Doug Reinhardt basically takes Paris back

Despite issuing a statement calling her a slut after a very public hookup with Cristiano Ronaldo, Doug Reinhardt took Paris Hilton back last night after she came crawling to his house. TMZ reports:

But our spies say last night Paris begged Doug to take her back. She told him she loved him and had made a mistake by breaking up with him.
We’re told she was texting him all night and then showed up at his house at 4 AM this morning, banging on his door. Apparently Doug succumbed to her charm.

According to Page Six, this whole debacle is the result of Paris flipping out Tuesday night because Doug was hanging out with Texas beauty queen Kendhal Beal and Brody Jenner:

“Kendhal knows Brody and Doug, and so they were talking and catching up. They all took a shot and were watching the Lakers game,” said the rep. “But Paris got word that Doug was at the bar, and she showed up and started going at it.”
Beal’s rep told Page Six, “Paris was picking up ice and fruit and throwing it at Kendhal — she was the victim. Kendhal did nothing offensive or aggressive. Paris was throwing accusations, calling her names. It was the same thing you always hear about Paris and her tirades.”

So let me get this straight: Paris flips out on Doug in public, dumps him, bangs a soccer player in front of half of LA the next night, and 24 hours later Doug takes her back? I’m no doctor, but this has to be grounds to declare Doug Reinhardt legally brain dead. Someone notify the next of kin.

Thanks to Miss Zanna who’s further convinced thousand dollar bills fall out of Paris’ vagina. Along with the occasional snapping turtle.