Video of NFL Coach Blowin’ Coke of The Day

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster just ended his 34-year career with three strokes of a $20 bill. Apparently he has a thing for a Las Vegas “model” named Kijuana Nige, whom he sent the following video. Nige, who clearly doesn’t give a fuck about this guy, sold the video to tabloids for a quick buck.

This is why you don’t fall for strippers, guys!

In the video we see the 50-something-year-old Foerster hoovering through three fat lines of what appears to be cocaine. He bears his loving soul to the camera about how he can’t wait to do coke out of Kijuana Nige’s vagina, as true romantics do. While I kind of feel bad that this guy is flushing his career down the toilet with this video, I have a hard time sympathizing with such a ridiculous show of affection. You ever heard of sending flowers, dude?

Now that a friend of mine has informed me that the video has made its way onto SportsCenter, it was announced that Foerster has resigned from his job with the Dolphins… who suck anyway.

According to Kijuana Nige’s Facebook profile, she’s only doing this to support black players taking a knee during the national anthem. While I respect her cause, I don’t know if an offensive line coach who has been bouncing around the NFL from mediocre team to the next since the ’80s is the necessary leverage she thought she had.

Now a video of Mike Pence and Roger Goodell dressed in diapers while backup dancers from Miley Cyrus’ Dead Petz tour spoon feed them blow off of high chairs…

mike pence2

“Mother doesn’t approve of Miley’s music so I keep a cassette hidden in my tool shed. I really like that one song about partying in the United States of America.”