Does Katy Perry Still Have Large Breasts? We Should Check.

*takes gun out of mouth* Ohthankgod.

Here’s your obligatory Katy Perry’s red carpet cleavage post because if this site’s about anything, it’s regularity. Like Wilford Brimley on a Quaker Oats bender in a Tijuana. (Why, brain, why?) Anyway, did anyone notice Russell Brand hosted SNL this weekend and the musical guest was Chris Brown? The same Chris Brown who beat the living shit out of his wife’s best friend. I’m not trying to wreck any homes here, but not only would I have told SNL to “nosh on me tackle,” I’d not secretly have AIDS from years of intravenous drug use. What? I’m just stating a simple fact about myself. It’s not my fault I crumple on the floor, pissing my pants at the sight of a needle, Katy?

NOTE: Grammys photos starting here.

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