Dog the Bounty Hunter returns! Racism not so bad!

February 19th, 2008 // 82 Comments

A network executive for A&E confirmed to TMZ that “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is going back on the air. Duane “Dog” Chapman’s show was suspended after he was caught on tape using the N-word like Criss Angel uses necklaces. Advertisers started pulling out and the show was canned. But, fear not, the Dog is back and ready to bite! (I now officially hate myself):

We’re told network execs were “very pleased” with Dog’s attempt to make amends and his reaching out to members of the African American community.
A&E isn’t just making this decision out of the goodness of their hearts either. The show was insanely popular for the network, here and internationally — airing in over 20 countries.

It looks like Dog has his mobile battle-fortress of doom primed and ready. I’d hate to be on the lam and get pummeled by that thing. Shit, that’s his wife? Really? Nah, no way. Ha, you’re hilarious. His wife. Good one.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. Anonymous

    His wife makes me nauseous.

  2. deaconjones

    First you slobering psycho cunts.

  3. Carl Jr


    Plus, what is that thing he is walking with?

  4. Brian J

    Now I feel thin…..

  5. deaconjones

    Is that Frist and jimbo?

  6. deaconjones

    Is that Frist and jimbo?

  7. Blahdeblah

    Hooray, the return of another idiot redneck to television! I’ll break out the moonshine and wifebeaters.

    God, what do people see in his show?

  8. Mrs. Dog (aka, Sam Kinison)

    I know you’re all looking at my sunglasses and thinking, “Hey, Mrs. Dog, you wouldn’t happen to be HIGH BY ANY CHANCE, WOULD YA?!!”

  9. sicasso

    Those two are uglier than Jessica Simpson’s jacket. And four times as trashy.

  10. The Office Whore

    I think it’s Jimbo and FRIST, actually (left to right).

  11. Auntie Kryst

    Brah, I hear the sounds of many black criminals in Hawaii jumping bail.

  12. Duane Chapman

    I just want to say that Beth and I are glad to be back on the air, where we belong, and we are very sorry for our previous racially insensitive comments.

    And Beth just wants to remind all the n*ggers, whitey wins again! Ha !

  13. The Office Whore

    @10. hi dickhead.

  14. Cynthia

    That’s a very slimming belt that she’s wearing.

  15. I think Jessica’s Video could have helped Dog’s wife

  16. gits

    Because of all the heat they’ve been taking, Mrs. Dog has personally gone to Def Con 1.

  17. The Office veggi

    bwahahahaha @14. That’s funny shit.

  18. @5 & 6 You so funny you stupid fuck..

  19. toolboy

    geez, look what her tits have done to his hairline (and that poonanny did to his face!). Any man get get it up and bang a hot chick but you gotta be hardcore 15 year prison sentence hard up to tap something like his old lady. The strange scent of bulk sized perfume from CVS and Whoopi Goldberg’s bike seat would be enough to stop most amorous attempts at that Everest, but not Dawg!!

  20. Fit in the OC

    You know she is packing it all in a good support girdle. I wonder how much fast food and junk food she consumes to stay that fat?

  21. I wonder what Emperor Jesse Jackson gots ta say ’bout dis herya?

  22. deaconjones

    Is that Mikes wet dream?

  23. Ted from LA

    The next person to make fun of Danny Bonaduce’s mom and dad is going to get Johnny Fairplayed. Word.

  24. p911gt10c

    Y’know South Park’s version of Beth was pretty acurate. Can’t see past those tetons.

    oh, #2 and 3, you’re both losers.

  25. The Shine

    She smells like yeast and athletes’ foot. He just smells like foot.

  26. Jumpin_J

    “The show was insanely popular for the network, here and internationally — airing in over 20 countries.”

    So it’s an Imus situation. Translation: you can make money for us then everything’s forgiven. Pathetic.

  27. Racer X

    It doesn’t surprise me with George Bush’s Uhmerica way of thinking.

    /it’s all about the almighty $$$

  28. deaconjones

    hey p911gt10c. Fuck off. I was busy fucking your mom and all I could think of was slobering psycho cunts.

  29. Jumpin_J

    “The show was insanely popular for the network, here and internationally — airing in over 20 countries.”

    So it’s an Imus situation. Translation: you can make money for us then everything’s forgiven. Pathetic.

  30. mememe

    as a minority [on several levels], I’m not one that supports groups who mercilessly attack celebrities when they make an “insensitive” remark…a la Isaiah Washington or the “lynch” golf lady…but from the recording, this guy is a real redneck racist. not insensitive or using poor choice of words or ignorant, but truly racist. i dunno how you overlook something like that…much worse than the Imus incident

  31. Blondes are more fun

    I told you simpletons that we blonde norics were superior. Look at these two handsome specimens. Hitler would be proud! Vikings reign supreme.

  32. L dubba

    2 @ 3

    Being first in a comments section is like winning at the special Olympics. Yeah, you’re first but you’re still retarded.

    Moving on.

    What part of Arts and Entertainment does white trash fit under?

  33. Grunion

    Nice to see his wife used the time off to get in shape.

  34. #32 – Great comment on the losers!

    Maybe “Dog” got his nickname because he likes to hump fat dogs like this thing standing next to him?

  35. deaconjones

    @ Every number!


  36. Yuck

    His wife gives new meaning to “cleavage”………..and which prolly smells like Dogs sweaty ass crack

  37. Emma

    dear, sweet Jesus….. Please excuse me while I go and vomit my guts out.

  38. Binky

    These people who wear sunglasses inside are beginning to bug me.

  39. nits

    #38–If you’ve seen Dog without his sunglasses you would get it…..he’s hiding a whole lot of ugly. . .

  40. i wish

    35. It’s not me.

  41. Bobeyo

    These two are an insult to white people. They make me feel ashamed.

  42. caljenna66

    Sorry, Jimbo, actually 5 and 6 WERE pretty funny

  43. BunnyButt

    I didn’t know Roseanne got remarried!

  44. George Best

    The last thing I usually do when I see a pair of breasts is laugh, but good god.

  45. Doomhammer

    The name of Dogs company is DaKine Bail Bonds. DaKine…as in Da Kind Bud. Get it? They like the reefer.

  46. deaconjones



  47. havoc

    That’s a huge bitch!


  48. i wish

    deacon, it isn’t me. Sure, we had our differences, but I am not the person pretending to be you. Get over it.

  49. deaconjones

    Fuck you all!!

  50. Anexio

    Hey, #27 Racer X, you dumb sack of cleavage deodorant, President Bush didn’t invent greed. And if you’re not an American you ain’t shit. So get off this board before we invade your country and hang you.

    Also, Dog’s only mistake wasn’t saying the word “N-WORD”, it was not shooting his son and his n-word girlfriend after they betrayed him with that piece of shit recording.

    (On edit, originally I had the real N-word listed above but my comment submission failed. So it’s okay to use the F word here and display all forms of hate and vitriol but I can’t use the N-word? What the hell?)

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