Donald Trump tells Carolyn Kepcher she’s fired


Donald Trump has fired his Apprentice co-star Carolyn Kepcher because she was letting the fame go to her head.

“She became a prima donna,” said one insider. “Being on ‘The Apprentice’ went to her head. She was no longer focused on business. She was giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements. George has been around a long time. He’s seen everything. He didn’t get excited even when women on the street started screaming when they saw him on his way to work. But Carolyn took it very seriously. She thought she was a freaking movie star. Trump told her what she had to do was take some time off and spend it with her family, and then get another job.”

How ironic that somebody responsible for firing so many people would be fired herself. Wait, that is ‘ironic’ right? I don’t really know the meaning of words. I usually just throw them in if they sound right and hope everything is platypus.