Why NBC Is An Asshole For Airing Dottie Sandusky Interview

March 13th, 2014 // 26 Comments
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During the Woody Allen kerfuffle that everyone forgot (along with the Bill Cosby one which coincidentally also involved Matt Lauer shitting on victims), child abuse investigator Patrick Perion wrote a depressingly informative post about the state of child abuse forensics in the 90s which more than likely benefited Woody Allen. And now he’s back with a another piece on NBC’s recklessness in airing Dottie Sandusky‘s interview with Matt Lauer because apparently it’s next to impossible to get boys to disclose sexual abuse. On top of that, you have a major television network demonstrating it’s willing to go to bat for your accuser and call you a liar if it’ll goose ratings. So definitely give the piece a read, and I dunno, maybe shit on Matt Lauer’s foot if you see him on the street. Or better yet, pass it along to Kanye who’ll either demand vengeance or just write a whole bunch of crazy in all caps. I’m not making any promises.

For Shame: Matt Lauer’s Interview of Dottie Sandusky – The Daily Banter

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  1. nice

    Really nice to turn a celebrity gossip site into your sounding board on politics and human rights issues!

    Preach on brother preach on! Just work on the jokes a little more (they used to be funnier)

  2. rican

    “Where the black boys at?”

    • Old School Woman

      @rican: I almost pissed my pants because of your comment. I never heard of a “PREJUDICE PEDOPHILE”.

  3. Matt Lauer is already a total dicksmack, along with the rest of the Today arseholes, for constantly creaming all over the Duggars’ impersonation of Pez dispensers every nine months or so – so it’s not too surprising that he’s just as much of a fuckwit off the show as well.

    What, was it was a slow week for 9/11 apologists? Were Scott Peterson or Joren van der Sloot both in the hole and have to cancel on their 525th version of what really happened? Because those are the only reasons I can think of for NBC and Lauer providing yet another forum for John Ziegler to frantically masturbate Joe Paterno’s shriveled dead old-man cock with yet another “framed” and “betrayed” litany.

    Every single fucking one of then can die screaming in a fire anytime now.

  4. Why does Sandusky always have an expression like the clueless deputy from a 1950′s TV show? I keep waiting for the part where Sheriff Taylor comes out and says, “Now Barn, you got to get your dipstick outta little Opie’s wink-hole.” Then they all have a good laugh over the misunderstanding, as Aunt Bee serves them one of her delicious pies.

    • The best I got is that the blood supply to his brain went elsewhere for far too long.. Either that, or Dotty figured dosing his food with her tranquilizers solved more than one problem.

  5. Greg

    Kind of dirty to use Sandusky and assholes in the same article.

  6. Johnny Barbells

    …i remember way back in the day, howard stern had a couple of really good rants against matt lauer, detailing what a dick he was off camera (from their early days together at NBC) …and even though tom cruise is a fucking nutball, he was right about one thing; lauer is a glib, smug douchebag, and far from “impartial” …but all impartiality & journalistic integrity went out the window when cable tv created the 24 hour news cycle, and “all news” channels began littering the landscape …now, it’s all about ratings (ie: ad revenue), not news & information …this is the very shit that edward r. murrow warned us all about, god rest his soul …he must be spinning like the tasmanian devil in his grave.

  7. “Spinning” is too mild a word – he’s been fucking generating electricity since 1980 when Ted Turner created the Chicken Noodle Network.

  8. The sight of Sandusky makes me feel like there’s a hole in my stomach.

  9. Slash

    See, this is why, despite having a degree in journalism but working in advertising, I don’t feel like I sold out. The state of “journalism” today is such that advertising has more integrity.

  10. Linda

    Thanks for the posts and the links. I am a news junkie, and it’s scary to say that some of the best coverage of the Sandusky horror has been on this site. Matt Lauer is a self-serving asshole for giving that selfish bitch a platform. It’s not news, that piece of shit is in jail and the trial is over and there is ZERO reason to believe anything she has to say. Why aren’t more people ripping him a new one for this crap?

    • D-chi

      I’m a little disturbed by how much of my news comes from this site, actually. For all of Fish’s flaws, he has it right when it comes to sexual abuse cases. NO ONE believes me about Bill Cosby. Fish is one of the few giving that story any attention.

  11. Dr.J

    Pedophiles. Fucking. Lie. Just like salmon swim upstream and birds fly south, pedophiles fucking lie. Have you ever seen To Catch a Predator? I saw one where the fucking weirdo was stark naked at the kitchen table and when confronted with cameras and a printed out copy of his graphic emails to a 13 year-old, the guy mumbled something about he was just trying to scare the kid straight and let him know what kind of bad people were out there. He was trying to protect the kid. Oh yeah?
    It’s an absolute truth – when confronted, in the face of overwhelming evidence: Pedophiles. Fucking. Lie. And sometimes they’re married to stupid bitches who are miffed when their husband’s little peccadilloes rock the lifestyle boat.
    I hate everyone.

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