Does It Trip On To Your Penis?

June 24th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Because the sex toy industry is practically NASA now, here’s the Lady Gag Gag doll which I assume is for the discriminating gentleman who wants to know exactly what it’s like to bang Heidi Montag in fishnets.

On a sidenote, my entire town just got assfucked by an insane storm so I’m pecking this out in the dark on my iPhone. Hopefully shit will get fixed soon or I’ll barrel over some fallen trees to find an operational Starbucks. If there’s not a new post by evening, send two strippers after me.

Thanks to Adam for the tip.

Photo via Fashion Indie


  1. There is no Roughstitute

    Is it free? I am Pinning away for the Dozen Kroes love doll…

    • This is some very good marketing by Lady GaGa.

      Not only is she a sexual icon for the 21st century but she’s also advertising a line from one of her number one hit singles. Many children girls can be heard singing the line, “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” as well as the genius pun on “poke-her face”.

      This doll has sex appeal, just like the real doll in Lady GaGa.


      • Peanutty

        Children girls? Please tell me you are not a pedo bear on top of every damn thing else. Why do you resond to the first comment when you are always tardy to the party? Just a few observations.

      • The Lady Ga Ga

        Randal understands that all you bitches want to FUCK me & SUCK me.
        Everyone wants to fuck me. It gets kinda tiresome. GAY MEN want to fuck me for chrissakes.
        May this doll fulfill whatever fantasies you might have of time together with me might be like.
        New album dropping soon bitches!

  2. Gen

    It’s really sad when your love doll is prettier than you are…

    • It is sad, but I think that the design & marketing team for this product knew what they were doing when they cleaned her up a bit.
      Let’s see the profile view to see if they got the big honker nose correct.

  3. This is a huge upgrade over my Katy Perry fleshlight.

  4. err?? Say what?

    I’m speechless

  5. Sure there was a storm.
    Sure the power is out.
    You’re taking this doll for a test drive. Admit it…you are riding it like a bucking bronco.

  6. FattyFatty2x4

    Another deletion to my Bucket List. Sweet!

  7. KP Boobies

    Doll has both parts!

      • Jimbo

        I would certainly enjoy spending a night with this entertainment unit. The pure pleasure I’d feel from Lady GaGa’s pulsating member as she slid it slowly into my backside would send waves of enjoyment up my spine and out my mouth making me beg her to ring my bell over and over and over again.

        Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

  8. Hole Lee Schitte
    Commented on this photo:

    Hole Lee Schitte! This chick (maybe?) needs to hang it up.

  9. havoc

    I would fuck a Nancy Reagan blow up doll before Lady Gaga. Great photoshop job on the crotch though….


    • Jim Jones

      Awesome idea. Someone should make a Nancy Reagan blow-up doll. They could do a whole line of conservative leading ladies. They could also do Sarah Palin, of course, Barbara Bush (for the GILF crowd), Laura Bush…

  10. Nate

    Would totally buy it just for laughs.

    • pimp

      nobody buys a fuck doll for laughs…it’s alright to admit you’re gonna fuck the shit out of it…

      • Bunny

        Hmmmmm….I just figured out what pimp’s X-Mas present will be.

      • No really, THIS doll they would buy for laughs.
        And possible voodoo experiments.

        Probably most fuck dolls bought for actual fucking end up getting laughed at in the end. That is sad on so many levels.

  11. Jim Jones

    The most depressing thing about this post? Learning the Superficial writer uses an Apple product. I thought you had more sense, man!

  12. Philly Burbs

    Fish! i just lost my power too. You in Del-Co or on the main line?

  13. Deacon Jones

    Do some investigative research and get a picture of the actual doll, that would be funny.

  14. alex

    Dude! I expect you to run out and buy one of those dolls, blow it up and take a photo of it for us. Its your RESPONSIBILITY as of right now! Plus when you’re purchasing it, you can use the excuse of…”this is for work.”

  15. Cardinal Fang

    Let’s see the doll!

  16. So

    Elena Kagan doll plz?

  17. Gando

    Holy crap! No! Wait,i mean yes!

  18. Darth

    All what’s left is the Pinky duo-package! Ugh! No!

  19. I think the comments on this article are the best ever! Thanks for the laughs guys!

  20. bar room hero

    What the F U C K ?

    This is absolutely disgusting.

  21. Katie

    It’s so awesome that Jerry Seinfeld beat them to the chase. C:

  22. Admiral Nimitz

    Fish, hold tight, strippers on the way. Hope you don’t mind, I had Eddie Murphy pick them out for me.

    The Admiral

  23. ohnoes


  24. Liz-baby

    You’ve got to be a Canadian. ehhh I knew it

  25. Kristine Levine, Pornclerk to the Stars

    I just saw an ad for this. We’ll be getting them at the porno store. Oh Pipedream, is there anything too stupid for you make me sell?

  26. Kristine Levine, Pornclerk to the Stars

    Also, Randal is stupid.

  27. captain america

    this is the american way of getting “FAMOUS”.

  28. Truth

    It trips on its own penis.

  29. friendlyfires

    holy shit, you (The Superficial) are in North Texas. C’mon, let’s get some paint thinner and tiger tranquilizers and terrorize Janine Turner for voting for Sara Palin twice

  30. Boogeyman King Dong

    As hot as the girl on the packing might look.The blow up doll itself is probably just an inflatable swim armband with a blond wig.

  31. starmaker

    This girl makes Lady GaGa look like an eyepatched hunchback.

  32. Lele

    ahaha I’m going to buy this for someone.

  33. Homosapiens

    Charlottesville lost power too, so maybe Mr. Soup Official is there, in which case I will see all the cracks on southern culture in a brand new light…

  34. starmaker

    She looks quite talented!

  35. your momma

    yes the model on the cover looks pretty and the model looks a little like a transvestite.

  36. JN

    Show the actual doll… I know you’ve got one.

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