Doug Reinhardt isn’t giving (any) Miss USA herpes

Yesterday rumors started that Doug Reinhardt was dating current Miss USA Rima Fakih which ended up being corrected because he’s really dating last year’s Miss USA Kristen Dalton. Except, surprise, neither one of America’s beauty queens are getting the herpes swab. E! News reports:

Not only is he not dating the current Miss USA, but it looks like Doug Reinhardt isn’t dating 2009 Miss USA Kristen Dalton, either. Dalton tells E! she has never been romantically involved with Reinhardt and their contact was purely for business purposes.
“Doug and I were only talking professionally,” says Dalton. “I am with Reid [Rosenthal] and we are very serious about each other.”

While it’s obvious Doug Reinhardt started these rumors themselves, who the hell actually believed somebody wins the Miss USA pageant and goes “I’ll have what Paris Hilton is having?” I don’t care if you’re a tabloid that claims Obama is Batboy’s father, there’s no way anyone should’ve bought that story.

Says the man running an entire website based on dick jokes.

Photos: Miss USA