Kate Walsh in love with co-star? (And other made-up stuff)

December 18th, 2008 // 28 Comments

A light snack of news:

- Kate Walsh’s marriage was reportedly ruined by her attraction for Private Practice co-star David Sutcliffe. Because what’s a divorce if not a blunt tool for some sweet publicity. Am I right? I’m right. [Star]

- Donald Trump is a chronic re-gifter, according to his son. There really is nothing worse than unwrapping the same skyscraper you gave your dad last year. He should seek therapy. [Page Six Magazine]

- Whitney Houston is being sued by her step-mother. She claims the singer wrongfully kept a $1 million insurance payout from her late father’s estate. I’m not going to say Whitney and Bobby Brown used that money to buy a space shuttle full of crack, but yeah…. [E! Online]

- Tom Cruise’s son Connor has his big-screen debut in Will Smith’s new movie Seven Pounds. Connor says he “can’t wait for his own sham marriage and inevitable public meltdown. Oh boy!” [AP]

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  1. boogermeister

    hopefully first again . . . i need a job

  2. JJ

    She looks like a dude.

  3. bakinmycake

    trump would sell his daughter to the highest bidder…or anyone with some cash

  4. blinded

    I’m having a problem reading the posts because of all these rude ads all over this page.

  5. p0nk


    and #4 – yep, be careful where you click.

  6. poobs

    Tom Cruise’s son is black?

  7. ChickDownTown

    dear superficial,

    i can still see a couple spots where our ads don’t reach. Work on that, will you?

  8. i think you should replace the comments section with more of our ads.

  9. Ram Punchington

    Hey #4 and #5.

    I’m using Firefox (not Explorer) with AdBlock (Blocks Ads) and FlashBlock (Blocks Flash).

    I’ve NEVER seen an ad on this fine website. Or heard music.

    Change to a good browser!

    Punchington Out.

  10. Chas

    Kate Walsh is boring. And so is every single medical drama on friggen TV.

  11. p0nk

    punchington, i use firefox.

  12. hmm whos this broad? nice outfit baby, any one wearing something like that is banging more than her husband….

  13. havoc

    #6…No, they’re just using L. Ron Hubbard’s lawn jockey….


  14. Blago Wago

    To be fair, David Sutcliffe is one of the nicest actors I’ve ever met. If women were attracted to me, and subsequently left me for David, I’d be honored. And horribly depressed.

  15. derty

    I am not really into this check, but will be jerking to this pic!

  16. derty

    I am not really into this chick, but will be jerking to this pic!

  17. Ruthie

    I can’t read the text unless I highlight it all because it is all white. Lamesauce!

  18. lulu


    AdBlock Plus is Firefox’s best friend….use it and never see an ad again!

  19. Nikki

    Who cares?

  20. my opinion

    What is the deal with all of the celebrities wearing that awful seat belt dress?? They are so unattractive.

  21. Spagett!

    so tom cruises son is black?

    how the fuck does that work?

  22. Amanda

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  23. Hi, its me, Stan.

    That first bitch got broad ass shoulders.


  25. dew

    I don’t watch any medical shows, but I see this Kate enough to know who she is, and usually she’s a bit on the boring side. But she sure can get her vamp on — this is what Hollywood starlets should aspire to.

    And to people now knowing about Tom Cruise having a black son: Are you 12? Or maybe retarded? He and Nicole adopted him when he was a little boy.

  26. testing

    tom and nicole adopted Conor and Isabelle, no they are not white. which is why nobody thinks Suri is Tom’s kid, we know nicole can have kids because she was just pregnant but no proof Suri is Tom’s

  27. Damn, Kate Walsh looks smokin’ hot there…..

  28. David Sutcliffe is best actors I’ve ever met. If women were attracted to me, and after David left for me, I would be proud. And very sad.

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