Dog the Bounty Hunter on Larry King Live

November 8th, 2007 // 129 Comments

Duane “Dog” Chapman appeared on Larry King Live for another round of public apologizing. I decided to post some pics of Dog and his wife Beth leaving the studio because you can’t help but stare at them. It’s like a fat woman smuggling watermelons in her ridiculously low top. But with the hilarity of extreme sunglasses. Also, scope out Larry King. Seriously, who’s dressing this guy? His outfit sort of says “Hey, I’m on my way to one of those independent rock n’ roll performances the young people talk about. Right after I drink my Metamucil.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. leatherdaddy

    whoo hoo! first!!!!!

  2. She’s kinda creepy looking.. in a next door neighbor kinda way.

  3. Uncle Eccoli

    Holy SHIT! Larry King’s got LEGS?!? I always thought he was a muppet.

  4. ha8ter

    I didn’t know Britney got a boob job!!!

  5. IJustHadTo

    I swear, that’s what Britney is going to look like in a few years.

  6. ? for breast men

    do breast men think that this looks good?
    would you do this or kate hudson?

  7. veggi

    I haden’t seen his wife before. I wish I could rewind my brain..

    but what do you expect for mr. mullet man chest showin bling bling wearin guy?..

  8. Dawn

    @6 Kate Hudson

  9. Speaking of Dog(s), just imagine how much skin you could get off his wife.

  10. Kate Hudson

    Very funny. So she’s the heavyweight champ of which pro wrestling organization? I couldn’t quite make out the lettering on her championship belt.

  11. steve

    Larry looks like Pee Wee Herman’s morose grandfather.

  12. M.C.

    OK! Let’s get this party started!

    “Damn niggas!”

  13. IWONKY

    Holy Double Dog Shit, Batman!

  14. Larry King’s hunchback is the perfect height to hold up Mrs. Dog’s runaways mams while she walks.

  15. 21st century digital boy

    King looks like a hipster. And Jesus God… are those two capable of not looking like compete freaks at any given moment of their lives?

    I guess they consider Hot Topic to be the classy fashion alternative the way they probaby imagine Applebees is a restaurant for sophisticated palletes.

  16. DA

    Damn, that would be one fine titty-fuck.

  17. IWONKY

    Finally, something Britney can aspire to…,

  18. Pat

    Looks like somebody already spackled Larry’s face for his TV show.

  19. Big

    Torpedo alert
    man your battle stations

  20. Gary

    I would not like to be her back.

  21. @16 – you mean him or her?

  22. mommy's boy

    My mother has tits this big and i got to nurse on them until i was 12.

  23. IWONKY

    I’d rather do her or just chop it off.

  24. Janey

    Larry’s only a few years away from being the old fart on Family Guy who has a crush on Chris.

  25. DA


    Dog likes big black nig ger dicks up his asshole.

  26. Chef

    The title should have been more correctly written, “The Dog and the Bounty Hunter on Larry King Live.”

  27. Tits McCholo

    Woooo…. you know, Larry’s married like a million younger ladies. I think this latest one is in her 30s or 40s, so I’m sure she’s the one dressing him, so if she squints a little, he looks kinda young from afar, and she can shut her eyes and imagine he’s the gardner or pool boy or something.

    As far as Dog and Bitch go, I think that they are in a SERIOUS need for “What Not To Wear” and i would give anything to tie him up and shave that damn mullet.


  28. Fag


    “I know what boys like………I know what boys want…….”

    He is the funniest character on Family Guy.

  29. Tits McCholo

    “Get your fat space ass back here.”

  30. Cindee

    I don’t know how Larry kept a straight face during the call-in segment when he had to say “Boulder, hello!”

  31. IWONKY

    I guess the mullet would give you something to hold his ass down while you’re pounding it…,

  32. stuff my muff

    larry king looks like mr. burns from the simpsons.

  33. stuff my muff

    larry king looks like mr. burns from the simpsons.

  34. castanza

    Larry looks like a PIMP!

  35. rick

    Is it just me or does Larry look like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons????

  36. I would love to have full ejaculation on those big ass tits

  37. Lucy

    Larry looks just like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons! I can’t believe nobody noticed that.

  38. Patrice

    I wonder how many long-lost twinkies are mashed under her giant tits?

  39. mamadough

    i bet their sex is frustrating and ineffective and smells like musty leather….kinda like that scene with T-Rex from ‘Orgasmo”….

  40. veggi

    38- haha! Maybe Brit could help. She’s like a drug sniffing dog when it comes to Twinkies!..

  41. Andrew C

    I was gonna make a Britney joke, but it looks like I’ve been beaten to it….

    so instead… why in the hell is Larry King dressing like my 10 year old nephew? Nice converse all-stars, d00de!

  42. dog's wife

    dog’s wife is one sick looking bitch. She looks like your geriatric aunt mabel that comes over at thanksgiving, smells like a diseased vagina, has a mustache, and tries to kiss you, and makes babies cry.

  43. veggi

    Oh, and Mr. Fish, riddle me this. Why is wedgie proof undies made by 8 year olds and Winona Ryder looking like a skeleton kissing a guy that looks like Ron Burgandy on the “so freaking hot” section?..

  44. Auntie Kryst

    @34 Agreed. I’m digging his shoes. I be they have orthotics in them, but still look cool. Right now his 8th(?) wife is being born. Rock on Larry.

    On another note, I think we’ve covered off the whole Dog Chapman fiasco right?

  45. Veggi, I don’t even have a so freaking hot section anymore. Man I gotta stop downloading porn on this computer, it’s screwing it up!!!..

    Is is two martini lunch time yet?..

  46. veggi

    FRIST!! There’s nothing hawt there anyway……. and remember, do NOT turn away from the porn!!!!!..

    I’ll bring the popcorn..

    and YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I’d go for a pitcher..

  47. toonkinstein

    I FORGIVE YOU DOG!!! COMEBACK ON T.V. I am having Dog the Bounty Hunter withdrawls….funny thiught…in Dog’s time spot on A&E they first program they run instead of Dog was a SWAT program and the SWAT team were busting up a house with a bunch of African Americans…..they irony of it all…..

    so niggah please!!!!! Oh yeah….go ahead with your self righteous tiraid about how inappropriate that is…..signed….a casino indiian…. I ain’t no ‘slurppy indian”!!!!…….

  48. Feckless

    1) my fucking eyes! Fish
    2) they look almost identical: she uses more bleach, shaves, and her breasts
    are slightly larger
    3) I wonder how often she gets to be on top?
    4) my fucking eyes!

  49. Phallic

    Larry King looks fuckin’ chill.

    Actually, when he got into his Hummer sittin’ on 25″, sources say. he was heard playing the new Jay – Z record, American Gangster, singing along in the background: “that’s my biiiiiiiicth”

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