Don’t make her hump this seal, man! She’ll do it. She’ll freakin’ do it.

October 23rd, 2009 // 52 Comments

Pamela Anderson attended some sort of PETA rally to save the seals this morning which involved her rubbing hepatitis all over a guy in a seal costume. I suck at deciphering symbolism, so let’s just assume this somehow discourages anyone to touch a seal again. Without at least five condoms on.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. O'Roughly factor

    Whats so special about baby seals?

  2. havoc

    You what sounds good right now?

    Grilled Baby Seal.

    KFC style….


  3. Where’s a club-wielding Canadian when you need one?

  4. mr. t

    Geez what a loser…..isn’t she dead of hepatitis yet?

  5. timbo

    Stupid PETA people don’t even know what a seal looks like.

    That costume has feet!

  6. Crabby Old Guy

    How seriously fucked up would a guy need to be to stick his unit into THAT?

    Wasn’t she sort of attractive once? I mean within my lifetime?

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Tom Cruise’s dick. And you know where that’s been.


  7. Dave

    Can we officially dub this one the new Charo yet?

  8. Gigs

    She has not aged well AT ALL

  9. Heywood U. Blowme

    I don’t care what she humps, as long as she’s humpin.

  10. @3. I assume you wanted the “club-wielding Canadian” to save the Seal from the hepatitis and STDs Pam was rubbing all over him??

  11. 7L

    i wanna see her head n face slowly crushed by the wheel her kid’s school bus.
    and as its happening they watch n laugh

  12. grobpilot

    Anybody remember that CSI episode where everyone dresses up in animal costumes and they all fuck each other? I’ll bet that’s where this whole thing ended up.

  13. Pete O'file

    Herp Seal

  14. Dex

    “so let’s just assume this somehow discourage(s) anyone to touch a seal again.”

    sorry, old Pam makes me grumpy.

  15. Surrealcirce

    As a card-carrying member of PETA 20 years ago, I’m disgusted by what a bunch of douchbags they’ve become. Thanks to them and their extemism and douch-y spokespeople, they’ve made everyone sensitive to the rights of animals look like a bunch of freaks. Way to be anti-animal PETA! You’ve taken society back a hundred years into the past. And it’s the white baby seals that get hammered to death – I’ve never seen a grey baby seal – so that ghetto trash can pimp around in their pelts.

  16. bebe

    That dried up old saddlebag doesn’t look too bad in these pictures; the woman that does Pam’s makeup should get a Nobel Prize.

  17. havoc

    You know what sounds even better?


    A beautiful, baby lamb. Skinned, gutted and seasoned.

    Then slow roasted…….until its dead.


  18. Suck this ===========D -- -- --

    At this point pam will fuck anybody or anything for money. She is over 1M dollars in debt, and being sued by several parties. Typical tat’d up dumb bitch with a fake rack. Get on your knees bitch and earn, so you are able to pay your bills. btw- pam is currently living in a trailer, how fitting.

  19. 15CommentsInAndNoOneNoticedItIsNotASeal

    The diseased PETA people failed to notice that Pamela is dry humping a furry forest creature and not a seal. This could be the start of Pam’s second career: Porn with animals.

  20. She’s so annoying.

  21. titsonsnack

    fuck Peta in it’s anus.
    they are all a bunch of looneys.

    and Pamela is a hypocrite. I bet after this protest she went to another steakhouse opening event.

  22. Sport

    But which is MORE annoying?
    PETA, Pam, or baby seals.

  23. Sport

    Ya know, after looking again, the seal costume looks more realistic than Pam does. She scares the fuck out of me and I am closing my browser now to minimize the risk of an STD from viewing her.

  24. Amber

    Her pants are MIA, granted that’s the point, right? I mean, her sex appeal? PETA is brillant! Let’s use a former Playboy playmate with fake breasts, fake tan, fake hair color, and fake God knows what else to get across a REAL message. We’ll have her open her mouth real wide like she’s catching flies, ’cause that’s sexy! Men will like that, Oh, and she’ll be wearing a “Save the seals” shirt, because than people will pay attention. GENIUS!

    Cute shirt though, I’m ordering one now.

    Damn, it worked!

  25. I hate PETA

    The best part is the protest was in front of the Ontario Legislature. Seal hunting doesn’t happen in Ontario, and seal hunting law is not their jurisdiction.


  26. don

    This stupid sad sordid salacious sleazy sack of shit would sleep with Sleastack if got her publicity.

    I’d pay $10 to kick her as hard I can in the box.

  27. Here’s a plan for Pam:

    In public: Clothes ON.

    In private studio: Less clothing, lots and lots of photoshop.

  28. brr

    “Whats so special about baby seals?”

    They are illegal to hunt in Canada, not that most ”animal rights activists” are in a hurry to acknowledge it. They’d rather continue to use the picture of a cute fluffy snow-white baby seal in their campaign posters because it is the biggest money maker for them.

  29. brr

    …Which is why I’ll give credit to PETA for not using a white seal costume…this time.

  30. brr

    I retract my previous comment. Pam is wearing a T-shirt with the image of a white seal pup in the poster (see what I was saying in my first comment?).

  31. Mako

    I thought the headline was talking about Heidi Klum… :-0

  32. Amber

    LMFAO @ #31! Priceless.

  33. TekMoney

    Oh look, it’s Fish’s favorite 50 year old hepatitis infected tranny, Pamela Anderson.

    Give it up, dude.

  34. lori

    Same old stale jokes. Even you have got to be tired of them by now. Must be the alcohol, eh?

  35. She was the internet darling of the 90′s now she’s just shit.

  36. victory

    “Hump The Seal”

    And yet another piece of American Lexicon has been birthed.

  37. Bahr

    Heidu Klum should start a new kids’ clothing line and name it Baby Seal.

  38. she is still pretty cute for a ‘mature woman’

  39. 1moreidiotintheworld

    She would be WAAYYYYYYYY more fun to bludgeon than a baby seal. At $100 a hit they’d wrap the line around the block to get a chance, and she’d make far more money for PETA that way than dry humping a guy in an earless gopher costume. BTW, I’d be first in line and I wouldn’t leave much for the rest of you….

  40. She was so pretty before all that “work”

  41. CaptainHook

    @ 1 Veal

  42. jess

    I just can’t willingly bring myself to protest a behavior that may or may not be the sole source of reliable income in a small town. I’m not willing to destroy a town’s livelihood for the sake of cuteness.

  43. Pamela Sucks

    WTF?!??!?! Seals are NOT endangered. Seals don’t need saving. They need to be culled so that a fishery, that has already been crippled by overfishing, can continue to exist.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if a seal would grab a fish and eat the entire thing and move on to the next one. This however, is not the case. A seal eats many times it’s bodyweight in fish every day, one bite at a time. They take a bite of the fish as it swims by, infecting the fish with worms. That fish then spreads the infection to the rest of the school.

    Pamela, go find something legitimate to save. Seals do not need it OR deserve it.

  44. Nonononnnoo

    Bag her all you want, she’s still richer then the lot of you, and understands better then anybody that sex sells.

  45. That’s not a seal

  46. Darth

    That white baby seal did turn instantly grey.Coincidence?!

  47. Rhialto

    That’s the first baby seal who died this year.

  48. Brian

    Now that’s a weird look on her face.

    Looks like she is doing a porno with the rabbit.

    That OLD lady needs to calm down and act like one of her peers, a grandmother her age.


  49. Roxy

    Pam looks great.
    I’m sure all the haters on here would jump at the chance to just spend one hour with her. Keep rocking, Pam!

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