Donald Trump Jr. Was a Dipshit for Halloween

It’s only a matter of time before Robert Mueller indicts Donald Trump Jr. and sends his ass to federal prison with his foot in his mouth, but until then Junior is free to do all the idiotic shit his cold heart desires. The eldest son of Emperor Covfefe took his kids out for Halloween last night wearing a mask of his daddy and an American flag bodysuit. Apparently, the rules of “flag code” that Junior has had a huge boner for in the past don’t apply on Halloween, so that’s neat.

The fact that he walked around his upscale Manhattan neighborhood (which unanimously voted Clinton, mind you) dressed as Mr. Freedom: Trump Edition is a true testament of class. (If you’re unfamiliar with the lost gem of cinema that is Mr. Freedom, I highly recommend it.)

However, his shitty costume wasn’t even close to Trump’s biggest eye-roll of the evening. That came when he revealed he really doesn’t know what socialism is…

It’s never to early to learn about the differences between #socialism and #capitalism #maga #halloween #education

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Using his daughter as a prop to perpetuate bipartisan division, Donald Trump Jr.’s feeble attempt to troll anyone who wasn’t born on a golden toilet was ultimately a massive failure… And he used #education but doesn’t know the proper usage of ‘to’ and ‘too.’

Want more? These are really good. This is the best skewering I’ve seen since my fourth of July BBW BBQ…

Even Harry Potter’s mom got in on it!

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