Donald Trump fires the hot secretary

January 23rd, 2006 // 27 Comments

trump-fires.jpgThe only redeeming part of Donald Trump was that he had the sense to hire a hot secretary to usher in television show contestants into his board room. Well a reader has tipped us off that apparently Donald has now fired her.

Donald Trump has fired his longtime assistant Robin Himmler on Friday (she was on the apprentice as his receptionist. I used to work for the trump org (until just last year), and my former colleagues said it was a bit like the show (how he did it). He was sick of her new found prima donna attitude and gave her the axe. I am asuuming she will no longer be on the show saying “mr trump will see you now”.

This would have made for a funnier story if Donald had literally given her the axe and chopped her right through the head. Then I bet he’d be all, “You’re axed.” And then quietly chuckle to himself, because you know he’s the kind of ass that would laugh at his own lame jokes. Then again, he’s sleeping with Melania Knauss and I’m not, so maybe I’ll just shut up and sob quietly in the corner.


  1. C

    So will we next be seeing Robin in Playboy or something a little more hardcore?

  2. Becca

    HAHAHA! Yeah, Penthouse…

  3. rachel

    I wonder how many times she practiced saying “Mr Trump will see you now” in the mirror.

  4. jilly

    I think she was already in Maxim, although that’s not really ‘hardcore’ ;)

  5. morgstress

    Let me get this straight: You’re jealous of Donald Trump for sleeping with MELANIA, that praying mantis of a “woman”? Wow. Look around on the ground, I’m sure you can find an ant with similar features.

    If you don’t see the bug comparison (possibly due to acute glaucoma), consider this: to quote the Family Guy, “You could carve a roast on her face.”

    Or for brevity’s sake: she’s ugly.

  6. rachel

    I wouldn’t say she’s ugly but there are definitely more beautiful women out there than her. I bet she makes Donald “role play” with her by making him wear a paper bag over his head every time they have sex.

  7. Tracy

    Go Melania! I wouldn’t let my multi-bijillionaire husband have a pretty receptionist either. Just sayin’.

  8. Binky

    If Melania is the jealous type – she should keep her eye on George. Talk about ‘knowing glances around the board room table.’ If you know what I mean…

  9. PapaHotNuts

    I guess I can quit coming to work every morning, calling my secretary an ogre, and telling her to try and look more like Donald’s Trump secretary. It was getting difficult screwing her at lunch knowing what a fox Trump had working for him. I guess I should be thankful for what I have, even if she can only type 6 words per minute. I’m hiring if there are any lucky ladies out there.

  10. LoneWolf

    I think that Fraulein Himmler knows better than to be be putting on a prima donna attitude with Trump. She’s been working with him long enough to know how much crap he’s willing to put up with, which I’m guessing is little to none. If she left, she was probably lured away by his competition, or more likely by a 15-minutes-of-fame opportunity that she thinks she can parlay into a career in show business. In which case, she’s in for a major disappointment.

  11. ZoomBoy

    She wasn’t that hot, unless they changed her after the first and second seasons – which coincidentally is when I stopped watching this show.

  12. Flush it all away

    Poor Robin Himmler. On the bright side, Trump just announced the hiring of his new secretary, Jackie Hitler.

  13. ESQ


    While saying that, you have to do the little hand jut like he does.

  14. Realistic

    She was fired because he said, “Bring me a hot coffee” and she brought him a Hot Carl instead. It was a little awkward for both of them.

  15. Sheva

    This is retarded and Robin was cute. But does cute merit an attitude problem?

  16. derekd

    This guy. You’d think with all that money he’s get a proper hair transplant instead of that horrendous comb-over. Maybe Melania likes him to to comb it over when they start to have sex and right before climax she pulls it back and says, “FUCK ME BALDY!!” likes its a different person. So its like a threesome. Her, the guy with hair, and the bald guy. Some wild shit I tell ya.

  17. HughJorganthethird

    #12 took the words right out of my mouth. Probably shouldn’t mention Trump’s PR guy, Jim Goebells.

  18. Why didn’t he wait and work it into next season’s show? That would make for some great television.

    It also would have made Robin slightly more famous, giving her leverage in her negotiations with other real estate moguls.

  19. HollyJ

    I want to tie Donald Trump to a table of nails and razor off that incredibly stupid combover.

    I think that his 12-inch long piece of combover hair originates in an ear, and he just wraps it around like a Siek turban every morning when he gets up.

    Somebody shave him. PLEASE

  20. andrewthezeppo

    I hope he hires Gary Coleman as the new “Mr. Trump will see you now” receptionist…that’d be sweet.

  21. It would have been an even BETTER story if it came out that Melania made him do it!

  22. BrendaPayne

    Why would you want to sleep with a Femme Bot? Silly, silly Superficial editor. She looks like a mannequin.

  23. I’m still laughing over a receptionist with a prima donna attitude LOL!!!! The only thing you need to say if you met her in a bar and she was acting stuck up is this “Yeah, thats really interesting, now answer my cell phone and bring me some coffee”

  24. little_miss_perfect

    Coming to NBC this fall……..”The Receptionist”.

  25. LOL Little Miss Perfect! Nice one. I can see the tag line….She fights crime and takes great dictation! The REceptionist (Cut to a picture of a young lady in an office skirt suit tripping a fleeing criminal and while he’s on the ground saying “Can I get you some coffee while you’re waiting….For the Cops?!” then she dumps a pot of skalding coffee on him and walks away with her heels clicking loudly)

  26. Parker5

    I know Robin and she wasn’t fired by Donald himself (where did that quote come from? I’m curious). I also had the misfortune of working with that organization (although luckily not in the hotzone like Robin was) and considering the hen-pecking that went on from the women who worked directly for him, I was pleasantly surprised how nice and easy to work with Robin was. ‘Prima Donna’ is not a term I’d use to describe her by any means! Robin was fired by a new manager (a woman who I suspect found her presence threatening) and this was barely hours after Robin unofficially expressed her desire to resign. She respects Donald and from what I know, the only firing Donald does is on the show.

  27. yeah everyone tries to be a prima donna with the slightest fame…

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