Kate Walsh in love with co-star? (And other made-up stuff)

A light snack of news:

- Kate Walsh’s marriage was reportedly ruined by her attraction for Private Practice co-star David Sutcliffe. Because what’s a divorce if not a blunt tool for some sweet publicity. Am I right? I’m right. [Star]

- Donald Trump is a chronic re-gifter, according to his son. There really is nothing worse than unwrapping the same skyscraper you gave your dad last year. He should seek therapy. [Page Six Magazine]

- Whitney Houston is being sued by her step-mother. She claims the singer wrongfully kept a $1 million insurance payout from her late father’s estate. I’m not going to say Whitney and Bobby Brown used that money to buy a space shuttle full of crack, but yeah…. [E! Online]

- Tom Cruise’s son Connor has his big-screen debut in Will Smith’s new movie Seven Pounds. Connor says he “can’t wait for his own sham marriage and inevitable public meltdown. Oh boy!” [AP]

Photos: WENN