Dog the Bounty Hunter on Larry King Live

November 8th, 2007 // 129 Comments

Duane “Dog” Chapman appeared on Larry King Live for another round of public apologizing. I decided to post some pics of Dog and his wife Beth leaving the studio because you can’t help but stare at them. It’s like a fat woman smuggling watermelons in her ridiculously low top. But with the hilarity of extreme sunglasses. Also, scope out Larry King. Seriously, who’s dressing this guy? His outfit sort of says “Hey, I’m on my way to one of those independent rock n’ roll performances the young people talk about. Right after I drink my Metamucil.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Feckless

    As for Larry, usually one has to go to a Nursing Home to find that quality of man meat. My fucking eyes!

    Finally, a real medical use for Sinus Buster. The capsaicin pepper nasal spray. Also good for runaway yeast infections under the breastes (His)

    and #16, stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  2. Doomhammer

    All this hoopla over calling a spade a spade. I dont get it.

  3. No matter how much you try you just will never be able to cover up one simple fact….that is a weightlifting belt that has been bedazzled.

  4. No matter how much you try you just will never be able to cover up one simple fact….that is a weightlifting belt that has been bedazzled.

  5. i think L.King looks snazzy and comfortable. he dresses better than most guys i see on the street, and it doesn’t have to be flashy and expensive. it’s all good!

  6. Riotboy

    Is Larry King going to a RAVE?

    /glow sticks for EVERYONE!!!
    //just imagine Gary Olman saying “EVERYONE”!

  7. Clem

    I hate sunglasses.

  8. kerri

    larry king looks like smithers on the simpsons

  9. Ted from LA

    Hey Larry,
    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won’t you be mine? Could you be mine?

    Ironically lDogs wife looks like a dog.

    Brittany passes almost half her drug tests. If she were in major league baseball, she’d be in the Hall of Fame.

  10. PunkA

    Is it just me, or has Larry King turned into Montgomery Burns?????

  11. BaconMessiah

    Dogs wife= Brit Brit in 10 years. bet on it.

  12. George Best

    Maybe she could do a video with Paul Wall and she could be called Big Pokies.

  13. DA

    @51 Freckless,

    I’d love to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  14. jen

    Yeah, I bet her big fat ass walking down the hall looked like two dogs fighting under a blanket. Disgusting fat ugly bitch with her busted ugly racist husband. Why dont these morons go away???

  15. Ward

    I recognize Dog in this photo, but why is he walking next to Sam Kinison?

  16. George Best

    Dog is concerned that his kid is dating a black girl? I think I would be concerned more about how many black men my wife has screwed. Black men love white trashy women like that, especially those with big hooters. I am sure she has taken more black pole then Dogs kids girlfriend.

  17. Ward is the Man

    #65 – fuck! I knew there was something vaguely familiar! Best comment, hands down.

  18. Albert

    I can’t believe I’m the first to suggest this, but doesn’t Larry King look like Waylon Smithers’ boss?

  19. blah, blah, blah

    These people are walking cartoons, seriously! Just look at her here, look at her…how does she have a normal life with those things in front of her, suffoocating her, weighing her down? She can’t see her own feet? And why all the focus on the boobs when she obviously lost sight of keeping in shape with the rest of her body? Oops, I hit the nail on the head right there. He is just an ignorant idiot, plain and simple. She’s just along for the bouyant lifestyle.

  20. RCA

    What’s the bounty on that sasquatches waistline? If he can find that he can find anything brudda!

  21. RCA

    Look at Larry King … doesn’t he have “Elderly John Mayer” written ALL OVER HIM?? LOOK!

  22. What do naggers and sperm have in common?

    Only one out of a million works………..

  23. RCA

    Well we know which one your dad was now huh #72?

  24. Soy

    Beth resembles a Tranny HULK Hogan
    . . .
    the son is Still TheASSHOLE

  25. D. Richards

    Dog’s wife must have a deep mouth. Why else is she even allowed to live? I could envision myself using wife for the gag. I could shove myself down her throat. I could not, however, touch my penis while having her mucus smeared all over my testicles. I am not that cavalier. I’d like to beat Dog’s wife to-death with her own breasts! I’d jam jam her eyes out with her rigamortis-like nipples. Give that woman a double mastectomy! stat.

  26. my comment

    And she still manages to balance all that curd up on those towering spiked heels.

    You go babe!

  27. Ript1&0

    Damn…. I don’t know man… I’m thinking Larry’s looking.. totally fucking hot. Is it just me?

    Yeah, probably so.

  28. Ted from LA

    I see Dog’s wife has on a championship belt. I’m guessing Heavyweight boxing or USF champ???

  29. Narcissist

    It’s Flabio. Looks like if he can keep his arms pumped she could learn to lose 200 lbs.

    Yeah, heels. On an early episode of their show, she says something about having to put on her face (ick), then she put on these ridiculous, ugly high heeled shoes a super-goddess would have trouble working, and waddled around in them like a food addict walrus on stilts.

  30. Narcissist

    @6- it’s neither, I don’t know what’s so great about Kate Hudson, but it’s Kate Hudson over Beth.

    I’d be a little more upset about my family dating other species (Beth) than other races.

  31. 10 seconds later, Larry hopped on his limited edition Ghostface Killah skateboard.

  32. sillypanda!

    wow. thats a…good looking couple there.

  33. whatever

    I demand equal rights! If rappers can say nigga, then so can white trash bounty hunters!

    Freedom to the people!

  34. AL7AIR

    Is it just me or is Professor Farnsworth missing his white lab coat in the last picture? :)

  35. makemepuke

    Well there you go… Mr Dog…. all self righteous holy man and shit…goes to show those fuckin Christian fundamentalist pricks…. they are all liars and bullshit artists, underneath the “holier than thou cloak” is a fuckin con artist, self-deluded ,racist fuckin idiot.

  36. Lady Sin

    You could hide a house in those big ass titties!

  37. Dorito man

    Doggy looks like a fag.

  38. L.Linus

    Those are titties from hell. She could slap you to the floor with one of those tits. I can tell Dog have been going down there just look at his face!!

  39. Dawnna

    I’m sorry but this is ridiculous! People need to quit letting stupid words get to them. Do I think he’s white trash? Probably! But do I give a shit if he says the dreaded and taboo “N WORD”???? No!

    It’s okay for Chinese, Caucasian and Mexicans to get made fun of but say one thing about a black person (not African American, they could be from ENGLAND) and the whole fucking country gets their panties in a bunch.

    I didn’t sense any meanness from him but a lack of thought. Being a celebrity he SHOULD use caution with his vocabulary especially if a rag mag is on his ass.

    I’m sick of this shit. I really am. Sticks and stones my brothas, sticks and stones. GROW UP!

  40. Tamashika

    I am an African American and I don’t see what the big deal is. I have the stereotype name and come from the stereotype background. I’ve done a lot for myself and have made my life worthwhile and productive. All of my friends make fun of white people constantly. They call them every name in the book along with making fun of some of their physical traits. As soon as something like this hits the airwaves they are calling Jesse Jackson and every other black person of power crying about injustice.

    Its bullshit.

  41. jacknasty


  42. kingnoony

    if dog’s wife had her own website, would it be called “chicks with dicks” or “barnyard lust”? just wondering…..

  43. bomb-pop

    HOLY SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HOW CAN SHE SLEEP ??????????????

  44. aussie

    Once again; am I the only one who find that ‘something ain’t right here!”??

    I may be stating the obvious, but they look pretty strange, at least compared to the people around here in Maryland….

  45. real or fake?

    I just wanna know – they can’t be real. Or can they?

  46. real or fake?

    I just wanna know – they can’t be real. Or can they?

  47. latty

    Wow, I’m so surprised – South Park’s portrayal of Beth is uncanny!

    Easy to draw – slap some hair and high heels on a pair of tits.

  48. K

    What impresses me is the way Dog’s wife can exist in those stilettos. Now that’s class.

    And Larry King? Hilariously cute.

  49. FRT

    Sure Papa Larry dresses funny…but does he care? The guy makes about 40M a year…has a 30 year old blonde bombshell for a wife waiting at home…hell for that I’d dress like that too!

    Don’t be fooled my the frail looking old man…I heard Larry is hung like a fricking race horse…!!!

    How else can you account for 8 wives all half his age…???

  50. TED

    the son is still
    the asshole!!!!
    I’m sick of this shit.
    Sticks and stones my brothas’

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