Dog the Bounty Hunter almost had something cool happen. Almost.

Duane “Dog” Chapman and his bounty hunters claimed to have been shot at yesterday during an arrest. TMZ reports:

According to police in Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapman and bail bondsman Bobby Brown were attempting to bring in a man named Hoang Nguyen when he allegedly fired at least one shot at Chapman and Brown with a handgun before fleeing on a motorcycle.
Chapman and Brown were armed with paintball guns and returned fire.
Hoang was later arrested without incident by Chapman early this morning.

Dog’s camera crew conveniently missed the whole thing – because, holy shit, it didn’t happen:

We just spoke with Colorado Springs Police, and they say as of right now, they’ve found no evidence of a shot fired — including no bullet hole or shell casing at the scene. They say the information that a shot was fired came from Dog’s camp.

I don’t know what’s worse: That Dog runs around with a paintball gun dressed like Mickey Rourke’s retarded brother, or that he had to make up his own story about being shot at because, let’s face it, his job really isn’t that badass. I think once on his show Dog tackled a guy then cried for twenty minutes in his car. I’ve seen tougher vigilante justice from Fonzie.

Photos: Getty, WENN