Donald Trump fires the hot secretary

trump-fires.jpgThe only redeeming part of Donald Trump was that he had the sense to hire a hot secretary to usher in television show contestants into his board room. Well a reader has tipped us off that apparently Donald has now fired her.

Donald Trump has fired his longtime assistant Robin Himmler on Friday (she was on the apprentice as his receptionist. I used to work for the trump org (until just last year), and my former colleagues said it was a bit like the show (how he did it). He was sick of her new found prima donna attitude and gave her the axe. I am asuuming she will no longer be on the show saying “mr trump will see you now”.

This would have made for a funnier story if Donald had literally given her the axe and chopped her right through the head. Then I bet he’d be all, “You’re axed.” And then quietly chuckle to himself, because you know he’s the kind of ass that would laugh at his own lame jokes. Then again, he’s sleeping with Melania Knauss and I’m not, so maybe I’ll just shut up and sob quietly in the corner.

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