Donald Trump is a big tipper

December 6th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Donald Trump left a $10,000 tip for a waiter at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica. According to reader Leslie:

My friend Billy works at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica. A couple days ago Donald Trump came in and left him a $10,000 tip! Wow! My friends think he’s just trying to promote his celebrity Apprentice but whatever. Billy told me Donald hardly even talked to him until the end when he asked, “What’s the biggest tip you ever got?” I guess Jerry Bruckheimer (sp?) comes in a lot and once tipped him $500 on a $1000 tab and Bill told him. Trump just wanted to show he’s got the biggest dick!

Usually when I want to prove I’ve got the biggest dick I just unleash the beast and pray to God whatever restaurant I’m in has a buffet table big enough for me to display it. But leaving an outlandish 10 grand tip works too, I suppose. If you’re a pussy.

Thanks to Leslie for the tip. You’re fired! Ha, isn’t that just like the show? Damn, I’m topical.


  1. Peter

    Wow thats crazy

  2. LL

    There’s no way I’m first, so I’m just gonna say that Trump is still a douchebag.


    First! But not first to fuck a horse!! I love me some equine juice!

  4. PunkA

    For $10,000, Trump can show me his dick. Whatever. I’ll take the cash baby!

  5. Sam

    Hate to spoil the fun on this one, but this is fake. The Donald was in New York on 12/3.

  6. Sam

    Hate to spoil the fun on this one, but this is fake. The Donald was in New York on 12/3.

  7. How the fuck do you know that, Sam?

  8. lilystar

    Um, I saw this like two hours ago on a certain other site. It wasn’t from a Superficial reader lol…lame.

  9. I always had the impression that Trump is actually (in the tradition of weathly folk everywhere) a Tremendously Cheap Bastard. Also, dude’s a showboat. If he wanted to make a showy gesture I think he’d chose another way than lavishing a large sum on a waiter who might keep his lip zipped about it…gads!! This story doesn’t ring true.

  10. yerdumb

    8- that might be the stupidest thing said yet. And that’s a hard title to get here.

  11. The1DG

    The Donald’s name on there may be fake, but but at least we know where to find “Billy D” Serving up his style… havent seen him doing anything productive since black santa for jimmy kimmel… He may however be able to beat the donald in a “Tip” contest…

  12. Well, I just called the number at the top of the receipt, and they said it was true. They also informed me that they don’t deliver to Spokane..

    Now what am I going to have for lunch?

  13. veggi

    a bloody mary? you’d get your veggies!!..

  14. Karl

    I’m with Sam on this one. Trump was nowhere near Santa Monica on that day. You can read about it in the NY Times (probably a more reputable source that this website or whatever other one this story was posted to) that he was in New York City.

  15. Ds

    For $10,000 I’d fuck a horse. I would hand that money right over for a chance to do that! I love the horse jiz.

  16. Veggi, I’m on it!!!

    Ds, get out of here you FREAK!!!!!!!

  17. Ds

    what can I say. Animals udderly turn me on.

  18. Maiko Weymiller

    I hope Robert gave him something – at least one BJ.

  19. theredsnapper

    wow.. makes me feel even more broke than i did this morning..

    eat the rich.

    xxx, snapper

  20. Texas Tranny

    $5.00 for iced tea??????????? and $18.00 for a crappy pasta dish??????

  21. fasfash

    Jeez, $10 for two iced teas? The $10K tip doesn’t seem that outrageous.

  22. puffs plus

    that is expensive iced tea!
    i wish i had been that waiter:-/

  23. Tiny

    Dudes and Dudetes,

    Get a grip! The $10,000 is for what you don’t see!

    A Kilo of Cocaine under the table!

  24. Carl

    Think how stupid the next person to wait on him is going to feel

  25. puffs plus

    hah! i swear i didn’t see those comments!
    the tea is really ridiculous to me.

  26. lilystar

    I like The Superficial and have been reading it for a long time. But since I started reading both places, I notice suspiciously similarly worded posts here frequently posted after they are up on the other site, with no credit given, and it’s annoying. All I did was state a fact. Granted, the person could have sent it to both sites, but the frequent similar wording and the fact that the posts here always come second…hmm…

  27. uberpiano

    Wow… I would keel over and die if I ever got a $10,000 tip. Too bad the Donald probably isn’t a Perkins fan… (although it seems that everyone loves a good Chicken Tender Melt!)

  28. Melissa

    Don’t you think Mr. Trump is going to be kinda pissed that you displayed his personal bill including parts of his personal credit card number all over the internet??? way to go asshole.

  29. Cory

    the full story plus video of the interview with the waiter is on

  30. That’s 10grand less to spend on his whack ass weave ;)

  31. oh my god

    You should really photoshop/blockout the end of his credit card information. That’s really unfair to put on the internet. That being said, the Trumpsterz is just ridiculous.

  32. Ript1&0

    You’re gonna need topical cream for that buffet rash.

  33. matt

    To hell with the tip….look at the prices. $10 for two iced teas? $12 for two cappucinos? Two cups of soup..$18.00! These places crack me up…all emperor’s new clothes…and look at the fools rushing to pay….

  34. Shanipie

    Musta been some good ass tea

  35. What is the limit on that card that he can tip that much? I want the “way-too-much-money-available” credit card too? Where can I get it?

  36. Riotboy

    That’s more than 15%.


  37. B

    i don’t think you could make it any more obvious than this that you steal material from td

  38. woodhorse

    I am not sure which is more offensive – the fact that he could tip $10,000 (but didn’t)(and I can’t) or that he’s so fing chintzy that he used some random checkslip to get some undeserved publicity. If you want publicity, do a crotch shot like Britney you lazy bastard.

  39. Malffy Hernandes

    …I left someone a 1,200 doller tip once and bragged for like a month; where’s this bloke get off leaving 10 grand?

  40. Malffy Hernandes

    …I left someone a 1,200 dollar tip once and bragged for like a month; where’s this bloke get off leaving 10 grand?

  41. shaggy

    guy can’t just go and give 15% like the rest of us. bald motherfucker.

  42. zippysweetcheeks

    that waiter has to pay tax on that tip. The Donald should have left cash

  43. Tom

    Wow! This story is on FoxNews, so it must be true (wink. wink).

    This is a false story.

    The problem is, that it becomes more believable the more places you see it…but they are all just repeating what was written on one website.

    Fo everyone who believes this story, I found a long lost relative of yours in Africa who died and left you millions of dollars. You just need to send me $5,000 to process the paperwork and get you your fortune.


  44. me

    Mr. Trump tipped me $100 last week and i’m already on his payroll. He must be in a good mood lately.

  45. Clayton

    That sucks. You have to claim all of that. The server’s going to end up with a bill at the end of the pay period and not a check.

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  47. douglas

    I wonder what kind of tip he leaves his Barber?? He has probably stiffed him since 1978….which is why his barber keeps giving him that jacked up hair cut.

  48. neen

    What site is td?

  49. kimmy4lsu

    he has a personal jet….he could be one place during half of the day and then clear across the country later that same day….damn, you people just don’t think…stop thinking in poor people terms…..

  50. Joan

    49- damn you are right. we have been thinking in poor people terms.

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