Does Katy Perry Still Have Large Breasts? We Should Check.

February 14th, 2011 // 115 Comments

*takes gun out of mouth* Ohthankgod.

Here’s your obligatory Katy Perry‘s red carpet cleavage post because if this site’s about anything, it’s regularity. Like Wilford Brimley on a Quaker Oats bender in a Tijuana. (Why, brain, why?) Anyway, did anyone notice Russell Brand hosted SNL this weekend and the musical guest was Chris Brown? The same Chris Brown who beat the living shit out of his wife’s best friend. I’m not trying to wreck any homes here, but not only would I have told SNL to “nosh on me tackle,” I’d not secretly have AIDS from years of intravenous drug use. What? I’m just stating a simple fact about myself. It’s not my fault I crumple on the floor, pissing my pants at the sight of a needle, Katy?

NOTE: Grammys photos starting here.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    I think youre a racist, Fish. You dont come down this hard on Charlie Sheen or any of them other good ole boys. Your allegiances are clear.

    • second chances go to those with the money to buy them :(

      • Yeezy's Son

        Don’t think it’s a matter of race. Rihanna’s black too. It’s seems like violence against women really bothers Fish.

      • CSA

        I highly doubt Fish is racist (probably more of a pacifistic fence walker).

        All you do gooders need to STFU for once. EVERYONE (every race) has racial bigotries. WHO CARES?

        How many BLACK blogs condemn their race for the things they do? NONE…In their community they get more respect coming out of jail than college.

        Everyone needs to laugh about it and get over themselves.

        Were ALL different and some races have & will just ALWAYS be at the bottom of the intelligence scale…like in the animal world, some species are just smarter than the others.

        Does it bother you that ants get stepped on and cant be taught to shake like a dog? NO, you just recognize they are lower down on the intelligence scale and live with it.

        Youd think, at least if youre on the higher end of the intelligence scale, youd recognize this by looking where civilization started and see that they are still living in mud houses using donkeys etc for transportation & carting items. They lack everything that the western world has developed.

        Seen Soweto? Kabul? Baghdad? Its like 75 B.C. in those places. Theyve just barely made it past clicking noises and trading poo for sticks.

        Acknowledge it and move forward.

      • jeremy

        & who cares…y’all need to RELAX. Chill dunnies.

      • Maryum

        @CSA- Last time I checked, we were all the human race. So…..there is no dumber or smarter than everyone because of the color of their skin or other physical characteristics. That entire paragraph was just a major stereotype. Not every black person has gone to jail nor does every black person respect those who have been in jail. There are people of other races who do the same things. It’s more of a socio-economic situation. Just because some countries have issues today does not mean that they always had the issues. The middle east is responsible for today’s math. Some countries in Africa didn’t always have people who were starving. Things happen in cycles. One day, places we consider third world will be different.

    • Mortimer Duke

      I like your blog but im getting sick of this foolishness with Chris Brown. He beat Rihanna which we know is wrong and fucked up. He should have never done it. However, he has not been in any of the same trouble since and has paid his debt to society. I guess you want him dead?

      Meanwhile Charlie Sheen fucks up left and right and youre calling him a god and all this other shit. Also Sheen is non-apologetic. Doesnt give a shit and never accepts responsibility. Iont care bout either one of these douches, but if youre gonna give one the business hardcore, be prepared to do it across the board.

      • it’s not just this site. but in fairness he’s hard against rothlesburger. whereas if i had a dollar for everyone else who gives that punk a pass but thinks michael vick hasn’t paid enough…

      • Deacon Jones

        The difference is Charlie does drugs and bangs hookers.

        Chris Brown turned Rhianna’s face into ground meat. He’s a little pussy.

    • All these Chris Brown references are like beating a dead horse….
      Wait… Is that a bad simile?

      • I don’t remember Charlie Sheen beating the shit out of anyone.

      • jackqueline–charlie sheen shot his first wife? and yeah strangled his most recent..

      • Mortimer Duke

        And didnt he also put a knife to her throat? I mean Sheen beats on the women as well. Yet thats kinda glossed over as in Deacon’s comment.

        Why dont we know more about that? Fish doesnt mention it everytime he mentions Sheen is one guess.

      • Yeezy's Son

        If Chris Brown had done the exact same thing to a non-celebrity and there were no pictures it wouldn’t be such a huge issue. But because its an international superstar in Rihanna his actions appear more reprehensible. I’m not defending him at all. What he did was despicable but he’s not the only celebrity to do it.

      • Yeezy's Son

        1) I respect that you’ve posted about the misogynist actions of Ben and Sheen. 2) I defended you earlier in this post when someone called you a racist. I said “Don’t think it’s a matter of race. It’s seems like violence against women really bothers Fish.” But, I still stand by my statement that it appears that Chris Brown is disportionally demonized in comparison to other wife beaters/rapist/R.Kellys in Hollywood and its because Rihanna is a mega star. Again I’m not defending Chris Brown. I think that he and all like him should be punished with jail time.

      • Mortimer Duke

        Well, im not a troll seeing as how I comment on this blog nearly everyday. No more though. Was fun while it lasted. Be well everyone.

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Yeezy: I think (and this is just IMHO) that the reason Brown is posted about so much in comparison to the other douches is simply *this photo*. It’s one thing to hear accusations of abuse – but when there’s a photo of a face looking like hamburger because of the beating – it hits home a little harder. It’s more “in your face” so to speak.

      • Yeezy's Son

        @bitingontinfoil: My point exactly. A picture says a thousand words.

      • Deacon Jones


        lol, he’s talking about CSA you dipshit

    • Mike Walker

      Fish is just compensating for the steady stream of misogyny that streams from this site daily.

    • I wish I had a forum as public as Fish to make MY allegiances clear. I’m so tired of everyone not knowing that I’m against rape, face punching 98lb women, and celebrities getting free passes through our legal system.

      I’m not sure how racism comes into this. Unless the first thing you think about Chris Brown is that he’s black, rather than a convicted face puncher…in which case I think that tells us more about you than it does the rest of us.

      • IttyBittyTittyCommittee

        Fish, I am so gonna “BRAIN” you (as my father would say).
        You censored me. ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cock Dr

        Did he? Are you sure? Things sometimes pop up an hour later.
        What did you post that was so nasty? Try again….as I’m sure it was a brilliant & unique observation of the entertainment industry.
        Or it was about tits.

      • IttyBittyTittyCommittee

        what’s this comment doing way down here Doc?
        time stamp is all wrong.
        proof i was censored?
        not going to repeat, Fishee clearly wasn’t a fan.
        He probly didn’t care for Helen Keller speaking her mind either.

      • Bastard

        @ IttyBittyTittyCommittee

        “He probly didn’t care for Helen Keller speaking her mind either.”

        He probably just couldnt understand her when she spoke her mind…

        hummmphh er rummmmmpphh bafffphma keppppppp

      • IttyBittyTittyCommittee


      • Cock Dr


      • IttyBittyTittyCommittee


      • Deacon Jones

        Shit McFeely, I read your first two examples and thought you were going somewhere funny with that ;-)

    • black men taste good

      hear, not here…


    • Jennyjenjen

      Fish just likes to push the envelope. He’s a huge supporter of Obama and Chris Brown is the only black guy he regularly rips on and as others stated, it’s because he pummeled a 19 year old girl till her face was destroyed. I Think that’s the real issue here. Just relax and don’t get your white panties all in a bunch up your white ass.

  2. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Not exactly the most flattering photo…….makes her look like a doofus.

  3. IttyBittyTittyCommittee

    This post is for tits, not boobs. let’s move on.
    Katie, where’s cousin itt??

  4. Introducing The Wilford Brimley Incident featuring their new hit single Diabeetus!

  5. Drew

    Lol, people still watch SNL?

  6. Cock Dr

    She looks nice with the ironed hair & a dress that fits.
    Would recommend lots of big necklaces & bling on the neckline to distract from all those little moles. The coverup makeup just isn’t doing the job. We can’t have our pop divas all spotty & bumpy. Maybe it’s time for her to make that long delayed visit to the dermatologist.

  7. Really?

    Umm Charlie shot shit wife back in the 90′s. The old gun fell out my my pants thing. Look it up.

  8. Tony Y

    Mortica Addams’ big night out

  9. Deacon Jones

    I think this Katy Perry obsession is getting a bit out of hand. We might have to talk.

  10. Ok..

    but how does she look when she first wakes up?

  11. jojo

    I see the pharmaceutical therapy is kicking in. She has a doorbell and two big knockers but try as you might, nobody’s home.

  12. bitingontinfoil

    Her face looks like Joanie “Chyna Doll” Laurer in the first pic.

  13. Marley

    Too bad her face is busted.

  14. Hambone

    Uhhhh, anyone who reads the site would know Fish is not exactly easy on Sheen, basically calling him a pedophile for his “taste” in “women” and for flaunting the justice system.

    That said, Chris Brown is still an asshole. Or a walnut bandit if you will.

  15. cc

    It still pains me that someone who sings as badly as she does makes it in the music industry. She’d be lucky to make it past the first round on American Idol.

    You know why she does that wierd yodelling thing? Because she can’t hold a note!

  16. Reece

    1. @ CSA…you’re an idiot. Fish may not be a racist but you are. Your idea of superiority is ridiculous and to say that cultures that still live in huts are beneath the western world is ignorant. Should us poor ignorant black folk be thanking the slave traders for ripping our ancestors from their home by the thousands in hopes that a few might survive the 4 month trip overseas? I mean, why would they have wanted to stay in a land that once they were removed from it the traders would pillage? It and the ppl that came from it was worthless to begin with right? Its strange how ppl that still use donkeys as transportation are still living life just fine while the “western” world would curl up in the fetal position and soil themselves if God forbid our internet went down or we couldnt drive cars anymore.

    2. Its Fish’s site he can say whatever he wants. So he doesnt have a soft spot in his heart for guys that beat up women…Chris Brown is a goofy manchild who still doesnt really get what he did…his only concern is if ppl will let him dance on stage again…and when we give him that chance he starts crying like a baby…he likes to make everything about him and gets mad when its not or someone brings up that he bit Rihanna’s face off…

    3. Has Katy’s eye always been that droopy?! I think we’ve discovered the reason for her revealing clothes, Its to distract from any possible imperfections. Well played Katy…

    • Deacon Jones

      I’ve seen drag queens in New Orleans with better eyebrows

    • CSA

      I understand the truth hurts, but lets get some things straight:

      Your “ancestors” were sold and bartered by those same “ancestors” parents/ Grandparents. Human Life meant less to them than their livestock…and its still going on today.

      Yes, if you appreciate the freedoms you have today, you should be thanking someone. If it werent for them, youd already be dead from AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, Dengue Fever, Dysentery, Filariasis, Giardiasis, Hepatitis A etc etc etc. or well on your way to it.

      NEVER in a million years would any American black EVER go there and live so its pretty funny to see them sporting african flags and arguing for a place theyd NEVER step foot in.

      Quit being angry about 400 yrs ago/ everything and concentrate on you, your education, your well being and everything involved with it. You have no one to blame for anything wrong in your life (if you do) but yourself.

      “Its strange how ppl that still use donkeys as transportation are still living life just fine”

      are you kidding? you must have lived in the same town or never traveled in your life. NO ONE still using donkeys for transportation is doing anything but getting by and barely at that.

      Its the EXACT situation that brought us the term “Ignorance is Bliss.”

      Now deal with the reality of life and quit playing public defender for the several billion people that have ABSOLUTELY no relevance to your day to day life.

      • Deacon Jones

        Someone’s got a case of the Mondays!!

      • Maryum

        Just wanted to say that every person in Africa in NOT dying from “AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, Dengue Fever, Dysentery, Filariasis, Giardiasis, Hepatitis”. Yes there are some places. But not everywhere. Amazingly enough, some how, people found electricity and other modern technology. Weird huh? Those “freedoms” that we have been “given” as black people were not “given” at all. That was more of a fight. But you probably forgot that. It’s okay. It’s not your fight. You’re right, that this does not give black people the right to sit around and moan, but I would really enjoy it you got you facts right. You know? Thanks.

    • Jennyjenjen

      Thousands?? Try 10 -12 Million.. And no, it didn’t work out to well for the black folks did it?

  17. Hilarious...

    Whoever did big tits makeup & hair is a satirist of the 1st order. She looks like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family there…

  18. Looks like Cher was finally able to turn back time after all.

  19. Does her left eye seem droopy to you? Did she have a stroke?

  20. Holly

    I’m so sick of this – what, are you sponsored my Katie Perry or something?


    She has B, MAYBE C cups. Certainly nothing special. (Although I myself have Ds and am a dress size 6, and 5’8, so I guess you should be flattering me!) And btw, in case you haven’t noticed (which you obviously haven’t) – she’s butt ugly. Looks like a fuckin deer in the headlights with stupid circle eyes, and plain jane features.

    So dear god please stop saying she’s got large tits and it hot.

  21. dano

    I think she’s inflated her fun bags in the last year or so, once she realized the only thing working for her was the rack. I remember when she first came out, she had medium, sorta saggy boobs and now they are slapping her chin and filled out.

  22. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    Beautiful eyes!

  23. durr

    The difference is that Charlie sheen already hates himself and his career. It wouldn’t be funny to come down on him as it would be to praise him for his mediocrity. Chris Brown had himself a pretty good career singing about how he loves women. He is still fighting the media about his wrongdoings, which, unlike Sheen, was directed at another person. I personally prefer Chris Brown’s crooning to anything Sheen’s done, but I wouldn’t defend either of these people.

  24. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    wtf wonk eye?

  25. Hugh Gentry

    she looks like she finally regrets marrying that douche bag. I’ll give them another 6 months.

  26. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    for god’s sake. SO much make-up.

  27. Hazafalafel

    @Mortimer Duke

    I think there is a slight difference between partying with and screwing paid whores, and having a woman wind up in the hospital because you beat her with her fists. I mean, Rihanna didn’t even get a Bentley

  28. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:


  29. Jennyjenjen

    She’s looks like if Kat Von D and Cher had a love child. Far more attractive than Cher and Sonny Bono’s love child..

  30. She can’t sing worth shit. I think personally she’s hotter than hell though, so long as she doesn’t dress up in stupid childish outfits.

  31. Cardinal Fang

    This is all probably a good read, but I’m here for Katy’s tits.

  32. Evil


  33. me

    you’re a racist. get over yourself.

  34. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    I was thinking Cher.

  35. Talentless Everywhere

    Katy Perry is alright in looks (talentless though). What does it, is the blue eyes and the black hair. Exotic combination. Most Females have brown or dime-a-dozen blonde hair & blue eyes. The black hair with the big blue eyes gives her a much less common look.

  36. the captain

    kate perry is such a cheating personality I’m sure she would even choose the atomic bomb and drop it on the city of new orleans if it would help her career………..


  37. Amanda

    This girl is not pretty to me.

  38. April

    Chris Brown is a little punk, and I’m glad some people still remember that.
    Unless ur focusing on racism you.would’ve noticed he has made several comments about Ben “the rapist”. Some people are so ignorant!!

  39. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:


  40. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. She looks like took two fists to the face while smiling and it froze that way .. her vacuous eyes blackened and lazified.

  41. Katy Perry Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s still pretty, but she is skinnier, wich is not necesserly a good thing :(

  42. Koowie

    She has nice tits!

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