Dog the Bounty Hunter is in the dog house (Holy crap, I’m witty.)

November 1st, 2007 // 150 Comments

Duane Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, has been caught on tape using the N-word in a conversation with his son whose girlfriend is black. The tape was leaked to The National Enquirer and has caused considerable backlash. A&E which airs Dog’s show has suspended production pending an investigation despite the fact it’s their highest rated show. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation, as reported by E! Online:

“I’m not taking a chance…not because she’s black but because we use the word n—er sometimes here. I’m not going to take any chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for 30 years because some drunken n—er heard us say n—er and turned us into the Enquirer magazine…I’m not taking that chance at all never in life. Never…”

Dog apologized for his comments yesterday and asked to meet with the Reverend Al Sharpton who replied with a letter this morning. The reverend said he would meet with Dog, but would not “sanitize that kind of hate language.” In his letter he also offered Dog an opportunity to prove he’s sorry, according to TMZ:

If you are sincere that this does not reflect you, you should not only meet with us, but you should march with us on November 16th and call on the government of the United States to protect people, that unlike you don’t have publicist, don’t have lawyers, and don’t have any protection. They used to have the protection of the United States government.

I never thought a guy who dresses like a blonde Native American mixed with a lesbian biker could be a closet racist. But they got him on tape. It’s a shame really. Dog could’ve taught us so much. Maybe not about life and certainly not tolerance. But about how to give Criss Angel a run for his money in looking like a douchebag. C’mon, can’t you just tell me if there’s a shop somewhere? Or do you just watch old Whitesnake videos and then, I dunno, try to look more gay?

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  1. Hahahaha. Maybe they should send him back down to that Mexican prison

  2. Saire

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh :( I love the Dog

  3. onehipcat

    First you losers muahahahaha!!

  4. Soy

    damn thats disappointing

  5. yukadoozer

    Like you expected something better from this run over piece of escaped trailer park trash. Right.

  6. Who is a loser onepuscat?

  7. f

    I’m teh looser.

  8. PunkA

    Dog is just a honky. Can we say that? Honky? Is tha tracist? I mean, George Jefferson did down at his cleaners, and he meant it. So yea, Dog is a honky.

    And why is it that the Rev. Al Sharpton or jesse Jackson coming running to meet with people everytime the black race is invovled. As if they have the power to make it right for every person of that rac in America. Makes me laugh.

    So next time some African American insults some whitey by calling him a honky, they better go to me for forgiveness on behalf of the Caucasian Race.

  9. Yolanda summerford

    I am black, and i do not give a shit about the word nigger anymore. It is not what you are called, but what you answer to, and if you believe websters definition, niggers are white, too.There will be a great uproar and this rascist piece of shit will be back on air in no time. All of you say it behind closed doors, anyway, and a lot of blacks ay it. Only we say nigga. The ER makes a huge difference!

  10. justifiable

    Jeez, uh, it’s a wild theory, but rather than “not taking the chance” of having the girlfriend around to bust you, how about if you just stop using “the word n—-er sometimes here”?

    And what “drunk n—-er” is he referring to – is his son dating an alcoholic or is his next call gonna be to AA to apologize?

    Whatta tool.

  11. Yolanda summerford

    i’ll blow over

  12. Yolanda summerford

    i’ll blow over

  13. em

    i don’t see what the big deal is. he only issued an apology because he got caught. you know how many “normal” people use that “N” word on a daily basis. i admit it i say it. black people can’t keep using the race card forever. it’s kind of getting old. if a black person called me a cracker, i wouldn’t be offended, so a black person shouldn’t be hurt when someone calls them a ni**er. granted you were treated very badly many years ago, but honestly, it’s time to move on.

  14. Natisha


  15. Bigheadmike

    With the kind od crap that he deals with daily I am suprised that soemthing like this didnt come out earlier.
    He does plenty of good things for society and changed lives. All races. Give the guy a break.
    And please do not give Sharpton any credit. Who picked him as a rep of the people. Why cant people decide for themselves. Do they really need Al Sharpton to decide for them. I dont think so.
    If you dont like The Dog then dont watch. If you think he is doing good and the show is interesting then watch.

  16. blpressure

    I liked the Dog until I was watching the show one day and saw a picture G. W Bush in their office. Then I realized he’s an inbred Christian redneck fool.

  17. Texas Tranny

    blonde native american lesbian biker


  18. White man standing

    I think every white person in America should just stand up and shout the word n i g g e r ! what are they going to do fire us all ?

  19. Ms.BigJohnson

    Just picturing him and that robust woman bumping uglies has me so horny baby, I can’t take it anymore! Dildo, where’s my Dildo?!

  20. La Puta del Dia

    Gee, THAT DUDE doesn’t look like he would EVER use the word “EN, EYE, GEE, GEE, EE, ARE.” (look what we’ve been reduced to, spelling a word with other words – I’m so ashamed to live in this century) He looks like such a righteous and upstanding gentleman. NAWWWW, he and his wife don’t look like they just stepped out of a fucking trailer…..what the fuck…are you kidding?

    That word probably gets passed around that family like a nickel whore, aka, his wife. HARHARHAR. He set himself up. No one is that stupid. What’s his angle, that’s what EYE want to know.

  21. DD's

    I’ve got my strap-on for ya #18

  22. Shallow Scowl

    8- PUNKa

    I totally agree. I’m sick of this fucking double standard, and I’m Spanish. Sick of it ALL.





  24. Maiko Weymiller

    Dog the booby hunter should stop talking. His wife should take over the show and leave him behind. He’s a loser.

  25. nipolian

    What a dumb-fuck hillbilly. He got taped and turned into the NE having a conversation about not being taped and turned into the NE. Him and his whole inbred clan are a total fucking circus act.

  26. Yeah, if you don’t want your career to end because you use the N word.. why don’t you like.. NOT USE THE N WORD??

  27. Al Sharpton

    He a nappy headed Cracka!

  28. Dorito man

    Dog does look totally silly & ghey. His income excedes his intelligence, by several magnitudes..

  29. Rightfully

    Dog’s “racism” is NOTHING, compared to that of $harpton, Jack$son,Farrakhan,Oprah,Leonard Pitts,Martin Lawrence,Obama,Dave Chappelle,Paul Mooney,rappers galore,etc. Because, unlike the, he won’t be allowed to get away with it. Political Correctness will win out,again.

  30. PunkA

    #28. Thanks Weird Al Sharpton. Dog is more like a redneck mullet-headed cracka.

  31. Ript1&0

    Ha. What’s gay are those arm bands, for sure. What kind of a loser would wear something like that?


    Well they’d still be less gay than someone who’d know not to wear them because they know who this douchebag is.

  32. Pansy dog

    What the fuck is that grotesque swollen blond thing standing next to him? And why does he need weird gloves? Is he always climbing a rope?

  33. eastcoastgirl

    Is that Pamela Anderson?

  34. Ms.BigJohnson

    Yes, I’m ready DD; maybe you can bring Texan Tranny with ya too. It would be magical!

  35. put the ugly people in the back

    Jebus christ look at his “lady” that is the definition of white trash right there folks. Look at their skin ewwwwwww and she has no neck at all and her rack is fucking hilarious, their hair, their fat untoned bodies… oh gawd it’s just so effin aweful. Honestly, they are really quite hilarious looking they look like an SNL skit come to life.

    So sadly I am not the least bit surprised that he is a disgusting racist loser. But just remember he is an uneducated ugly piece of white trash so his opinions, thoughts, and belifs are totally worthless.

  36. missbitchy

    omgggggggggg not the dog (woof)
    well now he done gone and done it broke my little black peapicking heart
    well thats what i get for putting my faith in whitey no more dog bountyshows for me hehehehehe

  37. Oh yes MsBigJohnson,
    I’m always up for some wild sex.
    We need to talk about this, email me.

  38. Auntie Kryst

    Will this be a chapter in his new book he’s penning about fatherhood?

  39. Truly Heroic American

    I love the guy BECAUSE he had a picture of the greatest president this country ever had on his desk. The hell with you terrorist loving liberals. Ann is right you people are Godless. Leave him alone he is a brave and just man.

  40. Riotboy

    I can’t believe Dog said those comments.

    /that’s ruff

  41. DD's

    Sounds good to me #35 and 38.
    I think trannies are so hot, I used to dress my ex up like a slut and fuck his brains out.

    You’ve got mail TT.

  42. mike motorcycle

    @20 LMAO

    Yeah he should be alright after he ‘donates’ to the rev’unds’ personal charities.

    @24 I agree people should just step the hell up & say: “yeah, so freakin what I said EN EYE GEE GEE EE ARE (thanks @20), so sue me & cancel my show, I’ll continue to haul in plenty of convict EN EYE GEE GEE EE ARES
    & collect my bounty.

  43. public opinion

    What a jerk

  44. Ms.BJ

    DD and TT now my pretty little panties are soaking wet. Look what you did you shameless hussy’s!!


    what is that DISGUSTING blonde carnival act standing next to him?

  46. malvo

    u cant take the trash out of the trailer but u cant take the trailer out of the trash.he needs to get off oahu or put him in O.C.C.C. so some nasty mahus can violate his haole pooper.cept that wont happen cause they would put him in PC with all the snitch bitches.he needs some 400 lb samoan to broke his face.then chop him up for chum.

  47. Leena

    Well ,I have just read the article and the comments about the N-word and here is my opinion.
    Below is the actual words of the Bounty Hunter:
    “I did not mean to add yet another slap in the face to an entire race of people who have brought so many gifts to this world,” he said. “I am ashamed of myself and I pledge to do whatever I can to repair this damage I have caused.”

    Now here is my question: if any one can tell me about at least 1 “gift to the world” that African Americans have cause ,i would agree that the use of N-word is wrong.Untill then none of this people can complain about this due to the fact that they do not contribute to anything in this world since the very begging of the Earth.

  48. All American Cracka

    @40 I’m Godless. I also stopped believing in the tooth fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny. True, it was more fun when I believed, but sometimes you just got to face the truth. You’re funny if you think Bush actually gives a shit about your God.

  49. #48

    Andrew Beard – Automatic Car Coupling Device (1897)

    Henry Blair
    - Mechanical Seed Planter (1834)
    - Mechanical Corn Harvester (1836)

    C. B. Brooks – Street Sweeper (1896)

    Mark Dean – Microcomputer system with bus control means for peripheral processing devices (1984)

    Dr. Charles Drew – Established Blood Banks all over the world (1940)

    W. Johnson – Egg Beater (1884)

    Frederick Jones
    - Refrigeration for transport trucks (1938)
    - Refrigeration for railroad cars (1945)

    J. L. Love – Pencil Sharpener (1897)

    Elijah McCoy – Automatic Lubrication System for railroads and heavy machinery (1892)

    Jan Matzeliger – Automatic Shoe Making Machine that revolutionized the making of shoes (1883)

    Alexander Miles – Elevator (1888)

    Garrett A. Morgan
    - Gas Mask that saved many lives during WWI (1914)
    - Automatic Traffic Signal (1923)

    Norbett Rillieux – Sugar Refining System that revolutionized the making of sugar (1846)

    W. H. Sammons – Hot Comb (1920)

    Lewis Temple – Toggle Harpoon (1848)

    Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – First Open Heart Surgery (1893)

    Granville Woods
    - Multiplex Telegraph system, allowing messages to be sent/received from moving trains (1887)
    - Railway Air Brakes that provided the first safe method of stopping trains (1903)
    - Steam-boiler/radiator (1884)
    - Third Rail [subway] (1893)

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