Donald Trump solicited Ashley Dupre – for TV, HA! Fooled you!

March 30th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s business is booming. But this time not in her pantalones. Donald Trump has made an offer to Ashley for her to appear on a new untitled reality show set to air on MTV, according to People:

Based on a British show called Ladette to Lady, the show will take a group of 15 hard-partying young women and send them off to a boarding school environment where they’ll learn to become more ladylike.
“She’s the perfect candidate,” the show insider says of Dupré, the 22-year-old at the center of the Gov. Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. The show has not yet heard back from Dupré with any reaction to the offer.

Only in America can a hooker that caused the demise of a powerful political figure become a reality TV star. Somewhere in the afterlife, Ben Franklin is plowing a chick in a Viking helmet with tears in his eyes. Our little country is everything he dreamed it could be – which almost makes up for the lack of gravy in heaven. They don’t tell you that part in the Bible. Jerks.


  1. edgar suit


  2. nancy reagan

    the politician caused his demise, not the hooker…

  3. Sure and Donald Trump was the one to fire Miss Nevada last year on moral grounds for taking suggestive photos…

    He also made a big deal about Miss USA’s underage drinking and threatened to fire her

    He also has affairs while married with two kids

    Donald Trump owns Miss Universe Corp

  4. Caligula

    Donald Trump is a blowhard. And Ashley is as well.

  5. Skeps

    God Donald’s hair plus her STD ridden vag would make for a lethal combination. The first photograph in history tat kill people just from look at it

  6. lil ol me

    what do you guys think this really says about our society? honestly, how’s everyone feel about this?

  7. Our society collapsed into bedlam ages ago.

  8. meh

    haha i totally agree with #7. our society got fucked up many many years ago.

  9. meh

    haha i totally agree with #7. our society got fucked up many many years ago.

  10. Andieman

    America has still a ways to go to beat Italy in the bedlam stakes. Italian porn star, La Cicciolina became a member of parliament by traveling around the beaches of Italy letting men fondle her breasts as part of her campaign to be elected.

  11. Daniel

    I’m a little confused by #5′s comment… Miss Dupre!!! is “tat” you???

  12. Carrie Winteregg

    Um, didn’t we already have this in America? On VH1? When Monique took the ladies on Flava of Love and tried to turn them into ladies? I think what makes this really sad is that even bad ideas in America aren’t original

  13. Zebedeo

    Sorry but in Italy something like this happened a couple of years ago!
    We’ve got tv shows full of former prostitutes!

  14. fake boobs

    That is why Italy is a dying shithole. The entire country is nothing more than a giant Disneyland for tourists now.

  15. Actually I’d probably feel up a politician that offered. But I doubt I would vote for the same politician. What’s the point if I get to grope in advance? An elected official should respect themselves enough to not solicit sexual advanced from the voters until after they have been elected. Like Bill Clinton. Now there is a man who knew how to be an elected official.

  16. Avi

    George Clooneys chick is still a babe!!!

  17. Me One

    I still say she don’t look like a $4000 hooker to me!! What a rip-off!!

  18. Zebedeo

    Fake boobs you are totally right!

  19. George Clooney is a very lucky man. No… wait. Am I confused?

  20. dave31

    She’s cute.

  21. shimmy

    become more ladylike? WHAT? to begin, this is a man we’re dealing with. Sir Dupre. look at that face. look at that fucking face. its a fucking man, baby.

  22. timz

    What I want to know is how do chicks like Dupre and Clooney’s new whore wake up one day and think they can make thousands of dollars working as escorts. Is there no competition in that business, and all you have to be is young and not fat? Dupre is a dog and Sara Larson looks like an Asian tranny with a horse face. Are they servicing clients who have an ugly fetish?

  23. No One

    I love you.

    I have to say it somewhere.

    If only it wasn’t so inappropriate to say everywhere.

  24. KillMONTAG

    This whore is not even attractive, no doubt with her zero talent and ugly appearance the only way she could get on TV is by being a prostitute. Americans really are pathetic losers.

  25. Say what you want about Kristen (she’ll always be Krissy to me…), but she can deep throat and salad toss at the same time. Thank you Girls Gone Wild and detached parenting… thank you so very much…

  26. dave31

    Again, i find it hilarious the women on these boards are saying shes a dog while the men a (generally) saying shes hot.

    What does that tell us about the women here, or for that matter, the men?

  27. Fat Tabby

    Well dave31, while she might have more flattering photos of herself, but this one reeks of man, and an unnattractive one at that (horsey face). She does have a nice body though.

  28. Fat Tabby

    Tits! pretend the word ‘but’ isn’t in there. I haven’t had coffee yet and I sorta didn’t go over what I said before posting, but she still looks friggin weird here. And that’s with a nose job too!

  29. woodhorse

    She looks just like Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH.

  30. dave31

    Oh please.

    Her wikipedia page stages her occupation as, and i quote:
    “Pop-RnB singer-songwriter”

    What kind of world are we living in?

  31. jimx

    @27 – Speak for yourself.
    Dude, take a look at her nose. It’s been carved out and there is still enough left for two noses. One day, when you leave your small village, maybe you’ll see what hot looks like, and it won’t come with bad implants. Meanwhile, try to learn the difference between a girl who’s worth thousands and one who’s been hit with a bag of nickels.

  32. Donald Trump Hater

    It is amazing how the term “Nice Jewish Girl” now means Jewish Hooker.

    Why have all the Jews decided to go into the whore business. We know why Donald Trump is in the hooker/TV business, but Jews used to have more class and want to be lawyers, doctors, accountants, and studio executives.

    Just what has caused this turn to the Dark Side? The New World Order, perhaps.

  33. fatso

    she is SO new jersey.

  34. grobpilot

    Are there any other photos of this chick other than the standard “pussy-eating peace sign”? If she’s really into world peace, how ’bout actual pics of her eating pussy with a peace symbol tattoo’ed to her ass?

  35. Kevin

    Donald Trump is stupid and that is why he is offering a dirty skank hooker to star in a reality show. This no good for nothing hoe should be sealed away in her house for the rest of her days for what she did.

  36. Kevin

    Donald Trump is stupid and that is why he is offering a dirty skank hooker to star in a reality show. This no good for nothing hoe should be sealed away in her house for the rest of her days for what she did.

  37. Arethusa

    In Brazil, a “journalist” had an affair with the the head of the Brazilian senate, had a daughter with him for which the expenses were payed by a private company in exchange for privileges. Well, after the scandal she posed nude for playboy and now she wants to be a TV hostess or actress.
    Corruption and lust are everywhere…

  38. Only in America? You can say this because you don’t live in Italy, where the politician would have never resigned and would have probably started yelling against judges among the handclapping of all his colleagues! Believe me, we would LOVE to see politician resigned, thrown into jail or whatever… in the US it seems that you can toy with the law, but when you get caught, you get caught. Here’s not the same.

  39. Arguman

    Love the Ben Franklin joke. You’re probably right, too.

  40. daveed

    i hate this country. i cant believe were giving her a life and everything she needs for being a fucking ho. especially donald trump, whos he trying to be, hefner?

  41. right

    “Only in America can a hooker that caused the demise of a powerful political figure become a reality TV star.” RIGHT. Only America and its media turn hookers and serial killers into stars. God bless the incredibly hypocritical, capitalist and full of lies and alienated people, dirty America.

    And, WTF is doing grandpa Donald Trump in MTV pimping out youger women? Isn’t he way too old for that? Ahh, only in dirty capitalist America…

  42. Grunion

    I hope this won’t this affect her grades at MIT

  43. FCS

    #43 “Ahh, only in dirty capitalist America”

    as opposed to what “clean and communist China” or “sparkling and Marxist Cuba”?

    Do tell

  44. sporky

    The whole idea sounds doomed to fail… can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  45. Jaffo

    She may now be the most famous Butterface in all of the World…

  46. dbixle

    Not that I’m exactly moral or anything… but this sh*t’s just plain wrong. I admire real gold-digging skanks more than these hi priced hookers. But then again, you gotta give equal blame to the RETARDS that actually pay that much for a screw. Not I didn’t say retards pay to get screwed – I said retards pay THAT MUCH to get screwed. If I had that much cash to throw around, I’d be hitting the most expensive clubs, getting f’d up on all sorts of top-of-the line substances, and bringing home 2 or 3 gold-diggers for me AND my boys – THAT’S how you party.

    If I was president I’d label hookers lke Ashley THE Official town bicycle – and everyone (I mean every legal citizen that is) can get a ride for no more than $25 bucks a pop. I call it my Universal Ho-care Plan – “Poontang for everyone no matter your race or religious beliefs.”

  47. alex

    ummmmmmmm hasnt this concept already been done (charm school)

  48. mary

    I agree with #49, this has been done already with Charm School on VH1. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read this. I’d be more willing to watch the show if it didn’t give an extra 15 minutes to an already “famous” PROSTITUTE. It was bad enough when Joe Francis wanted to offer her a million bucks, but actually putting her face on television? Unbelievable Donald. A show like that should take the kinds of unknowns that you see on shows like Dr. Phil! Like a reality show filmed in the Dr. Phil House!

  49. dbixle

    Yeah donald’s a major douchebag for coming up with this idea… Once again not that Im moral or anything lol… but I kinda am… just a little bit..

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