Don Draper Will Sexually Harrass You and Other News

August 31st, 2010 // 40 Comments
Mad Men on the Cover of Rolling Stone

- Behind the Scenes of ‘Mad Men.’ [Rolling Stone]

- Teresa Guidice will eat your goddamn face off. [Popeater]

- J.K. Rowling > Stephenie Meyer. [Lainey Gossip]

- Salma Hayek may have breasts. I can’t be 100% sure… [Hollywood Tuna]

- Cameron Diaz is 38, so only 200 years to go until she’s A-Rod ideal age. Right, Madonna? [Dlisted]

- Katy Perry never does have hard nips, does she? [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jim Carrey is losing his shit. [IDLYITW]

- Kelly Brook at the French premiere of Piranha 3D. [Egotastic]

- Jessica Alba is back to looking hot again. [Popoholic]

- Sam Ronson’s dog, I’m counting on you. You know what needs to be done. [The Fab Life]

- Mad Men Rolling Stone Cover Filled With Photoshop Disasters [BuzzFeed]

- Kim Kardashian admires Khloe’s vagina. Okay, sure. [The Blemish]

- Julia Roberts in a bikini. [PopSugar]

- Bristol Palin joined Dancing with the Stars to set a “good example for moms.” Didn’t Kate Gosselin say the same exact thing? [Huffington Post]

- Olivia Munn is still leeching off of Susan Sarandon. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Bethenny Frankel quit Real Housewives of New York. [ICYDK]

- Socialite Life’s 7th Anniversary Luxury Gift Bag Giveaway Reminder [Socialite Life]

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Photo: Rolling Stone


  1. Scott


    • Fishstix

      Hamm’s face in this photo is the the true disaster.

      It looks like someone shooped their Chinese grandfather’s face in over his.

      • MrsEllis

        I want to say something disparaging about your looks for that comment, but I just can’t. I really want to educate you instead of alienate you. Understand this. Jon Hamm is the most beautiful man currently living right now. His looks can’t be improved upon. He has no bad angles, no bad facial expressions, nothing. He is a perfect specimen.

      • andrew

        Sheep… Must. Love. Draper. Represents. Money. Power.

        Women are stupid.

      • Deacon Jones

        Speaking of women, how bout those two straight up whores on the left from Jerseylicious. I’d take the bottom girl first, then top one immediately after.

      • Fishstix

        It’s called a bad photo.
        That’s the photographer’s fault.
        Not his.

        No reason to get all crazy fan girl over that.

  2. Scott

    Ok what did I win???

  3. Don

    Don Draper is tha man!!!

  4. Suzie


  5. MrsEllis


    ps: “J.K. Rowling > Stephenie Meyer.” No shit, Sherlock.

  6. pr0n

    Could you imagine dumpin a load on that neck and chest on the right?

  7. salsa

    Christina Hendricks is one smokin’ piece of ass!

  8. daisy

    @ superficial writer NSFW Miranda Kerr 3D boobs. [Celebnewswire] slow on the draw man slow on the draw.

  9. With all due respect to Misses Jones and Hendricks, I should note that Elizabeth Moss is causing serious damage to my brain matter on that picture. I’m such a sucker for understated hotties…

    Also, who the hell force-fed John Hamm a spoonful of earwax just before the pic was taken?

  10. mcfeely smackup

    what’s wrong with the chick on the left? She looks mildly retarded, or like she’s trying to swallow an unexpectedly frothy burp.

  11. timmy the dying boy

    No ‘shopping on Christina. It’s impossible to improve her.

  12. Dickens

    ok wtf did you do to your site that prevents half your links from opening in a new window, with ctrl?
    that is inconvenient as shit.

  13. Freebie

    Elizabeth Moss has such an interesting face. Not Barbie Doll beautiful, but extremely alluring. I didn’t realize she also had such a lovely body. She is more sexy than the other three in the pic put together.

    • Dude

      Word. I’d say that January Jones and her plain blonde look cannot compete with the unique and stunning beauty of Moss and Hendricks. They are 2 in a million. Jones is a dime a dozen.

  14. captain america

    the word is out: BOYs WITH BIG COCKS ARE IN TOP SPOT FOR HIM…………

  15. Mad Men on the Cover of Rolling Stone
    Commented on this photo:


  16. Rhialto

    It looks like a terribly busy day today! Awww!

  17. james

    Im pretty sure I would be attracted to her in real life. Like, get a crush. “Beauties” such as J.Jones do nothing for me, almost.

  18. clamshell

    To stroll down

  19. Banana

    Why didn’t they wear these dresses to the Emmys? I swear January and Christina do not know how to dress themselves. They look amazing in this photo. And they are dressed to emphasize their respective body types.

  20. wow tits looks great in red

  21. Banana

    Why is Rolling Stone copying Vanity Fair now?

  22. Dude

    Elizabeth Moss looks like she is about to strip me, tie me down and devour my flesh till I die, while Christina Hendricks films it, purring sexy and demented things all the while.

  23. josh

    I really hate Christina’s cow face.

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