Doug Reinhardt owns Hollywood now, Amanda Bynes

March 13th, 2009 // 152 Comments

After only dating for a few weeks, Doug Reinhardt is already using his new-found Paris Power to make Amanda Bynes’ life a living hell. And by living hell I mean getting her barred from nightclubs. Page Six reports:

Starlet Amanda Bynes was refused entry to LA’s Club H’Wood the other night, causing some celebrity blogs to dub her “desperate” and “clamoring” to get in. What they didn’t note was that reality star/doorman Frankie Delgado was out front and “wouldn’t let Amanda in because his best pal Doug Reinhardt [Bynes' ex and Paris Hilton's current beau] was inside,” said our source.

Two ice cream cones? $5.
Dating Paris Hilton? One charred penis.
Settling a petty score with Amanda Bynes? Priceless.

Herpes: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

Photos: Flynet

  1. arroyo

    Doug dumped Amanda because she isn’t yet a full-fledged whore, she has so much to learn. Paris on the other hand …

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