Why NBC Is An Asshole For Airing Dottie Sandusky Interview

During the Woody Allen kerfuffle that everyone forgot (along with the Bill Cosby one which coincidentally also involved Matt Lauer shitting on victims), child abuse investigator Patrick Perion wrote a depressingly informative post about the state of child abuse forensics in the 90s which more than likely benefited Woody Allen. And now he’s back with a another piece on NBC’s recklessness in airing Dottie Sandusky’s interview with Matt Lauer because apparently it’s next to impossible to get boys to disclose sexual abuse. On top of that, you have a major television network demonstrating it’s willing to go to bat for your accuser and call you a liar if it’ll goose ratings. So definitely give the piece a read, and I dunno, maybe shit on Matt Lauer’s foot if you see him on the street. Or better yet, pass it along to Kanye who’ll either demand vengeance or just write a whole bunch of crazy in all caps. I’m not making any promises.

For Shame: Matt Lauer’s Interview of Dottie Sandusky – The Daily Banter

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