Doogie Howser heeds my omnipotent advice

Neil Patrick Harris realized he’s an idiot and reversed his remarks criticizing stunt casting, such as Britney Spears, appearing on his show How I Met Your Mother. The Doogs finally concluded that “Oh, shit, ratings = work.” I knew there was some boy genius left in there. The AP reports:

“I am just very protective of our show, and its content. I have a high standard of quality, and hope to maintain it on every level. Television is big business, I understand that. I have great faith in our casting department, as well as (Twentieth Century Fox Television) and CBS, to find the appropriate person for every role on our show. I was remiss in speculating otherwise.”

Then echoing my sage-like advice that he shouldn’t talk, which I’m sure he read while flying on Gossamer wings above a bunch of naked dudes, Neil admitted he best shutteth thine yap:

“My job description is to act,” his statement said, “and I should really do just that.”

BOO-YEAH! The Superficial Writer: 1. Doogie Howser: 0.*

*I refuse to acknowledge that open-heart surgery you performed in an overturned bus. Pfft. Anyone can do that. Right, homeless guy I’ve been practicing on? Homeless guy? … So, uh, know any good child-prodigy lawyers? No reason.

Video: CBS