Does Iggy Azalea’s Butt Actually Float and Other News

George and Amal Clooney had twins today and it was a big deal? Why? Someone explain what you actually do with that information. Seriously, wtf? [USweekly]

I’d be terrified to go to war with Rihanna over something as shallow as her weight. Good on her to go after the bro at Barstool Sports who called her a fatty boom boom or something. [Dlisted]

HELL YEA, JERRY! Jerry Seinfeld was being interviewed on a red carpet when Kesha (I’m not doing the $ thing) interrupted and asked for a hug. He then proceeded to treat her like a leper and keep it gangsta AF. [JustJared]

Calling Taylor Swift a “gaslight bully” is goddamn brilliant. [CeleBitchy]

Gold medalist Shayna Richards had an abortion right before the Olympics and hooolyyy shit commenters on TMZ are batshit crazy. I think that’s the takeaway headline here. [TMZ]

Is Frenchy Morgan a thing? She’s not, right? Didn’t think so… Here she is doing her impression of a ham inside a meat net. [WWTDD]

Hackers need to pick better programming to leak because nobody ended up watching Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. Maybe they can go for the new Twin Peaks next so that I don’t have to get Showtime… seriously, please hack Twin Peaks I don’t want to have to pay for Showtime. [Independent]

Thandie Newton sounds like she really enjoyed shooting all those nude scenes in Westworld so I don’t really understand her analogy here. [PageSix]