Doogie Howser: Keep Britney off my show!

April 11th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Neil Patrick “The Doogs” Harris doesn’t want to see another Britney Spears cameo on his show How I Met Your Mother. Even though she scored the show its highest ratings ever with a bump of over 1 million viewers. But Doogie doesn’t see what’s so great about people actually watching the show and keeping it on the air. Who needs that? The AP reports:

“I worry that if they start `Will and Grace’-ing us too much, that the show will suffer. And we’re all really proud of the content of the show. I mean, viewership is not our game. It’s the network and the studio’s game, you know. It’s the promotion department’s game,” the actor, who plays womanizer Barney, told The Associated Press.
“We wish we weren’t opposite an awkward reality dancing competition,” he said. “But we have no say about that. I just am a real fan of our content. I think we have a great show going, and I hope it’s not screwed up by the desire for 700,000 more viewers.”

Translation: Neil Patrick Harris is an idiot and probably shouldn’t talk. Damn, I thought you were a boy genius, Doogs! I even let you give me a physical. Which reminds me, were those leopard briefs you made me wear really a medical necessity? I mean, I understood you had to cover me in chocolate sauce to make sure I didn’t have polio. I know how science works.

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  1. LadyJane

    Doogie likes the weenies up his bum.

  2. heyjeer

    I heard the problem Doogie had with BritBrit was that the Princess of Pop was all over him. Either not knowing that he was gay, or not caring.

    Maybe he should inform her that sexual harassment can in either direction. Now that would be a hoot!

  3. Gia

    I like her top. I have a hard time finding tops that are short in length. All the tops are long and cover my hips and bottom. I am petite and do not want to cover my small shapely bottom.

  4. ihateemo

    Man, Britney Spears can’t act for shit. Why is this site bashing someone (in this case, a really funny actor) for being *critical* of her? I like HIMYM for the sharp dialogue and charismatic characters.

    What the fuck is next, casting Paris Hilton? Jessica Simpson?

  5. Captain-Insano

    Whatever happened to Vinnie?

  6. mimi

    1. Neil Patrick is jealous that a bit part showed him up.
    2. This sitcom was no great shakes though better than most; it’s still a sitcom.
    3. I watched it out of curiousity because of Britney.
    4. She did a pretty good job.
    5. I probably won’t watch it again even if I don’t tune into that “dancing show”…
    6. … unless Britney is on again.
    7. Go Britney!

  7. nipolian

    #6 – He became Benny Fazio.

  8. dirt chicken

    That homo should shut his cocksucker.

  9. just sayin

    Gia is retarded.

  10. They White Urkle

    That show is funny! Barney makes that show rock. So he likes to get his shit pushed in in real life. So does my ex-girlfriend and I think my neighbors husband….

  11. lipper

    Those boots are eventually going to spontaneously combust from the foot grease and god knows what else is living in those boots.

  12. nipolian

    I wonder what Ray Kroc did to earn her unwavering loyalty.

  13. Pokey McSlapp

    Fish, you’ve got to do something about these SPAMMERS.

    If you want to get sodomized or have your identity stolen, all you need to do is visit tall mingle, interacial dating, richandincrediblystupid, imsopatheticthatigotoalameassdatingsitethatsonlyadvertisedthroughspam .com and all the rest of this insufferable drivel that’s posted by these morons that can’t speak english.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Dumbfuck, he should know better than to bite the hand that feeds him.. Perhaps if it was described as the hand that gives him the reach around would help his understanding of commercial model for television?

  15. momo

    cheeesssssse boiger!!!!!!!

    And hats off to those boots!
    so to speak…

  16. Tom

    Whatever Britney touches turns to skank. She’s like a redneck King Midas.

  17. SLASH

    Gia IS retarded..

  18. veggi

    Gia is RETARDED!!

  19. Anonymous

    It cracks me up that Britards think everyone is jealous of their washed up hero if they don’t kiss her ass.

    Wake up, morons. Twitney is a talentless white trash moron who has to be babysat around the clock because she can’t even care for herself. She’s 26 years old and has no clue about anything. She loses her kids, gets put in a mental lockdown, and still her dumbass fans blame it on anyone and everyone they can think of. And the comeback you keep screaming about? Not going to happen. I think her VMA performance was more than enough proof of that.

  20. i think i saw this on Many retards are often found there.

    Knee Ya Ha Ha: hey i thought we were friends!

  21. Oh – my troll is back.
    Gr8 !
    Am I touching too many nerves or something ?…just asking…

  22. The same people who’d watch some retarded “reality” show instead of How I Met Your Mother are probably the same idiot spammers who think they can trick us into going to or whatever.

  23. Cliff Notes

    Good point # 24. That would be troll # 22

  24. Gia

    I’m retarded

  25. Harry Ballzack

    Uhh Doogie – Wake-The-Fuck-Up !!!

    Higher ratings = more money (remember money?)
    More money = Better terms for jobs (you remember what a job is don’t you?)
    Better jobs = Higher ca$h Flow (bills get paid…everybody remains happy)
    Better job … to go with higher ratings… a high-dollar contract … with YOUR resume’ and noteriety ? BRING 0N THE CAME0S !
    I can’t watch a show with “Doogie Howser – Womanizer” … it’s just wrong on so many diffefrent levels

  26. Cliff Notes

    And # 24 I want that ‘Babe of the day’ on your site in my fantasy league !
    Binky : Get out more Cliff.

  27. Pauline

    You have a grammatical error in your post. You write “it’s highest ratings” when it should be “its highest ratings” . The possessive doesn’t have an apostrophe; “it’s” means “It is”!

  28. Three guesses as to why her jeans always have holes in the knees….

  29. nipolian

    For some reason, that clevage that she is sporting really makes me want to Doogie her Howser.

  30. Gia

    #11,#19,#20, & 26


    I guess I’m not going to get recommendations of a great clothes store that sells tops for petite females; that is; tops that do not cover the bum and hips lol!

    Thanks for all the attention folks lol!

  31. Auntie Kryst

    @14 Nip that was an easy one. The answer is “McRibb is back for a limited time only..”

  32. dirt chicken

    @ #27

    Don’t forget :

    More money = more sweaty man-sex at the glory hole …. you fag.

  33. Spazz

    He right. Totally gay, but right.

  34. #33 – Actually, she thought they were test marketing deep fried shakes…..

  35. Sidney

    #32 Gia

    You might want to check out this site for petite clothes:

  36. SLASH

    #30 I only need one guess..

  37. just sayin

    Gia’s 195 pounds of petite..

  38. tanya

    Holy crud! She has a bra on!

  39. Thanks #28, can’t go wrong with hot chicks. even those found on or whatever sites those morons post.

    How I Met Your Mother is a great show and Barney is great in his roll. Just goes to show what a good actor he is since in real life we know he likes the cock.

  40. havoc

    I don’t think he’s jealous of Britney. Who the fuck would be?

    He’s just a whiny little pillow biter….


  41. Anonymous

    Pokey McSlapp:

    Here is the info for that cocksucker who posts those dating sites all the fucking time:

    Du Qiang, 800 West El Camino Real, #180 Mountain View, California 94040 United States (650) 906-0405

    Bombard his ass with hate mail.

  42. Please the word “Gia” in a sentence…..

    “Gia never saw such a FAT bitch!”

  43. Jimbo

    Gia, small shapely bums are the root of evil everywhere, especially in that texas cult. But protecting the 400 girls from abuse by putting them into foster homes? Damn.

    Might as well have me babysit them. Slerp.

  44. janex


  45. Grunion

    MMMm sausage arms…

  46. noneyabeezwax

    #46 – it’s actually NPHLTC – he has three names, which if i recall also means he’s a serial killer.

  47. PunkA

    Doogie sucks. Literally.

    He likes the content of his show, and is proud of it? His show sorta sucks and is not that funny. Especially his gay man trying to be a womanizer character. The only humor is unintentional, and that is not a good thing.

    I wonder if Doogie,’s mom would approve?

  48. bakinmycake

    Turns our Brit and Barney share the same philosophy:

    They never met a penis they didn’t like.

  49. NY Ted

    I have come to the conclusion that it was a double of Spears who guest appeared on the sitcom…you know…just like all those body doubles they had running around Iraq of Saddam…?? I mean look at the tape…how could this blubber have been the same thin girl who appeared as the receptionist…???


  50. janex

    @48 – I stand corrected. But what the John Wayne Gacey are you trying to imply?

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