‘Don’t Vote’ celebrity PSA attempts to stretch thinly-veiled sarcasm for five minutes

October 1st, 2008 // 109 Comments

A ridiculous amount of celebs got together to make this “edgy” video encouraging young people to vote. Here’s the YouTube summary:

Leonardo DiCaprio, will i. am, Tobey Maguire, and Forest Whitaker have created public service announcements to encourage American youth to register to vote. The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprios Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to register and vote and participate in the upcoming election.

And guess what, kids? They use bad words. Holy shit! In fact, Jonah Hill even endorses getting high and playing Halo. Damn, now I’m totally voting! Thanks, sarcastic stars of stage and screen. If it weren’t for the emotionless face of Tobey Maguire, I would’ve sat at home like a fag. U.S.A!


  1. Sioux

    Yeah, basically talking down to me about the important issues and voting registration policy in overly sarcastic and insulting tones will apparently get me to vote. Thanks rich condescending Hollywood pricks.

  2. franklinTrixie

    I completely and totally agree with #44.. took the words right out of my mouth.

    I always liked Jennifer Aniston but she sounds like a bitch

  3. toondude

    Point is … VOTE. I don’t care if you thought this was funny or the celebrities were a-holes … just vote. If you want to learn the truth about what the pols say go to http://www.factcheck.com … I don’t care who you vote for, but unlike many countries in the world, we can pick who we want. This country asks one thing from people and that is to particpate and vote. So exercise that option, otherwise, you truly are the douche or asshole.

    Vote, cuz if you don’t and don’t like the way he next 4 years go, I don’t want to hear about it. Bitch to comeone else.

  4. Celebretards

    Abortion rights, gay rights, civil rights, women’s rights, rights, rights, rights


  5. Jason

    Yeah, good for them. Although I’m not sure the economy is hurting them much at all.

  6. Jo Mama

    Hahaaaahaha @ Benicio… “Drugs.”

  7. Psychopomp

    I really don’t understand why people get so mad about videos like this? Do you know how many people don’t give a shit about anything in this country? It’s a lot. But you know what? A lot of those people still watch E! and read stupid gossip rags and want to know every little detail about what drama happens on Dancing with the Stars or The Hills.

    That’s why celebrities do shit like this. They know how many people actually look up to them and they are merely trying to do some good with it. If people on the street just asked you to donate money to help fight Hunger, most people would tell them to take a hike. Get 20 celebrities to pitch in, and suddenly people will pay attention. You seem to be shitting on people who are really only trying to do a good thing. Jesus Christ, at least they are TRYING to do something positive, rather than just get high and not care about anything. Also, keep in mind that these people are perfectly willing to pay more in taxes to try an help alleviate some of these problems. Most of us won’t be paying more, but they sure will. Again, at least they are trying to help. What the hell do you do to help others?

  8. Val

    they allll look like fing bums

  9. Twinkie

    I was really hoping Sarah Silverman’s bra removal would have been sexier.

    I’m not voting until I get to see her tits.

  10. who cares

    The old man can’t run a campaign any better than Bob Dole did. Obama’s the next president, it’s a done deal. The only interesting part left is whether Palin continues to embarrass herself when she doesn’t have a script available.

  11. Chelle

    Anybody else remember a few years ago when Ben Affleck was doing all that get-out-the-vote shite and then HE DIDN’T GO VOTE?


    Celebrities! I love it that the vast majority of them are liberals. PSAs like this one elect Republicans.

  12. I sure wish I had some cock down my throat! Somebody PLEASE fuck me! The Fish is boring today and I said I would stop posting but I can’t help myself… I want some big hanging daddy to be rough with me and split me in two!

    Ooopsie, I just spooged all over myself. I guess I got too excited! Daddy hasn’t fucked me in days. He gots the weenie scabs again and roughness is some kind of horny!

  13. chloe

    I didn’t even know who all those people were. Who was the guy at 1:05? And the guy at 1:20?

  14. Rossco

    For a second I thought this might actually be about the reality of it. Why vote when we’re screwed either way? I was definitely going to vote for McCain before he picked Palin. Now I just can’t because she’s clearly in way over her head, she doesn’t believe in evolution, she thinks abstinence-only sex education should be taught, (when it worked so well for her daughter) and she thinks the environment is there for us to exploit. She has been blocking the ending of the aerial slaughter of wolves. She proposed a $150 bounty on wolves. She wants polar bears taken off the endangered species list. She makes me sick…
    And then of course with Obama, say goodbye to your 2nd amendment rights, and the economy is only going to get worse.
    So, would you rather vote for being shot in the face, or the back of the head?
    Choices choices…

  15. Ben

    Excuse me? You can bet that the Fags will be out voting in full force this year… especially in California where they’re about to get their right to marry ripped out from under them.

  16. Groucho

    OK, I won’t vote. You win, Hollywood liberals!

  17. Jasmin

    Ugh does it really matter that they’re celebs as long as thier out there trying to get people to REALLY do something to help their future does it really matter if they’re doing this for money or not.
    Then whether its Obama or MaCain as long as you vote your getting you voice heard so even if you hate both at least vote for the one you hate the least. I mean come on this is going to IS one of the most important election ever and you don’t want to vote. How un-american can you get?
    I wish I even had the choice to vote but sadly seeing how I’m only 15. I don’t even get the chance. SO at least vote for my future.

  18. Jasmin is a cunt.

    you know the name!

    F cuk voting. That shits for babies!! I aint voting for anyone until someone real comes along that deserves my vote. Voting for McCain or Obama?? Yeah, some fckning country we live in where you end up having to vote for 1 or the other. BOth of those fucks make me pissed. And Obama has no fcking right to be up there trying to be president. Dude cant even produce his fucking school transcripts for the public and i’m supposed to trust his asS? Fck outta here. McCain is just their for leftover votes. I hope we end up like the Romans. Probably best thing for this country.

    DONT VOTE!!!

  19. poop

    Lol they have to speak to you dumb americans like your a bunch of retards so you can understand things haha.

  20. venomhed


    Look at the last 8 years, did that fucking help you numbskulls?


  21. funkonaut

    Right. Don’t vote. But if you do, don’t vote for Obama. He’s one of the reasons why we’re having to bail out these banks. Democrats forced banks to loan money to people who can’t afford it. Fannie and Freddie were lying about their finances (remember Enron?) and paying off Obama so he wouldn’t regulate them.

    Republicans have been trying to fix this problem since 2004 and Democrats kept blocking it. They were more concerned with poor people not getting home loans than for everyone else in the country.

    Now we have to spend $700 billion to fix the economy that Democrats broke.

    Thanks, but no thanks, Obama.

  22. duh

    The financial crisis started with REAGAN. Deregulate and let the markets manage themselves through competition. It’s complete, provable bullshit to blame the pro-regulation Democrats. Once again, only the dumb gullible types will vote Republican.

  23. UpChuck

    Don’t you just love it when celebrities talk down to us lowly people? By the way, if you want to know who is to blame for the financial mess, go to the New York Times website. Do a search for September 30, 1999. Look for the article on mortgages.

  24. FUCK THE O-MAN! He played a huge part in why our economy in the shitter. His group ACORN pressured banks to make bad loans while McCain warned against these practices in 2004. Now he’s claiming it happened on Bush’s watch therefore McCain is responsible! SHAME ON YOU H U S S E I N!!!
    The government has NO RIGHT to force banks to grant loans to people who can’t pay them back, and that goes for you too, O-man!

    That’s just scratching the surface though…he is linked with so much corruption and radicals that I can’t believe people think he has good character. I guess liberals see him as the ultimate messaiah that will finally deliver them from their sins of being white.

    The truth is Obama is a liar and a danger to our well being! If you vote…do yourself a favor and read about his past connections to terrorist, extremist, marksist groups.

  25. dirty pants

    ass clowns, who should I vote for? the douchbag, or the shit sandwich? WE ARE ALL F CKED! Anyone who sees that and decides, “Hey, ima gonna vote!” , should have a horrific car wreck and live…as a veggie… but only if they have insurance.

  26. Stranger

    Dear Americans,

    Don’t vote.
    We like where your country is headed. Nicely done with the economy, fear mongering., and overall environmental raping… and we look forward to buying your banks.

    The Rest Of The World.

  27. Maddie

    i could only stand to watch 15 seconds of this video and i completley agree.

    i’m not voting. thanks for just reinforcing my beliefs; because the dolts who run to be president are the type of people who shouldn’t be president. what person has the audacity to think that they have the right to that much power? the crazyies. and hence only crazyies, no matter how uncrazy they seem, are the owns who will always run to be presidents.

    voting doesn’t matter. the electoral college is crap.


  28. shamus

    This one’s totally better – and way scarier:


  29. MP

    I love Dustin Hoffman. Best celebrity there, hands down. Almost made me want to move to the States and vote… almost.

    Either way, it’s not like the popular vote actually matters. The electoral college will fuck you Americans like a bitch if they don’t like the candidate you choose. They could very well elect Stephen Colbert if they decided.

  30. SSB

    Wow. If only this was 2002 when these celebrities were relevant. Or at least employable.

  31. how come everyone gets all acitivist 90-days before the election, but no one ever calls their congressman? I betcha these asshats don’t even know who their congressmen are. Oh well, they are rich…they can have their “people” do that for them.

    I’m voting for Ron Paul. Fuck those other two!

  32. Vivienne

    No, you’re not the only one #44……..I totally agree with you!

    Leonardo Dicaprio in this saddens me because I admired him for his environmental work and the fact that he was cute, but he went the wrong way on this….


    Maybe this was made for those douchebag sub-people on The Hills….they probably didn’t know this info.

  33. Beastman AIDS

    I think it should be illegal to vote for someone that doesn’t have a fearsome mustache.
    A mustache not unlike this one : http://www.geekologie.com/2008/09/dorky_self_defense.php

  34. holly

    Fuck celebrities! With their hugely extravagant mansions, expensive gas guzzling cars, private planes, who are they to lecture us?
    “That’s why celebrities do shit like this. They know how many people actually look up to them and they are merely trying to do some good with it. If people on the street just asked you to donate money to help fight Hunger, most people would tell them to take a hike. Get 20 celebrities to pitch in, and suddenly people will pay attention.”
    And really, if the type of people they are trying to persaude into voting, is a group of stupid, spoiled kids whose only concern is what happens on the ‘hills’ than really how valuable is their opinion? (and you know they are all just going to vote for Obamma because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do)I think it’s cool that they’re trying to get people to vote,I just hate the people who they are trying to use as a medium for their message, I bet quite a few of them are not going to vote! What a joke, it’s just like when they go to poverty stricken areas in Africa to raise ‘awareness’, heck, we all have t.v,we all know things like this exist, seeing some pious celeb with a scarf around their face holding the hands of emaciated children doesn’t make the majority of us think ‘aha! I’m barely making enough to send my kids to college, but I will donate a large sum of money because some person who makes wayyyyy too much money does so too!:’

  35. shirleytemple

    this video just makes me not want to vote. and i always vote.

    i hate how celebrity fags feel like we need THEM to tell us about current events and how important voting is, cause we’re all a bunch of retarded idiots who sit at home drooling.

    the only thing this video accomplished is that when i vote this year i’ll just feel like a douche for succumbing to these idiots’ mind control.

  36. gingersnaps

    If you don’t feel you needed a push to vote, that’s great… Too bad a lot of you destroy that image of intelligent, informed, politically interested citizen with pseudo-rebellious foulmouthed outbursts. If you’re not in need of a service, you’ll overlook ads for it, not feel offended.

  37. Are the jonas brothers there?
    be sure: D O N O T V O T E!!!

  38. glace neuf

    jonah hill was consistently funny.

  39. rachael

    dear duh-
    dont forget to vote November 5th!

  40. John

    Obama supporting libs made a “go vote” ad? Who cares! I doubt even one of them could discuss the real reasons for the current economic mess. I’m guessing all of them would respond “GWB did it and obama will fix it”. What a bunch of idiots.

  41. tulbure

    Uh, it seems the video works very well since 90% of people here have no idea what they are talkin’ about.

  42. Steve

    Vote or Die Bitch cause Diddy is going to murder your family.

  43. Darrell

    The main reason that celebrities voice their opinions about your failing system is that they usually have had the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world and see how change and different opinions work to help other countries… unlike the majority of the US population that lives their entire life in their home county.
    It’s through frustration of US ignorance and stubborness that they feel they need to speak up. Much like that kid that goes away to college and realizes grampa is an old raciest fart who doesn’t know what the internet is.

  44. NG

    Swear to God, sick of all these stupid hollywood “actors…” Enough to not make me vote Democrat… :P

  45. JoeCamelLovesYou

    Boo. Needed more footage of anthony kiedis being goofy.

    Fuck all of those people. The fact that a bunch of self-righteous rich people who have nothing in common with me and tell me to vote makes be want to slowly feed all of them into a sausage-encasing meat grinder and then feed it to al davis of the oakland raiders.

  46. Jakey

    I think there’s a fine line between healthy skepticism and just being a belligerent asshole. Actually I don’t think it’s a very fine line at all, but I keep finding evidence to the contrary, so I guess it must be.

    It’s a well-intentioned public service message that doesn’t even tell you *how* to vote, just that you should. For whomever you want, for whatever reason you want. They wouldn’t be doing it if voter apathy weren’t a gigantic problem. Talking about how you see through its bullshit (to what?) and would happily kill everyone in it makes you look a lot less clever than you may suspect.

  47. Ken from FL

    What the hell! This the celebrity list of those that went to the Obama Hollywood fundraiser and didn’t want to dish out the money so they swore to make a campaign ad for NoBama. I like all the suttle hints of who you nimrods think we should vote for. Not one I bet is for McCain.

    Funny how these celebrities all the sudden care about the middle class yet look at their charity givens and I doubt it comes close to all the crap they have bought to show off on MTv Cribs. My list of celebrities whose movies I will no longer support because they think they should use their influence on the average American keeps getting long. I swear soon I won’t even be able to go to the movies anymore.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves but you like the mainstream media don’t care about being honest with American you just want your candidate win. I hope you celebrities don’t vote because issues clearly don’t matter to you.

  48. law

    aw shit and if all us little peons decided to vote republican these heifers would be shitting themselves silly. it should really be called ‘don’t vote unless you are voting for obama’

  49. Evan

    How will not voting at all help you out.. your fucking morons.

  50. James

    Hey now…The Superficial is one of the funniest sites on the Internet, and I hope the writer (writers?) is being paid well for his time. I’m gay, and my favorite thing to do is make fun of other gays (and drag queens…and trannies…and homeless people, really), but ‘fag’ is still a really sensitive, demoralizing word for many gay men out there. I personally am not sensitive to that particular word, unless it is being used in an extremely hateful context, which it clearly wasn’t in this case. But, could you maybe exercise a little more prudence in the future when using it? The last thing you want to do is alienate part of your readership.

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