Dolph Lundgren’s penis (This is happening.)

May 12th, 2009 // 135 Comments

Ever find yourself watching Rocky IV and thinking “Man, I wonder what Ivan Drago’s penis would look like after 20 years of aging”?

Merry Christmas!

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version that if you get fired for, I will laugh. Hysterically.


  1. mikeock

    Nice bikini wax, Dolph.

  2. Kelsey

    #9 is clearly overcompensating for the furious masturbation session to this photo he just had.

  3. squiggle

    Why does any penis on the internet which is shorter than half a foot automatically have wits saying that it’s small?

    That’s a pretty damn fine knob.

  4. Newcastle

    #9, don’t deny you wanted to see the Ruskie’s cock. Sure, act all super hetero but we all know you dream of having sword fights in your mouth.

  5. jellybean

    there is nothing wrong with that knob! it has been nicely tended and he looks really happy so i hope he has someone decent to share it with. Show more knob Fish! it makes the site a little more interesting.

  6. He’s hung like a My Pretty Pony.

  7. Teef

    #32 ..of course, because everybody who uses the Lord’s name in vain is a retard *rolls eyes*. Put down that bible, that shit ain’t real…Lundgren peen is real, LOOK AT IT

  8. Miama bunny

    LOL @ the homophobic horny guys who fucking flip their shit because a dood is posted here every once in a blue moon, like it’s going to give them Teh Gay. We girls have to put up with fuckin tits and snatches and Heidi Montag’s giant chin – oh I’m sorry, you have to put up with her too.

  9. Nice

    It’s a flacid penis. It looks like it probably grows pretty damned well judging by the girth on that thing. Fully erect and this guy would make most men cry. He’s kept up with himself better than most 20 year olds. His wife is a lucky gal.

    I’d touch it. Uncut is best.

  10. Taking into consideration the fact that Dolph is flaccid, that’s not too bad. It’s certainly not “small” or “tiny” and anyone who thinks so hasn’t handled enough dick to know the difference.

    So good for you, Dolph. Be free and nude, dude.

  11. I m not clicking on that star,,,,What is that armor under the chest area, the Hulkster got that too, hope i dont get that when i get that age, i want mine flat.

  12. iluv2spork

    lol @ 52

    rocky iv will never be the same. lol

  13. Andrea

    Actually it looks pretty nice! Considering that he isn’t hard, he is probably pretty well-hung. I’d touch it :)

  14. j_bryon

    I’m a 35 y/o, str8 guy and am secure enough to look at another guy’s dick without thinking I’m gay. His dick looks pretty good for any age and I hope mine looks that full when I’m 51. (He was born 11/3/1957.)

  15. mikeock

    man I’d eat that.

  16. Jim Lahey

    Not going to look! BUT, what’s news is the fact that Dolph Lundgren is going to be in the new Stallone action flick “The Expendables”!!!!!
    Great cast so far!
    Sylvester Stallone
    Mickey Rourke
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Jet Li
    Danny Trejo
    Eric Roberts
    Jason Statham
    Randy Couture


  17. superstar

    His penis is tiny :P and yes, i’m a perv and looked :)


    HAWT! I’d tap that. more of this, pleez, and less Lisa Rhinna.

  19. Rebecca Pastore

    i think he looks great! I don’t see anything wrong here at all – well done dolph’s dork!

  20. le fag

    Just imagine… that uncut wiener has been in Grace Jones’ pussy.

  21. guinala

    That’s a flaccid dick on a 6’5″ man. Given the scale it’s probably not much smaller than the average ERECT penis in that picture.

  22. cougars rock

    This guy is 52 yrs old — he looks AMAZING!!! Let’s see some of you young twits look that good when you are that old. And his pee-pee is not erect — who KNOWS how big it might or might not get? Looks like any other pee-pee to me … well, except he forgot to circumsize.

  23. cougars rock

    This guy is 52 yrs old — he looks AMAZING!!! Let’s see some of you young twits look that good when you are that old. And his pee-pee is not erect — who KNOWS how big it might or might not get? Looks like any other pee-pee to me … well, except he forgot to circumsize.

  24. Aunt Jemima

    Somewhere Perez Hilton’s head is stuck in a broken, jagged, monitor screen. Good riddance. Thank you Dolf Lungren’s penis.

  25. ktb

    I’ve seen a few in my day, and it ain’t too bad. I bet erect that man would make me gag, bring it on!

  26. JustJess

    All I gotta say is – Thank you thank you thank you!

    Way to laugh in the face of the world’s double standard!!

  27. novo rock

    What’s up with the ‘I’m not clicking on the star’ guys? You never saw a dick? Look under your belly, it probably looks worse!

    I don’t see anything bad / weird. It’s not tiny and you can’t know how it’ll be erect. Generally, europeans don’t get circumcised except for medical issues.

  28. Ivhez

    Wow, what a di….. i like it he is hot

  29. Bigo

    At least he shaves.

  30. whiish

    for those of you saying he’s small..i just laugh cause you all know you’re just jealous
    he has great gym dick. flaccid he’s bigger than most , cant imagine it hard. and he manscapes! loves it!
    thanks for posting the pic, us ladies need some naughty stuff to see occasionally as well

  31. Suzie

    Yes please show more sexy men!! and definately more penis!!!!


  32. cadcat

    @58 You missy are truly funny, good job!

  33. Morelalove

    Got suspended? That’s too bad!
    All my friends on ___Ta ll min gle . c o m___ can’t wait to watch the game!! they actually hold a forum there talking about this! BTW, it’s the place where hot tall singles, milfs, sexy tall guys and chicks meet, mingle and for someting more!! You may wanna check it out!!LOL

  34. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    THANK YOU FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always wanted to see a piece of Lundgren’s meat ever since Showdown in Little Tokyo where Brandon Lee said that Dolph has “the biggest dick he’s ever seen on a man”
    And wow, he looks absolutely wonderful. He looks better at 51 than most 20 year old guys! He was a man of extraordinary beauty in his years and that he still remains. I’m glad that he’s uncircumsized. And to everyone saying he’s small, it’s FLACID, so how retarded do you have to be? Of course it’s going to be bigger (and probably much….much…magnificent and enormous) when he’s hard. His wife is lucky to have him although they both seem like an absolutely wonderful couple. But yes, THANK YOU!
    Finally some eye candy for girls too….

  35. Io

    needs a little nip/tuck, but other than that, for an old man, not bad

  36. Hilarious…now im going to go throw up some meatballs I just ate

  37. Matrim

    Yep . . . that’s a penis

  38. gak

    Dolph club

  39. The guy’s 50 something years old, And is in great shape, Lets see if most of the guys can look that good when there his age..And he just got done swimming, So there’s bound to be some shrinkage there…

  40. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Weird coincidence- I rented MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE last week (oh shut up) and as terrible as that movie was, Dolph Lundgren as He-Man had me licking the screen!

    I clicked on the star 3 times and nothing happened. I wanna be DEPRAVED but so far I’m only DEPRIVED!

  41. mamamiasweetpeaches

    UPDATE: Tryed it again and it worked!
    Yeah. I’ve seen better but I’ve also seen worse.
    He looks damn good for his age.
    He’s welcome to bathe in my bathtub any day!

  42. paperboard

    hes still sexy! please more of these posts!

  43. The One Who Knows

    Why did you use such a big star???

  44. It’s not as bad as the Heeidi Montag video yesterday, but I find it ironis that I had to click “full size” to see it. Verrrryyy ironic.

  45. testington

    I dont think that will break anybody. In Big Trouble in Little China, Brandon Lee was totally lying when he said “you’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen”

    also when did he start looking like Gary Busy?

  46. lola

    the guy is gross, but this pic is very entertaining. thanks!

  47. fernie81

    It’s not really big as it is sagging downward from the weight of those monster-sized balls.

  48. fernie81

    It’s not really big as it is sagging downward from the weight of those monster-sized balls.

  49. Robin Leach

    What a world! Dry your ass at the beach & the whole Internet world now knows your bidness. Poor, filty rich celebtards got it soooo bad, makes me want to BE JUST LIKE THEM dammit!

  50. The 1 & Only Mrs. Burke

    Two things came to mind when I saw this pic:

    1) Uncircumsized

    2) The “Seinfeld” episode when George screams, “I just got out of the pool!”

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