Dog’s son sold N-word tape for ‘a lot of money’

November 2nd, 2007 // 108 Comments

Duane Chapman’s son Tucker taped the infamous phone conversation with his father knowing it would be incendiary and sold it to The National Enquirer for ‘a lot of money,’ according to Dog’s lawyer who spoke to the Associated Press:

“I guess because of whatever level of anger he had of his father, he felt the need to express it in that manner.”

So it was Dog’s son that sold the tape, not his “N-word girlfriend” like Dog feared. Oops. Dude, I bet Dog is feeling really stupid now. That is if he’s capable of feeling stupidity. He kind of walks around like a perpetual braided jackass, so maybe the gravity of all this is escaping him. He’s probably just standing around thinking, “Are these armbands shiny enough? I can never tell. Perhaps I need cooler sunglasses. No, that’s impossible. These wrap around my head. How do you beat that?”


  1. With Attitude

    So typical. I bet you just took one look at the first line and then proceeded to write an angry three lined capitalized response. I’m not blind, DUDE.

    And how did I make your point when you never had one? Let me clear this up for you. By saying ‘reverse racism’ is a joke, I’m not saying that there aren’t black people who don’t like (even hate) white people, no one’s disputing that. But that’s just racism, IDIOT. Leave it to a white people to make themselves their own special type of racism and call it something laughable like ‘reverse racism’. I might be just a ‘scummy minority’, but isn’t the reverse of racism equality or tolerance?

    Furthter more, saying that a word like “n!gger” and “cracker” (expanding on your ‘reverse racism’) are an equivalence IS also a joke. “N!gger” was and is a term used by whites to dehumanize blacks, to imply inferiority, to “put them in their place”. Now, when white churches start getting burned down by militant blacks who spray paint “kill the crackers” on the sidewalks outside, then maybe I’ll take your concerns over the prevalence of ‘reverse rascism’ seriously, Pete S.

    PS. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a black man.

  2. Pete S.

    Look With Attitude,
    this is getting away from the point.
    This is about what’s right and wrong. And i’m not a hater, believe me.
    This story is not about racism. It’s about what is the bigger issue…and
    like the young black woman said earlier in this board…what u say, in your own home, to your own family is your own business…it’s private.
    The fact that the son tricked his dad, then screwed him over by selling that story while ruining his father’s carreer in incomprehensible to me.
    No matter what issues I had w/ my father, I’d never do that to him.
    And I’m very dissapointed but not surprised that nobody is really coming down on the son…..not even as a sidebar to the story…….this world is upside down.

  3. RCA

    So…you tellin’ me that this crank doesn’t look like he was created in a lab for the sole purpose of droppin’ N-Bombs!!?? Look at this F!!!!!!

  4. blizzy

    Pete S. get off the fucking computer and finish washing my porsche bitch.

    -Signed, a Black Dude

  5. Bigger Thomas

    “reverse” racism is a fucking lie! I’m so sick of whiny white folks saying they’re being “discriminated” against because someone has the audacity to get made when THEY use racial slurs.

    White people can’t talk to ANYONE about discrimination until they go through 200 some odd years of slavery and another 100 years of legal, second-class citizen status. If I can’t kill a white guy today and get acquited by all-black jury, YOU HAVE NO BASIS TO SAY YOU ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.

  6. Pete S.

    Hey Bigger Thomas,
    You’re a stupid person. And um, will you please give up the slavery bullshit?
    Aren’t you tired of dragging that story around yet? I mean, were you there?
    You were never a slave idiot….maybe your ancestors were, but um, not u.
    Jews don’t walk around looking for handouts because they’re ancestors were in the Holocaust…so what makes you think you are fucking entitled to anything because a 100 fucking years ago things were different?
    Aren’t you tired of using that shit to get handouts? Here’s what I’d like blacks to do:
    1.) shut the fuck up over slavery.
    2.) date black gurls. leave the pretty white girls to us.
    3.) get jobs you earn, not got by quota.
    4.) quit playing that shit ass rap
    5.) stop moving into my neighborhood because my real estate value is going down with every new black neighbor. If ya gotta sit on a stoop brown baging it, go back to the ghetto.
    6.)tell that retard Sharpton to STFU.
    Any more questions asshole?

  7. I think there are too many jeaolous people out there including his family members. They need to get a life and let him continue with his. He like most learns everything the hard way. He has honestly apologized more than any human I have ever heard. A &E needs to pick him back up before some one else does and make twice the money. Too many playing God and don’t know how. Leave it to him.

  8. Karen

    Hmm. I can understand why blacks and politically correct people get into such an uproar over someone using a word while in the privacy of his own home and family.
    I mean, my ancestors were enslaved not once, not twice, but more times than can be counted on one hand throughout history, forced out of their homeland (a few times), forbidden to practice their religion, forced to convert their religion, were slaughtered in millions during the crusades, slaughtered during the Inquisition and expelled, raped and sold into slavery by the Turkish Empire, and were the victims in multiple genocides and the Holocaust, oh AND, are still blamed for the death of Jesus, a guy who was killed by Romans 2,000 years ago.

    So yeah, I can TOTALLY understand the point of view of those people. They have it rough. Living in America, where there’s affirmative action, douchebags like Reverend Sharpton, and pretty much stifled free speech when it comes to saying ANYTHING bad about them.

    Really. Tough luck. I could care less what the hell people call me, as long as they don’t kill me. Everyone has their own opinions. Whether you call it racism or not, I call it reality. Deal with it.

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