Don Draper is Sexually Harassing Megan Fox Now

February 17th, 2011 // 36 Comments

“Like a 12 oz. steak covered in scotch. I wonder if she answers phones. – Pants phones.

Here’s Jon Hamm and Megan Fox filming their new movie Friends With Kids which is surprisingly written and directed by Jon’s girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. I say surprisingly not because she’s a woman – mostly – but you’d just assume she’d cast a less attractive love interest than Megan Fox. Someone like, oh I dunno, Jennifer Garner. Or okay, let’s pick someone a little less mannish: Benicio Del Toro.

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  1. Silvio Burlisconni

    He’s got it wrong – he should be touching her crotch. he must be gay.

  2. jojo

    A camel toe in ski pants . Her vagina must be a swirling vortex. A swirling vortex of sweet, delectable, irresistible, tastiness.

  3. John

    Really? Going after Jennifer Garner? Dude, she’s hot.

  4. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
    Mike Walker
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks about 12 here.

  5. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d ask if they’re filming inside Lindsay Lohan’s nose but that would imply she got work.

  6. Cock Dr

    I haven’t decided yet whether Jon Hamm is handsome or goofy looking. Post more pics so I can render a fair judgement.
    As for his co-star, no one does fake plastic bimbo better than Ms. Fox.

  7. oneone

    She is soo skinny…….i hate that.
    You can’t be sexy if you’re too skinny……come on, eat something babe…

    • Shart

      I am skinny and get all the sex I want, whenever I want, so there goes your theory.

      • vitobonespur

        Sorry to burst your bubble, sweetheart, but guys will fuck almost anything.

      • Nopers

        getting sex and being sexy are two different things. Theory still working fine. Most women can get all the sex they want, it doesn’t actually say much about you except that you have a vagina.

  8. testington

    Please like he would waste his time with that skank. He is Don fucking Draper and can have pretty much any woman in the world, why would he want a blow-up doll who is married to Brian Austin Green?

  9. Marten

    she actually looks stunning in pic 12 on here, nothing get’s out the natural beauty like doing some skiing in the cold

  10. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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  11. Shart

    How dare you say that Benicio Del Toro looks fem. I NEVER!

  12. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
    Stu Gavin
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    I hate to admit it but when she’s acting natural like this and not putting on some fake Angelina Jolie cold as ice pose she’s really quite likable.

  13. Luke

    I don’t think you could find anyone less attractive

  14. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d like to see that porno.

    Why is this the second comment?

    • Phatty

      Because you weren’t first, that’s why… What “porno” were you referring to, anyway? I’d gladly get it if you were coming over to watch it with me. :)

  15. Ben*nifer fan

    As of d past year or two meagan fox has been lookin a hawt mess.. hw ne1 could consider her even remotely attractive 2 me is mind boggling….. when she first startd in showbiz she had a young, appealing face now she’s starting 2 look lik joan rivers with all that plasic surgery she’s getting, Fox need 2 realize she looks hella older than her age…..

  16. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    derrrrr which way did he go George, which way did he go!?

  17. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    does no one else see a snaggle tooth?

  18. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    No, Brit. Now go console your vaj.

    Megan Fox looks alright these days. Good for her!

  19. HateYerFace

    Beanpoles don’t look right in boarding gear…

  20. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    wait, they have people who do your bindings up for you?! and all these years i was doing it myself.

  21. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    thats not megan fox. i’d recognize that ass anywhere, thats my grandma.

  22. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    No actual snowboarder chic would be caught dead in pants like those.

  23. 36-COLE SEELY

    This is what I hate, douchebags and untrusted freaks, talking about rapers and crazy people.

  24. Megan Fox Jon Hamm
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    Megan Fox falling the footsteps of Angelina Jolie is like Jon Hamm falling the footsteps of George Clooney or Ben Afflack, DON’T DO IT!

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