Doug Reinhardt basically calls Paris a slut

June 12th, 2009 // 37 Comments

Doug Reinhardt’s rep released the following statement to TMZ regarding his recent breakup with Paris Hilton:

“Doug refuses to take part of this ridiculous media circus. He wishes Paris and all of her future boyfriends the best of luck.”

Pretty strong words for a man whose genitals must look like the inside of an ashtray. Nobody sneeze!

Photos: Splash News

  1. joe green


  2. joe green


  3. Dushie

    Good luck with your VD, dude!

  4. p0nk

    uh Doug, you already did take part in her media circus, and now you have memories that will last a lifetime … pretty much every time you pee.

  5. farty mcshitface

    joe green must be gay since only homos make an issue of being 1st.
    but to the real issue here- dougs dick will probably never work again from all of parisite’s diseases. but hey, that was what he must have wanted.

  6. tcell

    i believe the antichrist will rise is paris ever lays an egg…….

  7. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    The real question is, who is the older lady behind him in pic #1 with the nipples poking through her dress? She is kind of hot.

  8. YaMum

    I believe the old lady is Paris’s mum, I feel totally gay for knowing that. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong and restore my masculinity.
    I’d still hit it, who’s dick isn’t falling off anyway. I really hope she gets together with Ranaldo, they’d suit each other as they are probably the two biggest fu#kwits ever!

  9. Superbiggerevil

    Memo to Dougie:

    HIV stays with you forever….like luggage.


    Earvin “Magic” Johnson

  10. Dread not

    – @ Ted Kennedy’s Tumor – June 12, 2009 11:18 AM

    The real question is, who is the older lady behind him in pic #1 with the nipples poking through her dress? She is kind of hot.

    – Dn: I believe that is Paris’ “skank wrangler”. When things got TOO out of hand with, Paris, skankin’ on, Doug, she made Paris reel “the skank” back in a bit. You know, for decencies sake, and Doug’s health. Whatever little left that there is. Good news for that chick, even with the shitty economy, she’ll have plenty of work with Paris. Talk about, job security!

    Careful where you flick you’re spent cigarette ashes, Doug’s memories and shame are in that ashtray.

  11. Duke Steele

    Doesn’t everyone call her a slut? And a pig, a douchebag,a whore,and a herpes infested skank??

  12. Stating the Obvious

    As much as I think Doug a grade A douche, I have to give him props for this statement. Excellent diss, nicely done.

  13. Zanna

    The fact he basically had nothing to say is going to drive her bat-shit.

  14. Chery

    He is always so great! I love him! I am wondering if he has really created a profile on the millionair e c l u b—”R i c h P a s s i o n . C 0 M” as reported?

  15. Pretty strong words for a man whose genitals must look like the inside of an ashtray. –> What a horrible image. You are good, man.

  16. Zanna

    How come the “Denise Richards Has a Message for you” post doesn’t have comments enabled? I have a comment.

  17. Lain

    Oh, snap!

    That was a good one, I have to admit.
    Simple and effective.

  18. Lain

    And @ 16:
    Simply because E! is paying buttloads of many for adspace. They’re gonna allow the snide comments usually plaguing this site.

  19. I really wish he WOULD take part in the media circus.
    That first comment is yet very promising.

    I wish I knew what was going on.

  20. She's a WHORE

    She IS a slut, she IS a whore, she IS a piece of trash. He’s just saying what we all know: she’s a walking, talking herpes infected sperm receptacle.

  21. Clem

    He should now go and fuck the arse of someone better looking. Like Susan Boyle.

  22. the STD store

    How is this surprising? This slut will sleep with a freakin’ diseased wombat and cause the end of humanity by contracting some other mutated sickness.

  23. Nanotyrannus

    Doug! Look out! Cindy McCain is right behind you AND IS GOING TO SUCK OUT YOUR SOUL RIGHT THROUGH YOUR EAR!!!! And wearing that garland of herpes around your wiener WILL NOT PROTECT YOU!!!

  24. chupacabra

    you know, even though he said he was only doing this because he wanted to be able to say he “conquested” (or whatever), dated her, maybe he kinda fell for her after all. That would be hilarious karma.

    Also, Paris is so empty inside, she’ll never be in love with anyone but herself, and that’s just sad as fuck.

    I hope he stays classy on this one. I hope she catches/gives ronaldo whatever each of them doesn’t have already in the STD world. Jesus, Paris is like beyond rode hard and put up wet. I know prostitutes with less mileage.

  25. I mean is he really suprised? What do you expect when dating Paris? And I’m sure his stock has plummeted with the latest after being with her too.

  26. Moto Rola

    Crotch rot must be getting him down.

  27. live and let live

    What a fucking asshole….as if HE isn’t going to have about a zillion more girlfriends too!

    No matter what Paris’ history is, HE’S the one who dated her for this long, so what does that say about him?! I just l love how these idiots date girls and then trash them when it’s over – like somehow they’re perfect and aren’t doing the same damn thing. What a hypocrite.

    Makes me like Paris. This guy is a total tool.

  28. miau

    @ 8
    no its not her mom, her mom actually looks better than that. youre welcome
    @27 youre so right…
    why is nobody on this side ever judging on the behaviour of the guys towards the women..?so guys can have and “motoarboat” as many girls as they want but women cant..?
    welcome to 21st century, douches…

  29. cookie

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  30. Gando

    He’s quite well mannered,He’s not calling her nasty names and so on.

  31. Darth

    It speaks in Paris Hilton’s advantage that she broke up first before she got romantic involved again with another.

  32. captain america

    ………………….HOW MUCH HE PAY’S HER, folks?

  33. Dantheman

    His suit too big her feet too big her tits to small his..ahhhh whatever..wrong color shoe have no taste and that includes women…I would do her…. in the mafia sense

  34. LOVE the tie… His arm candy not so much…

  35. Jonny

    say what you will about his taste in ladies, The man can pick out a nice tie!

  36. CrunchPop

    Did he shit out that fucking tie, or is he just blind?

    Things in my toilet bowl look better than that fucking 60s shit. Fuck paisley, fuck the 60s, fuck these twits.

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