Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Says He’s Innocent, Victims Were ‘Manipulated’ For Money

“How’s the raping today, Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky?”
“Oh, it’s fine. Just fine. Looks like rain today.”

Because denial is a hell of a drug, Dottie Sandusky showed her face on TODAY where she not only claimed Jerry Sandusky is innocent of the 45 charges of child molestation he was found guilty of, but blamed the victims for being greedy little bastards. She was flanked by “journalist” John Ziegler who’s managed to take his obsession with clearing Joe Paterno’s name all the way to believing Dottie that Jerry Sandusky is innocent because she just seems so certain. What more do you need?

“Do I believe him?’’ she told Matt Lauer. “I definitely believe him. Because if I didn’t believe him, when I testified at trial, I could have not said what I said. I would have had to tell the truth.”
She believes the victims’ financial gain was at play.
“I think it was, they were manipulated, and they saw money,’’ she said. “Once lawyers came into the case, they said there was money.”
Sandusky spoke with Lauer on TODAY in her first TV interview since her husband was convicted on 45 of 48 charges of sexual abuse of young boys in June 2012. She was joined by filmmaker John Ziegler in her State College, Penn. home.
Lauer asked Dottie if she believed her husband was guilty of inappropriate behavior with some of the young boys who have accused him.
“I don’t believe that,’’ she said. “I believe he showered with kids. That’s the generation that Jerry grew up in….There were always people coming in and out no matter what time that was.”

In Dottie’s defense, little children, by nature, are the worst money-grubbing whores who don’t appreciate an adult trying to teach them proper hygiene. Why else would they let people see them getting sodomized by a grown men if not for financial gain down the road? They’re shrewd little ingrates, is what they are, and a good hickory switch across the bottom will put a stop to this. I blame the parents which is quite easy to do because why else would they be poor if not for godlessness and a lack of social decorum? The whole ordeal just makes me sick. Now, who wants tea?

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