Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Says He’s Innocent, Victims Were ‘Manipulated’ For Money

March 12th, 2014 // 51 Comments
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“How’s the raping today, Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky?”
“Oh, it’s fine. Just fine. Looks like rain today.”

Because denial is a hell of a drug, Dottie Sandusky showed her face on TODAY where she not only claimed Jerry Sandusky is innocent of the 45 charges of child molestation he was found guilty of, but blamed the victims for being greedy little bastards. She was flanked by “journalist” John Ziegler who’s managed to take his obsession with clearing Joe Paterno‘s name all the way to believing Dottie that Jerry Sandusky is innocent because she just seems so certain. What more do you need?

“Do I believe him?’’ she told Matt Lauer. “I definitely believe him. Because if I didn’t believe him, when I testified at trial, I could have not said what I said. I would have had to tell the truth.”
She believes the victims’ financial gain was at play.
“I think it was, they were manipulated, and they saw money,’’ she said. “Once lawyers came into the case, they said there was money.”
Sandusky spoke with Lauer on TODAY in her first TV interview since her husband was convicted on 45 of 48 charges of sexual abuse of young boys in June 2012. She was joined by filmmaker John Ziegler in her State College, Penn. home.
Lauer asked Dottie if she believed her husband was guilty of inappropriate behavior with some of the young boys who have accused him.
“I don’t believe that,’’ she said. “I believe he showered with kids. That’s the generation that Jerry grew up in….There were always people coming in and out no matter what time that was.”

In Dottie’s defense, little children, by nature, are the worst money-grubbing whores who don’t appreciate an adult trying to teach them proper hygiene. Why else would they let people see them getting sodomized by a grown men if not for financial gain down the road? They’re shrewd little ingrates, is what they are, and a good hickory switch across the bottom will put a stop to this. I blame the parents which is quite easy to do because why else would they be poor if not for godlessness and a lack of social decorum? The whole ordeal just makes me sick. Now, who wants tea?

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  1. Wood Yi

    Yes, he’s innocent.

  2. ben dover


  3. In her defense, and I feel like I need a shower typing even that, admitting Reality would probably cost her her sanity. All those years and all that denial would be like an avalanche hitting a tent.

    My point is, she’ll never acknowledge the truth because she quite literally can’t. Look at her eyes. It’s in there, it wants out, but so did the lava near Pompeii.

  4. JC

    “I mean, yes, he used to keep the JC Penny’s circular open to the Boys’ page whenever we had our twice-yearly ‘relations,’ but he was just looking for sweaters for his darling little men. Nothing wrong with that.”

  5. Woody Allen

    I totally believe he’s innocent.

  6. I am not surprised by this, you quite frankly would expect this from a wife or some other family member. Adam Lanza’s father admitting his son was a monster is a rarity, for the most part no one wants to admit that a member of their family was a monster because then it reflects back on them, rightfully or wrongly.

    • Totally not surprised either. There’s too much at stake here for her to admit it – not only is the repudiation of her as a woman/sexual partner by her pedophile husband an issue, there’s also that troublesome little matter of her somehow not hearing the screams of Victim 9 when he was in the basement being raped by her husband. Nope, it just never happened.

      But hey, I hear all the good people of Dachau had absolutely no idea what was going on down the road, either. All that ash on their flowers was just an ongoing gift from the Garden Fairy.

    • She will probably claim he’s innocent until the day she dies. I think it’s a mixture of what you, justifiable and msctex said above – she has a reputation that she is trying desperately to cling onto (from the basic reputation as someone who would not abet a pedophile let alone bed one, to the reputation she had in the community as a college football coach’s wife), her denial is a way to keep her sanity and not see herself as an accomplice (the guilt of realizing what she let happen in her house would probably crush her).

      • I was with you right up to the “guilt of realizing what she let happen in her house would probably crush her” bit. That indicates that the burden of remorse would be too much for her to bear, hence the denial, but people who consciously – and I DO mean totally consciously, as in “with intent” – turn a blind eye to something like Sandusky’s pedophilia don’t have the empathy for others that’s a requirement for remorse. Their needs in terms of their own self-image, and the self-deception required to maintain that, come first and foremost. They know they’re guilty as fuck in that they’re aware they’re not innocent, and that consciousness of guilt does leak out, as I mentioned upthread, but only in terms of a fear of being caught out and judged for their actions to the detriment of that public self-image, and not much else. But the crushing sort of “guilt”, as in “cognitive or an emotional awareness that comes from violating a moral standard of conduct, and accepting significant responsibility for that violation”?

        Nah, not so much.

  7. They say when you bang somebody you’re banging everybody they ever banged. Good thing for Ms. Sandusky 9 year old boys don’t generally carry STIs.

  8. CT

    This is actually quite sad. Denial is a horrible place.

  9. Griefer

    She turned a blind eye to this stuff for most of her life and she’s not quitting now.

  10. Cock Dr

    PIty the person who would rather think that dozens of people were lying about something so debasing & horrid, FOR MONEY, rather than acknowledge that their entire life was spent living with and loving a monster.

  11. Speaking of money, I wonder how much Woody Allen’s people paid Mrs. Sandusky to step back in the spotlight? :P

  12. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “Manipulated”? Well, that’s one word for what happened. “Raped” is another.

  13. Sarah

    Really? Did she address her own son’s accusations against jerry?

  14. Slash

    “Eh, what’s a few (or a dozen) virgin boy assholes compared to the greatness of Penn State football?”

    That’s what she meant to say but was too polite to, so I did it for her.

  15. I wonder how her family and friends feel about her declaration that he’s innocent.

    • According to her, many of their friends have stuck by them, but the ones who work for school systems or are still affiliated with Second Mile charity are obviously required by their jobs to cut all contact with them (the implication being that they’d totes be supportive if only they were free to do so). And as a kind of “proof” that Sandusky is innocent she made sure to mention that boys/young men who they met through Second Mile still speak with them. No one claims he raped every at-risk boy the charity was supposed to help, but since her claim is that the ones who did accuse him were “manipulated” into doing so, you can draw your own conclusions as to how she chooses to view them.

  16. Ralph

    She reminds me of the Holocaust deniers. You want to say “WTF?” but when they are that far gone, you realize you just have to let them go.

  17. Mellllzy


  18. Hope I’m not being a buzz kill by getting all serious on you for a second (I promise to promptly go back to staring at barely legal celebrity tits right after I’m done typing this!), but I just really wanted to say thank you on behalf of myself and anyone else who was violated as a kid by someone like him. Reading the comments of everyone agreeing how fucked up he & people like him are is very healing for my many, many personalities. You understand me more than my last 3 therapists. Anywho, sap over, back to boobs.

  19. Maybe when Jerry said, “I want to fuck kids,” all she heard was, “fuck kids.” So she thinks Jerry just doesn’t like kids. But he does. Like, a lot.

  20. Beep Boop

    About her son, she said he was lying. She called her non adopted kids her “whole” kids (as opposed to the adopted son who said he was abused) so she can literally just go die in a fire.

  21. Leila

    Selfish fucking bitch. Clearly, all she cares about in this world in preserving her utterly self-serving awful version of her husband raping and stalking child after child, including her own son. I hate that she gets to walk around freely, she was his accomplice in every way a woman can be and deserves jail and worse.

  22. Linda

    Fucking maddening.

  23. Jenn

    My stepmother says this bullshit too. Both she and Dottie are wrong.
    I’ll tell you this for free, if they do it to one child and get away with it,they’ll do it to another and another until they’re incarcerated and/or killed.

  24. coljack

    I’ve been thinking up funny captions for this photo all day long, and I think I have something that really is just going to make everyone laugh: “You are a horrible person who destroyed the lives of countless victims who could have grown up to be perfectly happy people, you monster. Hell is took kind.”


  25. I don’t know how Matt Lauer was able to keep from leaping from his chair and choking the shit out of her while screaming “Are you fucking kidding me?”. I guess that’s why he makes the big bucks.

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