Donald Sterling Is The Racist D*ckbag We Deserve

Posted by Photo Boy

Over the weekend TMZ Sports broke the story of LA Clippers owner and world-class fuckhead Donald Sterling getting caught on audio recording by his then girlfriend V. Stiviano in one of the strangest racist arguments ever secretly recorded by a jilted lover. The main crux of his argument, if I’m interpreting this nauseatingly passive racist viewpoint correctly, is that people will have a hard time forgetting that she is mixed race if she’s constantly hanging out with her non-white friends, especially publicly and of all places at HIS team’s games. No, really.

Did you listen to all that? No? That’s fine, I’ll go ahead and break it down for you. Rich white asshat, Donald Sterling, who has a long and extremely well documented history of racist behavior (Seriously, you’re going to want click that link.), just basically spelled out the new racist agenda in America. Almost weekly, we get introduced to a new incredulous bigot who just doesn’t understand why these minorities can’t shut up about the centuries of oppression they’ve endured. There used to be firehoses and police dogs to handle this sort of thing for them, but now, in Obama’s new liberal PC America, that just won’t fly. Now, there’s a quieter, more insidious way to systematically stifle poor minorities with legal maneuverings all while publicly trying to push the idea that racism is over. But this is the tradeoff we’re all silently making for the sake of personal comfort. Donald Sterling wanting his biracial girlfriend to deny her heritage is the same as your sweet old granny who still says “coloreds.” It’s the same as a joke in the break room you pretend to ignore for fear of losing your job. It’s the same as the frown and eyeroll from someone at the mention of Obamacare who couldn’t begin to explain one actual reform that bill made. Thankfully the Internet is starting to do the job of flushing this type of shit out into daylight, so the equally ignorant viewpoints of “Oh well, that’s just that one rich white guy’s opinion,” or “Oh, well maybe that was taken out of context,” can finally be exposed for the dickless, enabling and damaging mindsets they truly are.

And now I negate my entire argument by embedding a pic of Sterling gently caressing the chin of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. I can’t help myself. It’s my gift, my curse:
Donald Sterling Antonio Villaraigosa

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