2. Deacon Jones

    E for effort Fish

    Now go to Happy Hour

  3. Charles Few

    That’s an impressive erection Paris is sporting in that picture. Wah … Wait a minute!?!

  4. Alexandria

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  5. Anu Patel

    Alexandria, I just reported your post to
    Your on the list now!

  6. Ted

    Paris…Heidi Montag…Jon Gosselin…well, if you want to read the latest about former- and non-celebrities, you’ve come to the right spot.

  7. Perkin Merkin

    He’ll need a private island for his privates to recover after a weekend with Paris.

  8. emmy

    Yikes….easy on Princess Di, Superficial. She and Paris shouldn’t ever be mentioned within a paragraph of each other.

  9. Admirer

    Lucky guy. She’s milking it for all it’s worth, and why shouldn’t she?

  10. Gary

    Nothing sexier than a woman who flaunts her sexuality! Paris is so hot! And there’s nothing funnier than watching the misogynists accuse her of being slutty and diseased just because she knows how to enjoy herself.

  11. Sick of Paris

    I am pretty much convinced Paris PR team is PAYING the superficial large sums of money to post non-stories about her because no one could care less what she is wearing or doing these days. Her 15 minutes were up when she got out of jail.

  12. Randal

    Doug and Paris continue to be the most talked about couple in the industry today and no wonder! Besides reading about their vaulted and successful careers, we now have to read about them in Fiji!

    Paris and Doug, continue to live the dream for the rest of us and enjoy life to the fullest. Best wishes to you both.


  13. Jacq

    Paris, your boner is showing.

  14. Large Black Man

    She should to be beaten and impaled by a large black man

  15. Jamie's Uterus

    Her nasty disease ridden pussy must have some type of hypnotic effect. I just don’t get it?

  16. Ols

    Paris doesn’t have a boner or anything close to it in these photos. I find it interesting to see photos of them together – even when she was grinding on him in the club a few months ago, her body language and definitely her face says she is totally not interested in him. She tries to act like what people in love would act like, but she’s just wrecked herself over the years and wouldn’t know a genuine emotion if it bit her on the neck. Look how she leans away from him and then makes the blowup doll face. Geez.

    Doug, on the other hand, looks like he’s into it. He must love the challenge.

  17. Hmm his facial expression doesn’t show anything along the lines of “he’s up for the challenge”. More like a how long do I have to put up with this.

  18. Nameless

    I for one am glad they are keeping their STDs from spreading by staying together. Their celebrity name should be “Itchy and Scratchy”

  19. Come on Doug!!! its got to be the publicity, theres no way Paris got a snapping gyro down there…

  20. Kelley

    #10 Gary … have you turned into Randal ?? I have never seen two more plastic people in my life. Wow. What do they do for fun, aside from posing in the mirror ?

  21. Angel Fish

    # 12 -

    I’ve been to Fiji, and it is boring. All the Indian immigrants hate the native Fijians becuse they are lazy and stoned all the time on some primitive drug drink. Also, why would any sane person go there now with the political unrest.

    The beaches in Mexico, Florida, and Hawaii are also so much better.

    Fiji smells just like them.

  22. Was this photo taken at the wax museum?

  23. ing

    @17 exactly!

    @21 kava kicks ass, and fuck yeah its primitive! it’s so good it’ll never go out of style

  24. @Ols – Thanks for saying all that. When I saw this picture, my thought was – OMG, what is *wrong* with her? She looks ill to me, like – like she’s sick or something, but in a really unreal way. I think you hit part of it exactly! (Does nobody else see her and think – “anorexia”? Maybe it’s just the weird angle her shoulder is sticking out?!?)

    I kind of feel bad for her. I’ve heard comments that she’s actually not a complete idiot in real life, but… she always seem to be a mess (when I’ve got her on TV or pics like this).

  25. jcj7161

    o my gayness…how much is she paying him?

  26. Wow, Doug gave Parisite a woodrow. I guess his self respect has been shelved again.

  27. Dread not

    Any chance that the Fijians abduct, Paris and put her in a huge cauldron over an open pit fire and turn her into human stew? Scratch that, Paris is so friggen ghastly scrawny that there’d be no meat in that stew. The Fijians aren’t vegans, are they?

  28. stay puft

    It is commonplace to have that type of haircut to qualify as a professional douchebag, correct?

  29. Diseased. Disgusting. I get shivers anytime I see this couple. Can’t wait for her to fade away.

  30. They are perfect for each other. Two total douche bags…

  31. Martina

    it’s all so transparent: despite all the comments about Paris and std’s every every guy on this board would bang her – most likely in the ass, but make no mistake, they WOULD bang her.

  32. Kelley

    Shitty editing again, Fish, really bad … you’re saying “then” and you mean “than.” Fuck, get your English right, man.

  33. paris is burning

    Does he have the face of an overdeveloped 12 year old, or is it just me?

  34. Shadowd

    Just a question, does Doug have money?

    I remember an article I read where he was using her credit card because he did not have her kind of cash, but now he can afford to take her on a trip to fiji.

    So, which one is correct, does he have money to take her on a trip, or he is brioke and she is actually paying for this?

  35. Crazy8

    What’s that under her arms? Nasty

  36. fiji fala

    Damm, we saw Paris, and decided not to cannibalize her, as it would take a month to get that taste off our tongue… Now if you send in Nichole Ritchie, that’s another story….

  37. Paris an injury or in the picture is nothing to stop it. I think it’s interesting to see pictures of them together – even when he was grinding on him at the club find a few months ago, his body language and her face certainly says he’s totally not interested. What kind of love that will act like the ones at work tries, but he ruined himself over the years and still do not know a real sense that if this bit her neck. See how she leans away from her face and then blowup doll does. Geez.

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