Donald Trump Loves The Muslims

“Sir, you just signed that man’s finger.”
“Is he Mexican?

Donald Trump has been doing fucking awesome in the polls thanks to racism, and up until last week, he was riding a white power Sea-Doo all the way to the nomination. But that was before the numbers came in from the second GOP debate and put Carly Fiorina at top for lying better than everybody else about the bullshit Planned Parenthood videos. Which, honestly, shouldn’t have fazed Trump because, again, xenophobia is the toupee glue that holds him together, and yet here he is on CNN where he remarkably didn’t double down on agreeing with a supporter that America needs to kick all of the Muslims out including Barack Obama who is definitely a secret one.

Donald Trump on Saturday responded to a question from CNN about whether Muslims pose a danger to the country, saying: “I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people.”

Wow. Jesus. Okay, but it’s not like he’s saying he’d let them infiltrate our government or anything.

One student told Trump that she considered Muslim-Americans to be an important segment of the country. They asked whether the billionaire businessman would consider putting a Muslim in his Cabinet or on his ticket.
Oh, absolutely,” Trump responded. “No problem with that.”

*rips Confederate flag hat off, shakes fist at the sky* CLOCK KIDDDDD!!!

So for the white people playing at home, let’s update Donald Trump’s scorecard so you know exactly which minorities he’s going to strap to a rocket and fire into the sun, and which ones he’ll let sully America’s majestic whiteness by not making it legal to shoot them if they’re at the same Starbucks as you.

Muslims: “Holy shit, the President’s one!” “I love them!”
Blacks: “Why are they so mean to the police who shoot them all the time?”
Mexicans: Still wants that wall.

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