Dog’s son sold N-word tape for ‘a lot of money’


Duane Chapman’s son Tucker taped the infamous phone conversation with his father knowing it would be incendiary and sold it to The National Enquirer for ‘a lot of money,’ according to Dog’s lawyer who spoke to the Associated Press:

“I guess because of whatever level of anger he had of his father, he felt the need to express it in that manner.”

So it was Dog’s son that sold the tape, not his “N-word girlfriend” like Dog feared. Oops. Dude, I bet Dog is feeling really stupid now. That is if he’s capable of feeling stupidity. He kind of walks around like a perpetual braided jackass, so maybe the gravity of all this is escaping him. He’s probably just standing around thinking, “Are these armbands shiny enough? I can never tell. Perhaps I need cooler sunglasses. No, that’s impossible. These wrap around my head. How do you beat that?”