Donald Trump sends disgusting presents

April 19th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Donald Trump is still trying to stir up trouble with Rosie O’Donnell and sent Barbara Walters a set of gigantic black underwear Rosie wore in the movie Exit to Eden. The girdle-like outfit (“a bustier” and “a giant pair of panties”) was bought at a charity auction by a fan who had it framed under glass and delivered to Trump.

“I sent it to Barbara to hang in her office because I didn’t want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It’s disgusting,” Trump told Page Six. “I feel sorry for [Rosie's] wife. It can’t be pleasant.”

Who’s going to auctions buying up Rosie O’Donnell’s used underwear? A bucket of cow manure sounds more pleasant. And how did they manage to frame this thing? By my calculations, to fit her underwear they would need a frame roughly the size of the entire world.



  1. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I’m never frist :(

  2. elizabeththewellread

    Not that I’m a fan of fucking Rosie O’Donnell, but The Donald is just being ridiculous. Talk about beating a DEAD HORSE.

  3. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Oh hey I was! Go me!

    Donald sure has an issue with “Rosie’s wife”. He’s so taken with her, it’s unreal.

  4. Donald Trump has billions of dollars and doesn’t know what to do with it.

    Donald send me some c/o theSuperficial.

  5. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    He could buy a better toupe…just a suggestion.

  6. Donald’s probably yucking it up right now at the rich people club, with a bunch of rich people. Telling them about his fantastic, hilarious gag!

    Because he’s clearly not busy with work…

  7. p0nk

    #2 a FAT dead horse.

  8. yolatengo

    i am starting to think the donald is secretely in love with rosie….he should just come ‘out’ and declare himself a lesbolover already

  9. damon2020

    I really wish Rosie would sue him. He’s such a fucktard.

  10. #6- “at the rich people club”, that’s pretty good.
    Mind if I use it in casual conversation later if I get the chance?

  11. Anexio

    I would so fuck Rosie with Fishman’s dick.

  12. JungleRed

    “I feel sorry for the wife. It can’t be pleasant.” Funny, I was just thinking that about your wife Melanoma.

  13. wedgeone

    While agreeing that the Donald is beating a dead horse here, you have to admit that putting Rosie’s circus tent sized undergarments into a museum frame & then sending it to her producer is a FUNNY GAG! JACKASS FUNNY!


  14. whitegold

    Holy fuck! I’m looking out the window at this perfectly clear blue sky, and only one cloud goes floating by and it looks exactly like a pair of lips. That was friggin crazy.

    Oh, and Trumps is trying to cause trouble, that’s kind of funny.

  15. JungleRed

    Donald should just wear the outfit. That fat fucker would fit into it just fine.

  16. What is wrong with these people? they

  17. HoboChic

    You would think that the Donald would know better than to regift like that. I mean, a man with a gold gilted apartment has class.

  18. D'arcy

    Donald Trump is sooo evil that it makes me smile. If he lived in the 17th century, he would’ve fought duels with anybody that so much as chanced a dirty look in his direction. Then he would’ve licked the blood off his killing sword and cackled at the moon.
    Well, maybe not ..
    Shit, I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. I always come here when I’m drunk. And yes, I’m stupid enough to send this comment. Muahahaha.

  19. FRIST!!!

    When did she go to prison???

  20. I’ll bet that was one big ass skid mark.

  21. FRIST!!!

    Oh, and #1…trust me, you don’t want to be me…

  22. bungoone

    is donald 12 years old? only he would call into Page 6 to toot his own horn. what a fuckin loser donald. better go bang your wife to make yourself feel like a man.

  23. rrd

    yea, really Donald. fuck off. leave Rosie alone.

  24. Ruby

    Imagine having to have sex with that pastey white pig? All liver spots and tufts of hair in weird places. Gross!

  25. JungleRed

    @24: I’m confused. Are we talking about Donald or Rosie? Nevermind, don’t want to have sex with either.

  26. wedgeone

    I remember that scene in Exit to Eden. They put pictures and clips in all of the promos for the movie because it’s the funniest scene. Rosie was a great sport, and in all fairness, she didn’t look bad at all. That was a long time (and many pounds) ago, but still, you have to admit she was an attractive women in her younger days.

  27. Kate

    I’m with # 5.

    I don’t know that Trump has a lot of room to talk about her underwear…cause I’d say having either his underwear or Rosie’s nearby would be equally nauseating.

  28. Ruby

    lol @ 25. yeah, I guess that image would work for either one.

  29. chaunceygardner

    I saw that movie. When she wore that shit, she looked just like a panda bear.

  30. XeoRad

    What is it with people bashing the Donald? The guy is too funny. Sorry, but Rosie is a fat, ugly, dusgusting piece of trash who blows off her mouth everyday in her little broadcast women’s forum. She is total waste of human DNA.

  31. Niecy

    Okay that is gross, but Donald needs to leave Rosie alone. I mean, no one would want his underwear either.

  32. katie

    the funny thing is superfish, that rosie was about a 1/4 of her current size in that movie, so it wouldnt be big enough to frame the entire world. i mean honestly, thats just a stupid thing to say if its not true. if it were her CURRENT panties i coulc see what you are talking about.

    as for the donald, hes really just proving more and more what kind of loser he is. first he marries that russian transvestite hooker, now this. i hope he gets sued.

  33. lambman

    Donald is pissed because more people watch the View than the Apprentis.

    NBC is really going down the crapper, this week they had their worst ratings in 20 years!

  34. 7-point-7

    Look, the fat loudmouth started it all when she wanted him to fire Miss America, then called him a snake oil salesmen. So, he’s having some fun at her expense…it’s actually quite entertaining.

    Call him what you will, this guy has more brains in his pinky then 10 of her put together .

  35. # 11 —u crack me up…Donald,,ugly,,all that money,dude, fix your freakin teeth and mouth..u look like an idot when u talk..Rosie would fffffffffffff that guy if he tried,,however,it would be so funny.

  36. MrSemprini

    I like him. He has a lot of hair. Rosie has dimples, somewhere…

  37. PunjabPete

    #2 – More like beating a dead elephant but OK….

    Rosie is a talentless piece of shit angry dyke (redundant?) who needs to stop talking so much shit… People like Cho should start offing the Rosies of the world instead of innocent kids… After all, she did make that “ching chong ching chong” comment… Poor Cho… He could have done so much good for this world…

  38. PunjabPete

    And yes… Cho is a piece of shit psycho… I’m just saying… If the crazies would direct their anger and energy to the assholes of the world… Just imagine the utopia… They could be our crazy ass whacked Charles Bronsons… Avenging the greater good for the sake of the populace all the while fullfilling their needs to be bat shit crazy… Everyone would be like… “Hey, did you hear what that Cho fucker did? He offed Rosie, The Don, Tom Cruise, Courtney love, Lyndsey Lohan, and Britney Spears!!! I love that crazy fucker but we better go ahead and fry him…”

  39. PunjabPete

    All I am saying is…

    Save a college student. Kill a celebrity!

    Does it show that I am in such a bad fucking mood today…. Surely not…

  40. Yourfairytale

    I don’t like O’Donnell either but geez Trump needs to get OVER IT! And he’s one to talk about feeling sorry for Rosie’s wife, I feel worse for Trump’s wife. Like he’s some prize.

  41. Trump–anything for attention..don’t u get any from your wife. poor u..

  42. rrd

    hi, frist. I wish everyone would get it.

  43. bungoone

    31, what makes Donald not a waste of human dna? he’s just as much a loser as rosie, yet your defending him. why bother?

  44. fergernauster

    What does it say about America that someone like Donald Trump can be one of its most celebrated tycoons? The constipated blowfish doesn’t even trash his spent disposable razors.

    It should make all Americans weep.

  45. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    I bet Donald Trump has a secret Man-Crush on Rosie O’Donnell.

  46. ToiletDuck

    I wonder if the panties were washed before Trump got them – ten bucks says he sniffed them before sending them off to Baba Wawa…

  47. Ruby

    lol @ 47! Fucking gross but I bet you are right.

  48. Watching these two morons fight is almost as entertaining as that time I glue ten bucks to two retarded kids’ necks and locked ‘em in a broom closet.

    I think they’re married now and living in New England.

  49. jrzmommy♠

    he put the Cho in Psycho.

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