Donald Trump and Melania Knauss are pregnant

September 27th, 2005 // 33 Comments

trump_pregnant.jpgDonald Trump’s spokeswoman has confirmed that Melania Knauss is pregnant with his fifth child.

The New York Post said the baby was due in the spring. Trump’s spokeswoman Norma Foerderer said the Post report that Trump’s wife was pregnant was true but she declined to give any further details.

Looks like Melania is more commited to getting Donald’s money than I had given her credit for. I thought marrying the man would be the farthest she’d be willing to go, but to actually let him impregnate her is really going the distance. I figured she would have just slipped him some pills during dinner and made it look like he had a heart attack during sex, but to actually have his child and wait for him to die naturally is mind blowing. Though with Britney Spears giving birth and the announcement of Donald Trump’s offspring, I think we finally have an explanation for nature’s sudden decision to try and destroy us all.


  1. Can he use the ultrasound to have the baby sign a pre-pardom agreement?

  2. ImRichBitch!

    She actually slept with him??? She is a true gold digger…I guess I would do it go for a billion $$$

  3. goldilocks

    i wonder if the baby will have his hair…..

  4. emma

    all of trump’s kids look like him. a trump + melania baby will be interesting.

    how old is trump, anyway? i wonder if they forsee more kids in their future.

  5. MotherOfPearl

    I think he’s 59 or so. And I guess love (of gold) truly is blind.


    of course she slept with him.. they ARE married and whatnot. if i were the Don, i’d be suspicious if she DIDN’T sleep with me.

    guess a girl has gotta do what it takes to win the ultimate prize. if her pregnancy is successful, she’ll be set for life.

  7. Anna Rexic

    Kick her in the stomach before it’s too late!! Don’t do it Donald!!

  8. Grey

    i think its great. now if they do have a prenup if they get divorced the kid will get tons of child support and we all know who the child support goes to til the kid turns 18.. smart woman she is.. maybe even a genius!!

  9. Geno

    I just hope they can afford proper medical
    care for the child.

  10. Velvet_Jones

    If I die today, I hope I am reincarnated as Trumps new baby. I don’t think he has anything to do with these kids, he just throws money at them. He’s breeding future Paris Hiltons.

  11. prognosis

    i’m not sure how mother nature will combine an orange weave, seductive slovenian cheekbones, and an eye for monochromatic shirt and tie schemes, but the results will be hideous. i guarantee. in fact, i’ll bet you a breathtaking helicopter ride over manhattan that this kid will be so ugly, Melania will be forced to tie filet mignon to its neck to get the dog to play with it.

  12. Juliette

    BAD mental image!!!

  13. spanky

    the baby won’tlook like her either. anyone who is not stupid can tell she has had tons of plastic surgery. that’s probably why she married him, he can keep funding her plastic upkeep and collagen injections and also fund the baby’s

  14. IvoryFingers

    She strikes me as someone whom Trump had to tell her “But I could die if I don’t have sex” and she’d believe it.


    tootsie… or andy dick in drag.


    lol wrong thread.

  17. Melania, you’re pregnant?
    You’re fired!

  18. FearLeSphere

    The language in this post is pretty horrible. I think the pre-requisite for writing an article should be basic grammar and punctuation skills. I’m starting to see what everyone is talking about. It’s a shame to see this kind of regression on such a great site.

    Would you carry the Wolfmans puppy in your belly for any amount of money in the world?

  19. mac2048

    She is so beautiful, but I think even her gorgeous genes won’t be enough to save this poor kid from ghastly hair and a pot belly.

    Donald Trump is the man though isn’t he? I’d make sweet love to him for 1,000,000 dollars… And I would make sweet lesbian love to Melania for free dollars!

  20. DevastatorX

    Wh does she alwayshave that “stuck-up, i’m so better that you look on her face?” Think she maintains that facial expression when she and the Donald are doin it?

  21. celeb_hater

    looks like she doesn’t swallow!

  22. goldilocks

    im an NIMW- Not In My Womb. If i know the melanias of this world, and i do, i’ll bet a million quid that the babies not his

  23. izzy

    devastatorX ur so right about that look, i’ve always thought she must think it makes her more exotic or untouchable or something, but whatever, she looks stupid.

    this writing blows hardcore asshole.

  24. Candy

    Dam I wonder if she was awake when they were doing it cause I can totally see how they could have sex if she lets him do it while she’s comatose, preferably drug induced coma.

  25. Martin92

    But how did he get her pregnant?

  26. sugarplum

    That woman looks like an alien with long hair. – Not that he looks any good, but maybe she is an alien from outer space after all. Ala Mars Attacks.

  27. Ms. Dilligaff

    She was quoted in some magazine as answering,”Do you think he would have married me if I weren’t beautiful?” when asked if she thought she would have married him if he wasn’t rich. At least they know what’s important in life; I’m sure these little heartfelt sentiments will be passed on to yet another Tiny Trump-Monster.

  28. onecrazybizaach


  29. fragile_wild

    Maybe she has that look on her face because she’s the wife of a billionaire. She IS better than all the other women who have probably tried to marry him, I mean his money. If I were her I’d probably have plastic surgery to get the “I’m better than thou” look on my face forever to save efforts. I’m sure she’s though of that, but has more fun actually doing it. The world will never know.

  30. Can you imagine what the baby’s hair is like!

  31. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    Fear not.

    I am Melania’s Baby’s Daddy.

  32. mordredroddy

    Seriously, we really have to wonder about parrentage. This is a guy who with all his money could not keep Marla Maples satisfied. (They found her with her lover at the beach; the Donald turned loose that creepy crooked spyguy, Pellicano, on her.) I just think Donald Trump is a sham — he’s not the great lover, he’s not the great businessman, and I read in that new book that he isn’t even a real billionaire!

  33. I begin to see what everyone is talking about. It is a shame to see this kind of regression on a large site.

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