Donald Trump: ‘Bret Michaels is gonna die’

Donald Trump informed TMZ this morning that Bret Michaels is in “big, big trouble and the prognosis is not great.”

Michaels is a contestant on this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” and, ironically, Trump says Michaels’ scrappiness is the best thing he has going for him.
As Trump put it, “He turns out to be an amazing competitor and ultimately that is the thing that could save his life.”

PUBLICIST: How do you want to play this, Mr. Trump?
TRUMP: I’m going to pretend I know Bret Michaels is about to die then turn around and plug the Apprentice.
PUBLICIST: Seems a tad morbid.
TRUMP: You know what else is morbid? *presses remote* The C4 in your wife’s uterus!
PUBLICIST: I’m not married.
TRUMP: Ooh, awkward.
PUBLICIST: Just kidding, I am. Or was.
TRUMP: HAAAA! This guy.

Photos: WENN