Trump Delaying ‘This Is Us’ Finally Made America Mad? God, We Suck…

Donald Trump hasn’t even been in office a full three weeks, but already he’s pulled a cavalcade of horseshit. From his Muslim ban that conveniently left off countries he has businesses in to allowing a fanatical Christian billionaire with absolutely no how idea how public schools work to become the Secretary of Education to making it easier for people with mental illnesses to buy guns because that hasn’t been a more deadly problem for America than terrorism. And that’s not even getting into his litany of executive orders, his constant bitching about the size of his inauguration, and railing against the judiciary to the point where his own SCOTUS nominee is going, “Dude…” (Although, in the interest of fairness, he’s been a staunch advocate for getting that Easy D.)

Except apparently all of that pales in comparison to his most recent egregious act: Delaying a show about Milo Ventimiglia’s mustache. STORM THE WHITE HOUSE! Variety reports:

NBC’s “This Is Us” will have its first season finale pushed back a week, and fans have Donald Trump to thank. Originally, the finale was supposed to air March 7. Now, the last chapter of the first installment of the Pearson family saga will air March 14 at 9/8c.
The reason for the “This Is Us” delay lies in the forthcoming first address of a joint session of Congress by new president Donald Trump, which networks will air on Tuesday, Feb. 28. While not technically the State of the Union address, the event is being given similar heft.

The reactions were swift and brutal as headline after headline starting pouring in. You can piss all over the Constitution, and put a white supremacist on the National Security Council, but you’ll never take our SEASON FINALES!

And so it was written in the annals of history, the day America unyoked itself from the reins of tyranny and fought back over a sappy NBC drama where apparently people die every week or some stupid shit. Mistreat minorities, turn the country into a schizophrenic shooting alley, but God save those who disrupt a cliffhanger finale.

They’d be annexed by China the following year after promises were made to outlaw mid-season breaks for The Walking Dead and government funding of mainlining Netflix right into their faces.

As for what happened to brown people and education? There’s no longer a written record. I’m sure it was fine.

- Orange Crush: The Fall of America (2074 Edition)

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Photo: NBC