Donald Sterling’s Interview Is A Goddamn Goldmine

May 13th, 2014 // 54 Comments
Donald Sterling
'She Made Me Do It!'
Donald Sterling
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Donald Sterling‘s full interview with Anderson Cooper aired last night, and Jesus fucking Christ, is it a goddamn treasure trove. Not only does it take his admitted jealousy of Magic Johnson obsessively further, but it also manages to make Donald Sterling look like even more of a racist if that’s even possible. I say this with all sincerity, it’s genuinely a miracle he didn’t stop at one point to whip a slave for not putting enough ice in his mint julep. That’s literally the only thing missing right now. CNN reports:

Sterling, 80, slammed the former Los Angeles Lakers player’s character and his battle with HIV, saying Johnson hasn’t done anything to help others.
“What kind of a guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl, then he catches HIV? Is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about?” Sterling asked. “I think he should be ashamed of himself. I think he should go into the background. But what does he do for the black people? He doesn’t do anything.”

Keep in mind, this is the same Donald Sterling who has openly admitted in court documents to banging mistresses behind his wife’s back not to mention is in this exact mess because a golddigger he was shtupping sold him out. As for giving back to the community, Deadspin pulled up Magic Johnson’s tax returns which show he’s a pretty fucking generous guy, but that doesn’t fit the Republican party’s Donald Sterling’s narrative that all black people are selfish ingrates:

“What has he done? Can you tell me? Big Magic Johnson, what has he done?” Sterling said.
Sterling, who is Jewish, said Jewish people spend great amounts of money helping other Jews who are poor while rich black people turn their backs to people in need.
“That’s one problem I have. Jews, when they get successful, they will help their people, and some of the African-Americans — maybe I’ll get in trouble again — they don’t want to help anybody,” he said.
Cooper asked, “So are you saying that African-Americans don’t contribute to African-American communities as much as Jewish people —“
Sterling — measured for much of the interview — cut Cooper off and snapped back.
“There’s no African-American –,” he said, raising his voice. “Never mind, I don’t know, I’m sorry. You know, they all want to play golf with me. Everybody wants to be with me. I’m easy. I’m fun.”

Wait a second, did Donald Sterling just say black people want to play golf with them? Holy shit, why didn’t he say so in the first place? We’ve all been making a big deal out of nothing. *opens window, talks into megaphone* Attention, everyone. Everyone, can I have your attention please? Black people want to play golf with Donald Sterling. I repeat, black people want to play golf with Donald Sterling. Show’s over. Pack it up. Except for you, Magic Johnson. You stand in the corner and think about what you did, or no golfing with Don, mister. Don’t you give me that look!

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  1. B Real


    How much would you give to be reborn a black gay man? I bet it’s pretty much everything isn’t it. The severe envy is evident each and every day. You just can’t stand that you’re not as much a minority as others are, huh.

  2. Don Sterling

    You know Sterling’s a Democrat, right?

  3. Smapdi

    “Magic Johnson has HIV, therefore I’m not a racist.” Okayyy . . .

  4. Linda

    Wow. That is one clueless motherfucker. That he had the balls to say “maybe” he’ll get in trouble again for spewing out even more of that racist horseshit. He is literally so profoundly racist that he can’t even tell the difference between what SOUNDS racist and what will or won’t get him into even deeper shit on a save-face interview for CNN. How in the fuck did he make all of those hundreds of millions if he doesn’t even know how to censor what he says on Anderson Fucking Cooper? It’s clearly the same cluelessness and lack of connection to reality that makes it possible for him to “believe” that beautiful [or any] women who get near him are are not holding back the vomit and touching him strictly for the money.

  5. Not to defend any of the repugnant things he said, but at some point is the media just taking advantage of an old man who is to stupid to know when to shut the fuck up?

    • “Stupid” and “ignorant and arrogant” are two different things. He’s not some senile grandpa seeing WWII enemies around every corner. He’s an arrogant fuckwad who’s had way too much money for way too long for anyone to call him on his bullshit before now, and has therefore never developed appropriate social skills.

      • I was with you right up until “appropriate social skills” – that implies that you can be as racist as you wanna be as long as you keep your trap shut so no one can hang anything on you and/or you don’t make everyone around you want to puke in their soup. Sterling’s been an actively racist landlord since fucking forever, his attitude has been plenty visible in how he’s run the team, and the fact that he not only has no filter, but figures everyone really should be as savvy as he is and see things the way he does, is why he’s enlightening us all now.

        He reminds me of Ann Richards’ opponent Clayton Williams, who, after an incredibly offensive remark about rape, opined that he “need[ed] to watch [his] words” – again, “appropriate social skills”. Because clearly the real problem isn’t having an ass-ignorant bigoted mindset in the first place, oh no – only saying the toxic shit that it comes up with around people who don’t appreciate “the truth” is bad.

      • D-chi

        Exactly, people act like you can believe incredibly problematic stuff and as long as you don’t say it out loud, there’s no problem. Uh no, that’s why we have institutionalized racism (and to an extent sexism), because it’s invisible and insidious.

      • Oh, I didn’t mean to say the viewpoint was okay as long as it wasn’t expressed. I was just pointing out that that was why it was expressed, not because he’s a poor senile grandpa, but because he’s arrogant and never learned to filter.

    • It’s not like Cooper is on his doorstep coercing this poor old man into an interview. He wants to speak his mind, and it would be ridiculous to expect news organizations to refuse the interview for such a prominent issue. If Sterling is fit to control billions of dollars and influence the lives of others with it, he’s fit to be interviewed.

  6. Cock Dr

    I’m wondering if this slumlord fuck has ANY redeeming qualities?

  7. Slash

    But don’t forget, everybody, we have a black president, so that proves there’s no more racism in America. So the old, rich white people who still run most things can’t possibly be racist. And Oprah must not really exist, because this Sterling guy is unaware of her and her extremely well-publicized charity work to benefit other black people (maybe because a lot of it supposedly happened in Africa, which certainly sounds like a fictional place to me … )

    It’s science.

  8. Jews are a religion, not a race or region. There’s no Jewtopia that jews come from. So hard to compare Jews to Africans Americans. Better to compare Jews to God Fearing Christians or something of that ilk.

    • Incorrect, Jonah. Jews are an ethnic grouping and a religious grouping, but that’s not necessarily the same thing. Someone of Jewish heritage can choose not to believe in Judaism, yet she is still ethnically Jewish; someone of, let’s say, Filipino heritage can convert to Judaism, but her ethnicity would remain Filipino. This is why I call myself Jewish even though I am also an atheist. (Or de facto atheist, using Dawkins’ terminology, if you want to get technical about it.)

      Unless you’re one of those Orthodox Jews who insist that there’s no either/or, and if you don’t practice Judaism—specifically Orthodox Judaism—then you’re not a Jew, no matter what your heritage. In which case, screw you buddy.

    • Ashkenazi Jews, as well as Sephardim, Mizrahim, and others, usually consider themselves to be an ethnicity, in that they share a common culture, heritage, and language that’s much more defined than the nebulous notion of “God fearing Christians”. So figure more than a religion, but less than a race.

      • Yes, being Jewish is more than religion for sure but you can’t lump Ashkenazi, the Sephardim and the Mizrahim together and claim they share a common culture, heritage and language. You can say that in general about Ashkenazi Jews but even then some speak French, others Russian and there are vast differences in culture. But what does the Yemeni Mizrahim have in common with a German Ashkenazi? They may or may not practice the same religion but the first speaks Arabic, loves a good plate of haneet and the latter speaks German and loves gummy bears. An Iranian Jew and a Spaniard Jew, again, have little in common. This is where the confusion comes in for a lot of people, assuming they understand the little I have said here. The European Jews over time grew closer for a number of reasons and definitely developed many shared ways of life and yes, an overarching culture. If you want to get into the Israeli situation then you have opened up a serious can of worms because Israel was created by Zionists who took Jews from Europe and forced them into Palestine, largely against their will, and engineered a new identity for them. The Zionists then hauled most of the Arab Jews on nice jumbo jets, dumped them in Israel and told them they were sort of ok because they were Jewish but brown, so they could do the manual labor, face severe discrimination and don’t even think of living in the same quarters. They sprinkled in some Ethiopians and well, anyone that was up for a plane ride and FORCED ALL of them to learn Hebrew and abandon the language they and their entire family tree spoke over the years. All that mattered was increasing the population and laying claim to more and more land. The culture there is completely and totally highjacked from the Palestinians to give their stay a sense of legitimacy to the region and state. So no, Jewish people do not share the same language, culture and heritage, not even close. They are quite diverse but when clustered in any one place, they develop a sub-culture like in NYC and do in fact borrow a lot of things consciously or unconsciously from the religion.

      • itz

        Speaking of cans of worms – yours seem to have gone bad. Some real baffling statements there.
        “[the] Zionists … took Jews from Europe and forced them into Palestine, largely against their will”? There were several hundred thousand jews in Palestine before WWII – all of them came BECAUSE they were Zionist. After the war there were a lot of refugees in Europe, many of them desperately looking for SOMEWHERE to go, but for most of them there was a choice. Most of my family chose to go to Palestine, but some went to the USA and some even chose to go back to Poland.
        There was indeed a lot of discrimination against Spharadi jews, but no one was FORCED to learn hebrew or give up on their Ethnic heritage. My grandfather never learned to speak Hebrew, and most of my parents generation went on speaking Iddish – you NEEDED to learn Hebrew if you wanted to get anywhere in life, same as any immigrant in a new country.
        “The culture there is completely and totally highjacked from the Palestinians” – I take it that by “culture” you mean Falafel? What have you been smoking, dude?

      • who is baffling now? It is a known fact most of the European Jews after WWII wanted to come to the US. Where would any rational person want to go, the US or a dessert to pick oranges? The European Jews were highly educated and the most progressive minds in Europe, many had leftist leanings. You think an intellectual like that wants to go and take someone’s land? No, the US REJECTED them after making back door deals with Zionist leaders. They arrived emaciated on the US shore and were told , turn around. They directed them straight to Palestine. Oh yeah, the progressives felt real comfortable about stealing land, living in a kabutzim and picking oranges, a dream come true. The following generation, YOU, are completely delusional because you were raised to be in order to accomplish goals that your mind can’t entertain because you are told to see anti-Semitism under every rock. That keeps you blind. The Zioinists sure as hell knew what they were doing and if I were a Jew, I would despise them for collecting my people in one place, in the Middle East, and erasing my specific language and cultural attitudes. For your information, there were around 200,000 Jews in Palestine prior to WW II and guess what, NONE were European, they were Arabs. Jewish Arabs, like you know, that guy Jesus? That is who was on that land. Ashkenazi Jews look real Middle Eastern right? And if Palestine was the place Jews so wanted to go, why did they consider going to the Falk Islands as another destination to set up a racist and fundamentalist nation? The US gave them support to go to Palestine because it serves as a delightful little satellite for the US agenda in the Mid East. And there are Jews in the diaspora and Israel alike that understand what I am saying and feel enraged by what has been done by the Zionists to the Jewish people who now occupy Palestine. They have altered who and what they were. They have crushed the humanity out of them and turned them into fundamentalist nutjobs who are racist and often cruel. THAT my friend, is a crime against humanity. To use an ever present existential fear of another genocide to brainwash a group of people into another entity. To strip away all that was glorious about them. I will end by saying it is an outright insult and a disgrace to collect people of a certain culture/religion/ethnicity and say live there. It is an abomination. That is why American Jews may support the Israeli idea to show “loyalty” but they sure as hell wouldn’t live in that shithole. Sorry for the horrible grammar and sentence structure but it is a site about celebs and not the best forum for this discussion. I am sure you understand despite that. Take care.

      • You really lack reading comprehension – just where do I say that Mizrahim and Ashkenazim consider themselves to be the same ethnicity? You know as much about that as you do about Aliyah Bet – namely, jack fucking shit.

    • so yarmulkes are a religious thing and jew nose is an ethnic thing?

  9. That was so hard to watch. I think this man needs a friend or family member, PR person, someone to come in there and turn the camera off and stop that interview. If he had not had a history of being a vile racist I would almost feel sorry for him. He just needs to sell the team and live out the rest of his years in solitude.

  10. I think he went pretty light on them.

    I mean, he didn’t even get into the topic of ” ******-rich “

  11. maoix

    Can’t wait until he admits that he and Silverstein orchestrated 9/11. “Larry really fucked up with the whole WTC7 thing.”

  12. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    This is a man in serious denial of his own inability to differentiate between racist bigotry and love. The perfect example of just how out of touch he is, with the reality of the situation, is his steadfast belief and remarks to that end that the Clippers’ players love him…Just shoot this fool and get it over with. Guys like him, owned slaves in the 1800′s and thought their slaves loved being kept by a white guy, who lived in luxury, while they were forced to live in a cramped, hovel barely bigger than a closet in their owners home. I’m white and this guy makes me sick….

  13. I love how he said that Cooper is more of a racist than he is, and I’m pretty impressed that Cooper kept his composure at that. If I was told that, I’d probably laugh so hard that I’d have to walk off set.

  14. This turd keeps ruining the NBA Playoffs. Please make him stop.

  15. blinky the one eyed fish

    Magic Johnson has AIDS?
    When did that happen?

    • Brickman

      Yes, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has the AIDS virus. He came out in 1991 and stated he that he tested positive for the HIV virus, and was retiring from playing in the NBA.
      At the time, many Johnson supporters blamed his infection on stripper/porn star Heather Hunter. Ms. Hunter has vehemently denied she is the one who infected him. Heather Hunter has pointed out that many people have been involved with her post Johnson (including Charlie Sheen), and none of them have ever accused her of having AIDS.
      About a year ago whispers began to be heard that in the late 80′s Johnson was a ‘sex buddy’ of R&B singer and lyricist Jermaine Stewart (who died in 1997 do to AIDS), and that it was Stewart who was actually the source of Johnson’s infection.

  16. Really...?

    Dude, at this point you’re seeing black people chasing after you everywhere with golf clubs and you think its to challenge you to a swift nine holes ?

    Balls the size of my town.

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