Doug Reinhardt photographed choking Paris Hilton

November 1st, 2009 // 98 Comments

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt went at each other last night in front of the paparazzi. The two were out celebrating Halloween and apparently the shit hit the fan when they got in an argument inside their limo and Doug threw Paris’ phone out the window, according to Splash News. Paris was reportedly yelling “I’m going to kill you” which prompted Doug to wrap his hands around her neck until a mutual friend pulled her out of the car.

Dammit, I knew this was going to happen. After getting on my soapbox about Joe Francis and Chris Brown being giant pussies for beating women, I knew there would come a day where I’d end up looking like a hypocrite and of course, it had to be Paris Hilton riding that horse in. Although in my defense, I’m pretty sure even counselors at women’s shelter are looking at these photos and giving each other high fives. (Your secret’s safe with me.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Who cares

    Who cares

  2. alicia


  3. Regan

    he was doing us a favour

  4. Annie Likes Anal

    These two fuckers should be sent straight to hell. Abuse is a serious issue, and I cannot believe this herpes ridden skank would sink so low as to stage a fight with her boyfriend for some publicity. It’s official: Paris Hilton has now soul.

  5. Little dirty

    Even funnier is that they are both wearing ruffles! God, I love Halloween :)

  6. keijo

    almost interested

  7. DG

    That guys costume with the huge cock hanging out just MOTHAFUCKIN AWSOME!

  8. wanks

    I knew Doug was a fag!

  9. EC

    those photos looks sooo staged. I bet this is a publicity stunt since Paris has been out of the gossip blogs lately.

  10. looks like they were kidding around to me. I’m sorry, but when a woman is choked, she usually looks upset and disoriented…not…”okay” with it.

  11. La Bella Vita

    is that coke on her hands?

  12. La Bella Vita

    is that coke on her hands?

  13. spinal

    Staged. And yup, she is a creepy, badly aging a-hole.

  14. Chow Mein

    If Paris and Speidi got in a contest to see who could be the fakest, I would vomit to death.

  15. paul

    oh funny i just read a blog about ho a ween rather then halloween! ha

  16. LOLA

    @ #11… that’s exactly what i thought. definately just been doing coke

  17. confused

    whose grotesquely skinny limb is that in the 4th picture? Is it an arm or leg?

  18. confused

    whose grotesquely skinny limb is that in the 4th picture? Is it an arm or leg?

  19. confused

    whose grotesquely skinny limb is that in the 4th picture? Is it an arm or leg?

  20. Freddo

    Looks staged, but on the off-chance that he does choke her to death, he’ll be my hero and my kids will call him uncle

  21. meee

    it doesn’t even look like they were fighting to me. i’ve had people in the backseat of cars pull me back to whisper something but they catch my neck because they’re reaching awkwardly around a carseat & i’m kind of short.

  22. freddee

    #19: He’s a well-endowed flasher, so you can sorta call it this third leg.

    Looks staged, but if it isn’t, it just proves one of the many things money can’t buy is class.

  23. SATAN

    21, i agree. when i first read this i kept waiting for him to reveal that he was kidding. absolutely nothing leads me to believe there was choking going on, unfortunately.

  24. Matrim


  25. NANA

    fake… is not in TMZ

  26. GeeBee

    U serious?
    He’s not choking her, just look at her face.
    Maybe he just put his arms around her neck or somethin.
    But that does NOT look like choking to me

  27. Paris' Vagina Has an Echo

    In picture #6 paris whispers, “lets throw that hot dog down my hallway”. Picture #7, you get a good look at the hot dog in question.

  28. Holy shit look at her eyes in pic 11. Shes like a demon!

  29. #18, 19, AND 20….you’re an idiot. It’s the guy in the tan coats forearm. The pointy part..poking through the jacket is his ELBOW. Wow, really not that complicated lol. (you’re seeing his forearm from a side view)

  30. dolly

    Alli … are you joking? Or just dim?

  31. dolly

    Alli … are you joking? Or just dim?

  32. Lame

    She is hot, i will eat her

  33. shil beally

    why are her fingers white ?

  34. GG1000

    She saw all the press Rihanna got and thought she’d stage something. Look, she’s waving goodbye to him. “Thanks for participating in my pathetic publicity stunt; bye” Good Grief

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  36. Pussy Is Great

    Ahem, ahem, Fish.

    The Pussy is a WARM & LOVING place…so it doesn’t make sense to use it as an insult.

    If someone is a pussy, then really it’s like being the best shit on Earth…not the worst.

  37. Unfortunate picture, I didn’t want to know that many details about Paris’ snogging technique.

  38. Amy

    Because i dont care about Paris or anything she does, the only thing i have to say is damn that chick has man hands!

  39. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Doug told Pariz that he wantz to be with me, but zhe zaid zhe would kill me firzt. What was he to do? Az u can zee, he fallz back in hiz zeat, worrying about Pariz hurting me. There iz no worry, Doug, becauze the Jonaz Brotherz will protect me, even if they are fighting over me conztantly….

  40. Scott the fag

    Dougy needs some botox…stat!

  41. Again, What A Waste Of Our Precious Time

    Paris who?

  42. What a douchebag

    This dude is a douchebag. First, for hooking up with a slutty, leg spread, herpes infected, attention whoring, self centered dumbshit like paris hilton. Second, for not completing the job & really strangling her. Stupid douchebag…

  43. Anon

    The only thing that chokes Paris is d!cks.

  44. Hey Paris is looking awesome in that dress. But Dough is doing what with Paris? I think he is not suppose to do all these with Paris. I just love Paris . I saw every show of her.

  45. Jon

    If you dumbasses haven’t realised the guys costume isn’t some random flasher. It’s John Holmes, and a very famous early pornstar. Kilmer played him in the movie Wonderland. He was huge but also had drug problems and problems getting it up.

    Don’t even care enough about Paris to comment on her.

  46. lola

    Paris actually looks really pretty here and I like the blue contacts. Don’t get me wrong, she still looks retarded and more so than normal. She has got that boy WHIPPED!

  47. christ

    how could you not comment on this queer’s outfit? hate these ugly pseudo good-looking LA fags

    gross, hope he gives her a reach-around

  48. @ 43

    No, she’s pretty good at suppressing her gag reflex.

  49. What's All This?

    Ms. Paris desperately needs to make friends with Mr. Lotion because she looks dry as hell.

    Pictures 16-18 make it hard to believe that the white stuff on her fingers could be anything other than crack…

  50. YourMom


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