Dog says ‘Surf’s up, racism!’

December 12th, 2007 // 63 Comments

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of Duane “Dog” Chapman grabbing a smoke outside of a Greenwich Village restaurant yesterday. The dude has pretty much fallen off the face of the planet since the whole N-word debacle. But I know that scientifically can’t be possible because his wife’s breasts are still blocking the sun allowing the Earth to enjoy eight hours of darkness.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. FRIST Biatches

  2. BIG

    nice boots Dog. I hope they are paid for.

  3. Holly

    youre stupid dogg papman

  4. tp

    I want to swing from his nappy hair and yoddel like Tarzan.

  5. Second you fuckin cunt.

  6. douglas

    Get a Life FIRST….its a darn shame you have nothing esle going in your world where being first brings you such joy.

  7. Shep

    I wonder if he’s still a “hero” in his town

  8. Goddamn lag! It’s not like that when I’m with a girl. I bet.

  9. Your blog is very, very interesting.

  10. Tamara

    I still love the dog.

  11. douglas

    My joy is having a mullet like dawg

  12. Superevil

    I think I saw his profile on Anyone know if this is true?

  13. He could sniff my butt and do me doggiestyle, any time!!!

  14. @5 & 8 Die Troll!!

  15. nignog

    every1 shuld get over it. everyones a little bit racist sometimes ( like the avenue q song) lol no matter how much u deny it.
    that guy is the shit

  16. veggi

    I would like to see for myself exactly how low his balls hang. And possibly how they taste. And how their product tastes. But if he scooted on my rug, the deal would be off. That’s Jimbo’s world, not mine.

  17. He’s still a douche bag with weird hair you say… interesting!

  18. #6, that wasn’t me, you idiot, and I really don’t care that you think I have no life. Because I’m proud of that fact..

    Actually I just don’t feel like working today..

  19. @14 I hate you, troll. *I* am the real Jimbo, now where is my bukkake?

  20. Jimbo you’ll have to scrape it off my face.

  21. @19 Hey Troll, your brother is calling. He wants to bend you over the bed and do you again.. You know how much you love taking care of your brother. You better go now..

  22. woodhorse

    I can’t figure out who he thinks he is – The Legend of Billy Jack???? The Indian Guy who cried a single tear over pollution?

  23. Domino

    I’m not saying what he did and said is acceptable, but I think we go a little overboard with ostrasizing people. What he said wasn’t nearly as bad as Michael Richards rant. Yeah, he is a bit of a white trash redneck, but he did bring that piece-of-shit, Andrew Luster to justice, so that makes him ok in my book.

  24. woodhorse

    Hi Wally.

    Don’t you know Santa Claus is watching you?

  25. Ok, #20 troll, you may take over for me. I have to get some work done now..

    Have fun!!!!!

  26. Jimbo Says I came Frist last night

  27. @26 HAHAHA you so funny you stupid fucking troll..

  28. pointandlaugh

    poor Dog. I kinda liked him.

  29. sid

    He’s the aging Vega-hipster uncle that everybody is embarrassed about.

  30. eastcoastgirl

    I felt kinda sorry for him that his kid totally screwed him over. Still, he shouldn’t have been so stupid.

  31. MNS

    Cowabunga, Ni … hey, leggo of the DAWG’S arm! No thanks, I’ll scratch my own ass!

  32. Auntie Kryst

    The only thing funnier than Dog Chapman eating at a Greenwich Village restaurant is the headline. Surf’s up racism! That’s some funny shit Brah.

  33. dowwwwg the bountyyyyy hunteeeerrrr!

  34. XFILE102

    #30 what?? Your only concerns are that his kid exposed him and that he was stupid enough to get caught?? We should burn this Racist prick alive. Dawg the Bounty Hunter Bonfire. We should attach his nuts to a car battery that will shock him every time he uses any slurs.

  35. Why is he so damn ugly???

  36. zz

    I adore him. I’m glad he’s still kicking.
    Kicking ASS.

    Got get ‘em dog.
    Racism rocks.

  37. Shep

    And theres how you’ve divided a country Dog.

    The majority of the racist ignorant south who voted George Bush in all still love dog the bounty hunter

    and The majority of the North who have opened a book in the last decade know that words like N***** and racism and George Bush kinda realize we can do without them.

    Still remember when I talked to a guy from the south and asked him how in the world could you vote for George Bush (cause i’m pretty sure I would of voted for a monkey if that was the alternative)

    He replied with

    “Well Boya, It’s dem better der to vote for dee devil you know den dee devil you don’t”

    Words of wisdom which leave me still enlightened……………..

  38. J-Sin

    Dog= Full of FAIL!

  39. Jack Tripper

    This is a petty, unrelated comment, but her breast allow the earth to enjoy “8 hours of darkness”? I am pretty sure that it is dark for more than 8 hours each day. Okay that was very stupid to point out. Thanks ya’ll

  40. fearsarewishes

    I can’t believe that this mullet-sportin’, giant jug lovin’, goofy sunglass wearin’ assclown jaboney was allowed within 100 miles of NYC.

    Indianapolis? Sure. Dallas? Yup. LA? You betcha. But, NYC? Dog must have got lost and stumbled in the back door. That’s right, the Bronx.

  41. eastcoastgirl

    @#34 stfu ya fuckin fanatical jerk.

  42. eastcoastgirl

    btw I think anyone who uses racial slurs is stupid. That includes black people who call each other the N word,

  43. J-Sin

    As a blackman, i endorse #42′s statement.

  44. Sue

    Stop smoking, already! Your face is looking like an old catchers mitt!

  45. Dorito man

    I think he is emulating what he thinks Danny Bonaduce will like like in five years..

  46. TS

    #6, douglas, while your sentiment was in the right place (because people who claim first are fucking idiots), you clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. If you did, you’d know that the real FRIST!!! would never write such a thing. Plus, she uses 3 !’s, not two. And she’s fucking badass. And can drink your ass under the table because like me, she probably has what you could refer to as a drinking problem. Anyways, decent effort on your part, but for future reference know who is a troll and who is not, or just keep your fucking trap shut.

  47. makemepuke

    The Dawg is living proof that religion turns people into complete fuckin hypocrites….ie. religion is like a cloak people wear to pretend that they are more righteous than they really are…as long as they say the GOD word a few times a day and “pray” then they are showing the world that they are really good people who care about others and society but all the while behind closed doors committing all the usual human acts of indecency and harm to their fellow man. Hey Dawg, take this home to your wife ….( who is by the way a totally gorgeous babe if she could just lose a few fuckin pounds!!)…and wannabee law enforcment Nazi children….. your a fuckin phoney ass lying prick!

  48. Ewa Beach Kanaka

    Catching a smoke eh? See how he even hides the cigarette behind him so its not in the picture? Sneaky man. No trust, liar. Hawaii is made up of many people, some good and some not. Duane Chapman is not Hawaiian, he doesn’t have the integrity to be a true Hawaiian man.

  49. Igottabemeeee

    You guys hate him because he said the N word in a private conversation? You have never said anything in a PRIVATE conversation that you wouldn’t want played on international media round the clock? This is ridiculous. Don’t the other things he does in his life (help people out, track down criminals, etc.) kind of balance it out? Does he act like he’s racist when he’s dealing with people directly? Isn’t that what counts?

  50. Ted from LA

    This guy smokes? You have got to be shitting me! He looks so clean-cut. Next thing you’re going to tell me that he drinks, he’s a racist moron, and his wife is a slob. God bless America.

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