Dog the Bounty Hunter is in the dog house (Holy crap, I’m witty.)

November 1st, 2007 // 150 Comments

Duane Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, has been caught on tape using the N-word in a conversation with his son whose girlfriend is black. The tape was leaked to The National Enquirer and has caused considerable backlash. A&E which airs Dog’s show has suspended production pending an investigation despite the fact it’s their highest rated show. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation, as reported by E! Online:

“I’m not taking a chance…not because she’s black but because we use the word n—er sometimes here. I’m not going to take any chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for 30 years because some drunken n—er heard us say n—er and turned us into the Enquirer magazine…I’m not taking that chance at all never in life. Never…”

Dog apologized for his comments yesterday and asked to meet with the Reverend Al Sharpton who replied with a letter this morning. The reverend said he would meet with Dog, but would not “sanitize that kind of hate language.” In his letter he also offered Dog an opportunity to prove he’s sorry, according to TMZ:

If you are sincere that this does not reflect you, you should not only meet with us, but you should march with us on November 16th and call on the government of the United States to protect people, that unlike you don’t have publicist, don’t have lawyers, and don’t have any protection. They used to have the protection of the United States government.

I never thought a guy who dresses like a blonde Native American mixed with a lesbian biker could be a closet racist. But they got him on tape. It’s a shame really. Dog could’ve taught us so much. Maybe not about life and certainly not tolerance. But about how to give Criss Angel a run for his money in looking like a douchebag. C’mon, can’t you just tell me if there’s a shop somewhere? Or do you just watch old Whitesnake videos and then, I dunno, try to look more gay?

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  1. M

    When did Al Sharpton become the forgiveness fairy? I find that more offensive, especially given what a racist Sharpton has been proven to be.

  2. Chris

    Hey #93, you’re racist enough that you might as well say the “n” word and just get it out there…..stop trying to deceive yourself and your kids? Just so you know, citing inaccurate statistics and saying things like “git dem honkeys” marks you as a racist just as easily as saying the “n” word. I’m kinda sad for your kids, ’cause you’re teaching them to be racists, while at the same time telling them they’re NOT racists as long as they don’t say the “n” word.

    Does anyone else think it’s frickin’ hilarious (and incredibly ironic) that Dog is in trouble because he was worried someone would tape him saying the “n” word and send it into the National Enquirer, and someone got THAT on tape and sent it into the National Enquirer? This post was was of the funniest things I’ve read on here in a long time (and there are a LOT of funny posts on here, no doubt about it! (love this site)).

  3. WTF?

    OMG! Look @ picture #2…Their hair is done the same way! 1/2 mohawk, 1/2 mullet…It just keeps getting better and better.

  4. Chris

    Hey #98, welcome to the racist club!

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts you’ve never been called a honky or whitey your entire life. Please tell us more about all these millions of white people who are descended from “white slaves”. Did you read that online? Maybe

  5. kitty_kat

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Really, come on now!

  6. Nikki

    HAHA, that’s funny. “Gee I hope she doesn’t hear me say nigger and my show gets canceled!” WOOPS!

  7. Quinn

    The most telling thing about his comments isn’t that he used “the n-word”, but that he’s telling his son he will be FIRED for dating “one”. This isn’t a slip of the tongue, or an instance of a white person getting caught using a word that many people who AREN’T necessarily racist use. This is racism, plain and simple.

    Basically he’s saying “You can’t date that woman and still work here because…I am a racist.”

    This kind of social stance cannot be explained away with an apology. This speaks to what is in that man’s heart of hearts, and no meeting with “the emperor of black people” is going to change that.

    An apology should not be accepted.

  8. Michellio

    oh god, who gives a fuck.. cry babies, wahhh he used the “n” word

  9. Jules

    # 100 “GDawg – November 1, 2007 5:51 PM

    EVERYONE uses those words behind closed doors.

    Everyone in Captiol letters huh! Wow i am impressed- you must be like Santa Claus or something to know what everyone does and is thinking behind closed doors. Im scared of you, I am goin to be extra thick pad locks to keep you from knowing what i do behind closed door.s
    No but seriously, you are an idiot for making that statement, I know both black, white, mexican and other people who HAVE NEVER used that word, and have no desire to use that word or any other racial derrogatory statement for that matter, I can think of tons of words to use (hell the dictionary has thousands) and all your ignorant ass can do is use that word? You have failed me and I am embarrassed to be associated as your brethren. I am a white female- who doesnt wish to be in your racial cateogy, LOW LIFE/

  10. Dev

    An apology won’t be accepted, fully. Sure, Dog will do the Sharpton thing, may even start speaking out about civil rights. But that Kramer guy did the same thing and he hasn’t been on tv in quite awhile. Imus will be back on the air on the 3rd of December, but not without contreversey and not without never being able to slide totally on his comments. And that black celebrity who called his co-star a f*g got fired but rehired for another show, if I remember right.

    I doubt Dog will lose his show for good. A&E will claim he had issues and got help and is now a better person. He’s already using the “I found god so I’m not a criminal anymore” bs.. and people bought that.

    Dog makes the trailer trash element the WWE attracts look like they belong on Rodeo Drive.. go figure.

  11. AmeriCanadian

    Somehow, I am not surprised. You can take the greasestain outta the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park outta the greasestain. Hah ah ah.

    ‘Sides…he’s already living with the Karma….look at that hag / water buffalo he has to live with!

  12. lulu

    #13 – AMEN, thank you, that’s exactly how i feel.

  13. blizzy

    @ 48. Public school education is sad.

    @ 94. You and Karl Rove should learn how to intrerpret statistics. All races, currently, have experienced large fractional jumps in the number of children born out of weblock because divorce is up, marriage rates are down and that’s across all racial groups, except asians who’s seen a lesser increase. All americans have family values issues, so stop thinking you’re superior. And the reason the 70% number is so high is because blacks are a minority so any non-standard deviation affects the statistic more dramatically.

    See…you can’t just read something and take it as gospel. You have to be smart enough to interpret what it means. I’m afraid you’re not, but work on it – we’re all pulling for you.

  14. Pablo

    Oh no, he said the *N-WORD*?!? (Uh… so we’re not supposed to say “Nuclear” anymore, right?)

  15. STeve

    He’s one ugly obnoxious MFer…but I still admire him for tracking down the Luster perv in Mexico and dragging him home.

  16. Kimberly

    Wait a minute…so he said he didn’t want to be caught saying the n-word, have it sent to the Enquirer, and get reprimanded BEFORE it all came true???


  17. Ward Up

    “I don’t wanna go to ‘race-hab,’ I said “No, No, No.” ”

    Oh, but he’ll have to go. And then march with Sharpton.

  18. Jesus Man, this “Johnnie Rambo” definitely saw too many movies!!

  19. I hate people.

    blizzy, you’re so smart….why are you on here? I am guessing Google is at work, not education.

  20. How many uncool moves does this guy have to make before the united states public realizes he is taking us for a ride. Making Millions of dollars acting like the born again “GOOD GUY” he is clever he found another way to be a racist crimminal (mexican abduction) legally. From day one this guy has had nothing but dollar bills in his eyes he planned his moves on Luster specifically for the media press it brought him, he knew he was out of jurisdiction, he knew he could have FOUND him but let the federalies arrest him but no big press no big reward money that way. PLEASE AMERICA STOP MAKING THIS GUY YOUR HERO he is a scam artist. Greatest bounty hunter in the world I am sure the folks in our federal intelligence offices and navy seals ect… agree he is an excon who CAN NOT BE a REAL bounty hunter .However his snow job has purchased a beautiful mansion in Honalulu, a mansion in Colorado, cadillacs jaguars. hummers, diamond monstrosities on the golddigger he married and every other dream those two had, my hat is off to his acting capabilities. WHEN ARE WE THE BLUE COLLAR HARD WORKERS OF THIS COUNTRY GONNA WISE UP AND STOP MAKING THIS LYING RACIST CRIMMINAL RICH??????

  21. How many uncool moves does this guy have to make before the united states public realizes he is taking us for a ride. Making Millions of dollars acting like the born again “GOOD GUY” he is clever he found another way to be a racist crimminal (mexican abduction) legally. From day one this guy has had nothing but dollar bills in his eyes he planned his moves on Luster specifically for the media press it brought him, he knew he was out of jurisdiction, he knew he could have FOUND him but let the federalies arrest him but no big press no big reward money that way. PLEASE AMERICA STOP MAKING THIS GUY YOUR HERO he is a scam artist. Greatest bounty hunter in the world I am sure the folks in our federal intelligence offices and navy seals ect… agree he is an excon who CAN NOT BE a REAL bounty hunter .However his snow job has purchased a beautiful mansion in Honalulu, a mansion in Colorado, cadillacs jaguars. hummers, diamond monstrosities on the golddigger he married and every other dream those two had, my hat is off to his acting capabilities. WHEN ARE WE THE BLUE COLLAR HARD WORKERS OF THIS COUNTRY GONNA WISE UP AND STOP MAKING THIS LYING RACIST CRIMMINAL RICH??????

  22. See! what a perfect example of what the “rich and famous” really think of the people that made them rich and famous. What to hide from the press, lets see, your true colors becauseif they actually know the real truth then people will not spend their hard earned cash making us wealthy.Furthermore how dispicable and disgusting that he used GOD as his “catch phrase” to touch people”s hearts (pockets) ever so much deeper. I for one hope the DOG finally stepped in his own mess one to many times and this fly by “knight” money maker disappears back into his hole where he came from, Well I can only hope but I will keep praying because it is in “GOD I TRUST”

  23. Clee Clee

    Nice picture of Dog’s wife Beth standing next to him–finally someone who can Britney fashion tips

  24. Roflcer of the Lawl

    If blacks would pull their heads out their asses and learn to live civilized together this wouldn’t be happening. Everyone knows black communties are complete garbage, anywhere blacks are in large numbers it’s that way. He just calling it like he sees it.

  25. Captain Sloppy

    Where would we be without the Rev. Al Sharpton? As far as I can tell, he’s a bigger attention whore than Paris Hilton and a bigger racist than the Grand Dragon of the KKK. Where did this dork go to seminary school?

  26. Jessica

    First of all, why do they both do their hair like they’re trying to look like roosters or something? I just don’t get it! Also, does Beth have a wart on the end of her nose or is it a zit or is it just me?

  27. Ferocious_Imbecile

    Alex Jones keeps harping on about the “death of the republic”. If this is what the republic produces, why not let it die?

  28. Dew

    I’m in the Money….

    1800 999 9999 hit me up DAWWWG

  29. Stupid american

    The Brother can start his own production co. the show has a huge following , Beth has a fan club all her own..He’ll make even more money

  30. Matt

    This is tailor-made for parody on South Park. Dog the Bounty Hunter, mixed with racist slurs and apologizing to Al Sharpton, the emperor of black people.

  31. Feckless

    HONOLULU – Television bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman’s private phone conversation, in which he used the N-word repeatedly, was taped and sold to The National Enquirer by his son, Chapman’s lawyer said Thursday.

    Attorney Brook Hart told The Associated Press that Chapman’s son, Tucker, sent the recording to the tabloid for “a lot of money.”

    “I guess because of whatever level of anger he had of his father, he felt the need to express it in that manner,” Hart said.

  32. blizzy

    @ 126 – You’re right. Sharpton is about as racist as they come.

    There’s a double standard for sure – but we’re raised at birth to notice differences, so we’ll never ignore issues of race, religion, etc. I think the truly intelligent and enlightened can get beyond it and believe in treating people as equals regardless of the differences we all can’t help but notice.

    @ 120 – *gets out my “i’m with stupid shirt”*

  33. elliot

    sharpton called the ancient greeks “homos.” that was my favorite. and dont forget the tawanna brawley case. I’m so glad Imus is coming back. modern train of thought post ends here.

  34. gulfcoastbella

    I SUPPORT the WHOLE DAMN family….with the EXCEPTION of a “son” who turns his FATHER in for something that was SUPPOSED to be a PRIVATE telephone conversation—this was NOT on OPEN airwaves—so the arguement that this man should not be a “role model” is completely ridiculous. He wasn’t SPEAKING PUBLICLY–and I don’t know about YOU ALL, but what I say, in the PRIVACY of my OWN home OR talking to my “son” who is supposedly LOVING AND LOYAL to FAMILY FIRST, is a PRIVATE MATTER, NOT any of the public;s business—no matter if it IS racially insensitive(which, at the MOST, is ALL that this crap is) or NOT! This “Monique” person was HOPING she’d get her LAP”DOG” of a piece of sh*t “boyfriend” and get HIM to do anything it TOOK to GET Dog to use the “N-word” ….why we even REFER to it as the “N-word” is completely ridiculous. I have NEVER been a fan of any RACIST, and NEVER been a fan of this Dog person…but when it comes to being PURPOSELY SET-UP, you better BELIEVE I’m FOR the under”DOG”. What I wanna know is….HOW MUCH MONEY IS THIS BIT*H GONNA GET FROM THE MEDIA, OR EVEN THE “DOG”, PERSONALLY? National Enquier PAYS for their “dirt”, do they not? Does the whole tape not SHOW she had BEEN trying to coerce that particular word out of one of Dog’s crew, if not Dog and the woman, Beth—-on the TAPE itself, Dog states that “Monique” has BEEN TRYING TO SET THEM UP. A&E should NOT have EVER “suspended” production over this B.S. I hope to GOD someone(Dog) disowns this “son” and I CERTAINLY HOPE that the Monique person is sued….for being a BLACKMAILER—-oh, why is it the N.E. forgot to mention they tried to BLACKMAIL Dog FIRST—-the son and the supposed “girlfriend” were pissed off b/c they got FIRED and THEN set them up with this little ditty—give US 50,000 grand OR we release the TAPE.

    I find the WHOLE thing disgusting. And since I don’t buy or read the N.E., I’m glad MY $$ isn’t helping those two little as*holes make ANY more money. May THEY REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SEWN.

  35. kathrynvmyers

    Dog, is only human and we humans make many mistakes as we live our lives. I think this is just a “familly matter” that got out of hand. Why doesn’t anyone say something bad about the son who sold the tape for bucks he could spend. I’m sure if he needs more money he will go to daddy and ask for it, or get dad upset enough to tape something else…pretty low I think.

    Dog has done a whole lot of good getting low life off the streets, and he didn’t even get paid for Luster. What’s fair in that?

    I don’t think dog is the most socialy schooled person around, but he does a job the people who are bad mouthing him wouldn’t do on their best day. Go Dog, too bad your utterly human screw up got taped, I hope your show doesn’t get canceled, I enjoy it. Bobby Brown gives you a glowing recommendation as a human with a big heart and I believe him. It’s sad that your off-spring hasn’t attempted to grow as a person like you have. Keep on doing what you do best, but don’t talk to your son on the phone again, or perhaps anywhere at all, he’s the scum in my book.

    God Bless You and your family,

  36. Becky

    To #50 and their list of black inventors:

    Sorry to break your heart.

  37. Sara

    I am more offended at what his low life, parolee son did than what Dog said. Sorry, but it was a PRIVATE CONVERSATION!!! How low do you have to be to secretly record your father?
    The N word is offensive, but more so was his sons betrayal.
    How come others can call us Whities/Caspers/Crackers/Honkies….and we have to just laugh at it? I think that’s just as offensive.
    Al Sharpton, one of the most racist human beings on the planet!! Ugh-
    We will continue to support Dog and his family and love him, we will not be deterred because of a few bad choice words. “Sticks and stones people”……
    It was a private conversation……..ENOUGH SAID!

  38. Michael

    I want to know something….maybe one of you could answer it for me.

    If Caucasians were to have a month like the African Americans or Latinos, and call it White History month, or if the Whites had an ad like Support the Negro Fund/collage, but it was “Support the Caucasian Fund/collage, or if Caucasians were to have a Million man March, or if Caucasians were to make a movie called “Black Chicks(in regards to the movie White Chicks”) and make the dialog about ‘welfare checks, my baby daddy, my man in lock down on crack………Would that be offensive and wrong?

    I am very curious to know the answer to those questions.

  39. Narcissist

    Dog: “I guess I better go talk to that con-n—er Sharpton for P.R. damage control. Maybe my boy can get a date with Tawana Brawley. Hell, it’s not like we can just stop saying n—er 3 times every minute. That would be hard!”

  40. Who Would You Rather Fuck?

    And he thinks most men would rather bang his woman than his son’s girlfriend?

  41. UV

    #139: Those things do happen, and they’re called “white privilege.” Why do you think those alternative organizations/months had to be started? It’s certainly not because the minorities wanted to voluntarily be separated–most that I know, myself included, want the things that they can’t control (like their race/ethnicity) to take a backseat to those things that they can control (like their actions). Those alternatives were started because the minorities were tired of not being given equal treatment in normal America, and didn’t want to keep feeling substandard so they made their own groups.

    And no, white people don’t usually complain about the fact that the majority of the, well, everything in this country is catering to them and their perspectives…because why should they rock the boat? Heck, most of the ones I’ve met don’t even understand the issue to begin with. If I were white, I probably wouldn’t want to understand it myself–I’d imagine it would do a number on the conscience. Kinda like eating the ugly animals and then claiming to love the cute one. Best to just not think about it.

  42. elena

    What is this, a communist country? People should be able to say the most disgusting things in the world in the privacy of their own home. Thinking something is not the same as acting on it. Some might say that whites are racists, but as long as they don’t do a Tawana or Duke lacrosse hoax, it’s okay to think it privately.

    Personally, I thought what Dog said was disgusting. But I thought Bill and Monica and the cigar were disgusting also. Bill having private fantasies would have been a completely different thing.

    I think his son Tucker is a jerk. His dad provided money and jobs for most of his family. Dog’s brother, 2 sons, daughter, and some others have families and children. Now they are all out of work. Well, Tucker is out of the last will.

  43. annie

    It wasn’t a private call. It was a work related call, he threated Tucker that he would fire him if he didn’t break up with his African American girlfriend. That is not only disgusting but illegal. How would you feel if your boss told you that you would be fired if you didn’t break up with your African American girl/boyfriend becuase your boss likes to use the N word and doesn’t want to stop?? You’d be on the phone with a laywer in about 2 seconds flat.

  44. PRIVAT CONVERSATION MY ASS he made himself a celebrity by choice, based on greed this man is a bounty hunter(supposedly) from freakin honolulu. Noone would give a crap whta this excon had to say if he stayed on .BUT!!!!!when he decided to start livin high on the hog in a mansion in Hawaii, one in Colarado , buy horeses for each kid buy a rock the size of plymouth for big boobs there, get his sod plugs, professional make up artists ect..ect…ect… on the American public’s hard earned cah as a CELEBRITY he opened his own pandora’s box!!
    KARMA is a beautiful thing he broadcast his family on national TV to make his millions he willingly publicized their lives and now…it’s their turn.

  45. sharpeidude

    I don’t get why he HAS TO meet with Sharpton? Why can’t he meet with some other negro like Dave Chapelle or that guy the Fresh Prince! Those guys are funny and keep it really really real!

  46. Kyttin

    Quite frankly he tells people on TV he’s from the MAINLAND Texas I think.
    And people that say Beth is a big fat ugly golddigger, she happens to be a beautiful woman who met dog LONG before he became rich. Just because he got taped in a private conversation (business or not) illegally saying something he thought would remain private, apparently saying that he wasn’t going to use that word!
    He was wrong for using that word and he admitted it, but that’s not enough, just because he’s rich and white doesn’t mean he hasn’t worked hard to get there. He’s a good man who made a bad mistake, lay off people! God wouldn’t have blessed the man if he didn’t work hard to get it.
    And by the way, apparently he told Tucker to break up with her because from what I gather she was on meth and he didn’t want his office associated with something they’d been trying so hard to eliminate on their island.
    Get the facts before you ream someone over something stupid over a setup!
    The n word is tossed around like a hot potato by A LOT of people in this country, maybe it needs to be put into context, quite frankly you can say something completely obscure, and probably end up somewhere along the line being called a racist for it anymore.
    What about every rapper who’s willing to throw it around like it’s raining the freakin word, we don’t see them getting in trouble, there are some things out of courtesy you just shouldn’t say when you KNOW it’s going to be aired on TV, but they don’t. I don’t like that word, I don’t use that word, and I don’t use other racial slurs either. From the clips, it seems like he was trying not to say that stuff either. Give the man a break, he feels bad enough about all of this, so shut up and cut him some slack!

  47. Dakota

    don’t call dog a loser cause not one is awsome okay

  48. meltingpotcitizen

    @94…….You are so correct and I really respect your analysis. I am an african american mixed with white and cherokee. I love the dog and i think he has taken steps to change his way of expressing himself about my people. My community is loss in the shuffle and its up to the brothers that have to go back to the brothers that have not and help them see the errors we keep going in our families and our communty. All races are contributors to our great country and we will either rise together or sink together. No one race is better then the other. There are great issues in the world that we have to come together and resolve. We making strides but not big enough. Peoples hearts are getting more and more cold with each generation. We need another woodstock to promote peace love and happiness.

    To all the readers racist and non racist. We are all one people. Put aside that petty sh@t and lets love one another and resolve the issues that we are faced with day to day. 1 person can make a difference. All people can institute a miracle. Peace

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