‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ put to sleep (I totally went there.)

November 6th, 2007 // 121 Comments

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been pulled off the air indefinitely by A&E. Advertisers began boycotting the show after Duane “Dog” Chapman was caught on tape making racially charged threats to his son over the phone. The National Enquirer has the details:

But the makers of Sinus Buster capsaicin pepper nasal sprays have pulled their ads and say they won’t advertise on A&E until the network cancels Dog’s show permanently. In addition, Yum! Brands, Inc. has said it will no longer advertise on the Bounty Hunter. Yum!’s brands include Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC. Another of the show’s advertisers, Dr. Frank’s pain relief, has joined the growing boycott, pulling ads for several of its products.

One of the advertisers even issued a statement that voiced his frustration with Dog:

“They should pull the show completely and never air reruns or anything with Chapman ever again,” Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries, LLC, makers of Sinus Buster capsaicin nasal sprays says in a press release.

Okay, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, whatever that’s nothing. Minor leagues. But Sinus Buster? Damn. Dog is screwed. I mean Sinus Buster is the capsaicin pepper nasal spray. When you lose that kind of advertising dough your career is over. Talk about the kiss of death.

Note: This post is sponsored by Sinus Buster. The capsaicin pepper nasal spray. If your nasal spray isn’t practically mace, you’re a giant pussy.

Note: Your dad just wrote me a letter. He says he never loved you. Reason? You didn’t use Sinus Buster. The capsaicin pepper nasal spray. Also, you throw like a girl.

Note: Got a phone call from your ex-girlfriend. Says things didn’t work because you were too much of a wuss to use Sinus Buster. The capsaicin pepper nasal spray. Also, you have a vagina and she’s not a lesbian. It was never meant to be.


  1. Lindsey

    GuyS! WAKE UP YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPPEN… he’s smart.. HE DID IT AS A PUBLICITY STUNT.. Imus did it to… they get taken off the air and then when they are out back on they are more popular….

    everyone knows it

  2. Delann

    “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” We all say things we regret when we are angry and/or hurt — it is part of being human. We also say the MOST hurtful/regretful things to the people who are closest to us (ask any counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist). So, wonder why he said it to family in a “heated” moment? Duh!

    That said, I believe Dog’s heart is exactly what and where he says it is. I don’t believe he said the “n” word with any malice or in the context it is being repeatedly reported. Of course, what is news without negativity — it’s not considered news then.

    I believe Dog is truly devastated by what he said and that he will do his best to never say it again. All of us (America — whatever nationality one is) need to forgiveDog, as each of us would ask that others forgive us when we may speak out of turn, or do or say things we really don’t mean and later REGRET.

    None of us are Jesus or are perfect. Just because someone is on TV/radio and regularly in front of the public doesn’t give them super-human strength to be and/or live perfect EVERY day. We ALL make mistakes and sin. Dog and/or Beth feel free to e-mail me, Delann1953@yahoo.com. Applicable Scriptures: Mark 11:26; Matthew 6:14; Matthew 18:21-35; Luke 17:3-4; Ephesians 4:32. Dog, I forgive you. I, and millions of others, love you and want you back on A & E. A&E and ALL of its advertising accounts — WAKE UP! “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

  3. George Best

    Im as racist as the next guy, but you cant be in the public eye and use the word Nigger. With the crap that goes on, especially after Imus, he should know better. There is no doubt a bunch of hypocrisy when it comes to blacks and racism in this country, but white people can be racist or have racist intentions without using that word. As soon as you use it, youre done. Hes a piece of garbage no matter how he sells himself, and his excuses are laughable, and he deserves what he gets.

    We white people need to learn from blacks as to how to be racists. We are stupid and blatant in how we show it while blacks are masters at being racists and blaming whitey for why they are that way. Society eats it up and they continue to get away with it but they arent progressing as a culture. Ill take being white and getting rid of garbage like dog anyday when he says stupid stuff over being black and racist and staying at the bottom of the social ladder.

  4. Lindsey

    WELL PUT 103

  5. toonkinstein

    Yeah..Tucker the Big FU*ker got paid BIG BUCKS and OF course his hooker mother *Dog’s EX-wife* will contrive a story that Dog is a “racist” cos she is getting some of the cash to buy some crack for herself….

    TUCKER IS JEALOUS of Dog’s fame and he will do anything to discrediit not only his dad but his entire family….


  6. toonkinstein

    Sinus Buster capsaicin nasal spray not only comes in a handy spray, but for long term relieve….it comes with a cannon……BLAST THAT SNOT RIGHT OUTTA YOUR HEAD…..with the added bonus of blowing out your brain….brain is gone…so is the pain…..*ahhhhhhhhhhhhh*

  7. Stan Wellmun

    Great to see companies stand up for something and not just follow the money train. Congrats Sicap, Taco Bell, KFC, Etc.

  8. D. Richards

    You know, people should be able to use whatever kind of language they want in private. Now we’re being forced to be courteous even in the confines of our own homes. I understand that the tape was made public, all that shit, but, Dog-Duane-butthole didn’t know he was being taped. That’s illegal, right?

    That being said, look a Bounty’s stupid goddamn tough-guy, no-finger bicycle gloves (?). Those sun glasses. Dog is white-trash messiah. He’s like Jesus Christ. Oh, shit! Jesus has descended from heaven! Boy, Jesus sure is a fag. And his wife is a total skank. Could you imagine smelling a bathroom after Dog’s wife shit? Ugh..

  9. Dont cha know


  10. Dont cha know


  11. Dont cha know

    HE GOT HIS FRICKIN PHONE TAPPED THEN SOMEONE LEAKED IT TO THE MEDIA. I don’t agree with the N word but common…you should be able to do/say what the hell ever you want in the privacy of your own home. Nuff said.

  12. Mobil (Cause I fill ya Up)

    ENOUGH!!!! Bunch of rednecks get on here and blah, blah,blah cause their jealous of the brothers having big c*%ks and taking half their girls (just the ones with teeth). Better at sports,better at dancing, better at fillin holes, and better looking bald. I’d be hateing too if all I was good at is fixing a tractor.

  13. Regardless of the inappropriate comments, what a gross display of betrayal by his son. I would never betray my own blood , esp. not for something like this. Maybe he is somewhat to blame for raising him to think stabbing him in the back was okay…….but I don’t agree that he deserves to have his life completely destroyed due to one lapse in judgement…. Jeez, people make mistakes. These people that are all up in arms and saying how his show should be cancelled, when they do something shitty themselves and the tybles are turned, it’s suddenly time time to be forgiving…. hypocrites…..why does everyone have to be so damn judgemental??

  14. Hawk

    #107 These companies are just playing along with the public because of the money. If they didn’t pull their ads, they themselves would be considered racist. People would boycott their products. Obviously they can’t have that.

    They don’t give a rat’s ass what the dog says.
    A&E does only because they’re losing all that ad money.

  15. Truth Teller

    Actually, hardly anybody would boycott anything.

    A couple hundred hardcore, “black panther” type blacks, and maybe 10 self loathing whites might boycott for a week, but that is it.

    I say for a week, because then a new big celebrity story would be out, and nobody would care anymore.

    This is all BS. They should leave the dog alone.

  16. Narcissist

    Maybe I’ll check out that female bounty hunter show.

    It’s time for a more politically correct bounty hunter. Preferably one with super sexy boobies and a miniskirt.

    Or Boba Fett. That would be good, too.

  17. D. Richards (Saint.)

    I love how the brotha’s get on these posts an enter the same small minded nonsensical bullshit they always do. “White people mad they women gettin’ fucked by big blacks with huge cock”. “White boys mad they dick small.” “White people ‘dis”, and, “White people ‘dat”. It’s so typical. Black people never come up with anything original. Just look at their comedy. The same nonsense year after year. I love Richard Pryor. Pryor was an original. But, it’s just too bad that black comedians have been ripping his material for the past thirty years.

    Now. There’s a couple of things I’d like for you to explain to me, #112. How is it that you know so much about caucasian prick? Don’t tell us that white women told you anything, we’d know you were lying. Also, explain to me how black males get all of the A-class white women; because the only white girls I ever see dating black guys, are, ironically, the ones that, well, have no teeth. You know why it is, son? Black males are dating the bait-white women because dating a white person is a status symbol, even if they are classified pariah. You’ll do anything for status. It’s what your tiny community’s built upon. Ha! You know I’m right, boy. Face.

  18. Kill Yourself

    I think this is absolutely the FUNNIEST article you’ve ever written, Superfish. I applaud you!

  19. Don

    This is for the person that made the comments in box #117. It appears that you have never and will ever make it out of your small town. Which tells me that if the “black males” are dating white women with no teeth in your area, that dental hygene isn’t a common practice for that area. Which I’m betting the farm is somewhere in Southern Midwestern America. As for the black comedians I would suggest that you check out the Dave Chappell Show or get any of his standup DVD’s especially “Killin them Softly”. None of this has to do with the real point here which is someone who Totally used a word that is nothing but trouble. He’s an adult who knows right from wrong and I’m glad that those Sinus Buster people(who I hear are NOBODY to be Fucked with) pulled their advertisements. I have some friends that use Sinus Buster and I have friends that work for the company and they would never behave in such a manner. Maybe for additional Punishment, the Bounty Hunter should go on Air, and Blast 10 squirts up each nostril, to show his toughness/sincerity. For KFC, he should buy 50 buckets of chicken and hand them out to needy families. For GM, he should just have the first season of his show on DVD be run over by the new Chevy 3/4 ton Silverado.

  20. If you want to know what the sunglasses are that Dog is wearing here, I stumbled on a great website that does just that. It’s Celebrity-Sunglasses-Finder.com and you can go there and use their search engine to find out what sunglasses all the celebs are wearing.

  21. Karisha

    Everyone has blown this whole thing so way out of proportion its not even funny. All of a sudden everyone in the US needs to walk on egg shells. Come on! What is the big deal? He didnt say N-word on air and that woman did it on purpous. That doesnt make him a racist, just an angry man. Like no one has ever called someone racist or stereotypical before when they were angry. Whats with this holyer than thou attitude? No one is perfect, and people shouldnt be so damn sensitive and pay attention to such things and just worry about their own damn life! His show shouldn’t have been cancelled because of a PRIVATE conversation with his son. His show was not a children’s program nor was it a religious one to teach values. Give him a fucking break.

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