Do leprechaun nipples bring good luck?

December 9th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s Tila Tequila flashing a nipple at last night’s release party for Snoop Dogg’s “Malice N Wonderland” where she also announced she’s engaged to Johnson and Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, according to Us Magazine:

“This is exclusive and going to be all over the news tomorrow, but because I love you guys so much, we are giving you the exclusive first — Tila army fans — tonight, my girlfriend has asked me to marry her!”
She then flashed a ring, which she said is a “17-carat diamond ring from my baby. It’s so fat you can’t even see it! So yeah, my baby got me this 17-carat ring. My baby takes care of me. Beat that J.Lo! Beat that Khloe and Lamar!
“Casey Johnson and Miss Tila Tequila are officially engaged. Woo!” she added.
She insisted the ring is “not fake, because my baby is a f****** baller. She’s a billionaire! She’s the heiress of Johnson and Johnson. Anyway, we are going to make love tonight for our honeymoon.”

If Tila Tequila’s telling the truth, good news, everybody, Johnson and Johnson found the cure for herpes. Also, I’m pretty sure they tipped Tiger Woods off in advance.

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Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Uhh

    In what state can they get married?

  2. Demacsspider


  3. jesternhell

    FREAKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is it me or does that nipple seem to be in an odd spot.

  4. iys


  5. timbo

    “Anyway, we are going to make love tonight for our honeymoon.”

    Does she realize that a honeymoon comes after getting married and not an engagement?

  6. Jrz

    Cure for herpes? Shit…..J & J needs to find the cure for “Fucking Crazy” if Casey gonna be hookin up with this chick. That bitch is fucking crazy.

  7. SATAN

    this stupid cunt again? once again, Tila Tequila is an insecure asian loser, and she should be treated as such.

    furthermore, they both look and act like aliens and i wish they could be shot back into outer space.

  8. bbb

    looks like tila forgot to put in her left color contact… what an idiot.

  9. david

    if you’re gonna post about asians, can you post some good looking ones? I know that’s rare in the asian community, but i’m sure you can try.

  10. telly

    What kind of freak wears their jewelry OUTSIDE of the gloves that they are wearing? What…?, Oh, that explains it…

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  12. John

    Someone needs to seriously beat her ass.

  13. sheetz

    adam lambert

  14. asian whore

    Quick, someone get the smelling salts, I think Johnson, of Johnson and Johnson just fainted.

  15. Cristina

    Look at pic 9- are her eyes two different colors?

  16. whatever

    Her nipple looks like a chewed up piece of hamburger.

  17. gotmilk?

    nice ring, if you like shit that comes out of a gumball machine.

  18. BillS

    Wasn’t she already supposed to have offed herself????? Why is she still here????

  19. sunshine

    She’s uglier than Snoop Dogg, and that’s saying something.

  20. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  21. Lucky Luke


  22. Deanna

    I’m hoping she makes Tila sign a pre-nup… that girl’s such a gold digger!!! This girl even beats Lindsay when it comes to attention whoring… somebody please put this woman down the world would be better off without her! God her endless rants about nothing is enough to drive any normal person INSANE. Why the hell is this girl famous? Just shows how crazy society really is.

  23. Max Planck

    Now frogs are mammals?

    Who knew?

  24. Roy Geebiv


  25. Smarg

    And just what is this little ugly slopehead famous for?? Another “celebrity”??


  26. J

    And who gives a rats ass about
    this refugee idiot.
    She is completely free from
    the merciless ravages of intelligence.
    She has more strains of herpes that
    Paris Hilton.

  27. G&T

    Worthless, attention whoring bimbo…
    But that’s the best pair of tits I’ve ever seen on a midget!

  28. continum

    @ #9. Asian countries have some of the most beautiful women in the world you untraveled racist imbecile. A piece of trash like this wouldn’t make it through the door of a mediocre nightclub. The US embraces the most unattractive girls and allow them to make a livings doing nothing.

  29. Who’s hands are those? LOL

  30. naz

    she is really epic for failure this year. yecck!

  31. the humongous

    Seriously, they’re engaged??? Has he met or even SEEN her?

    what’s the over/under on the how long the engagement lasts?

    And wasn’t she just in the news for breaking up with shawn merriman? She sure got engaged quickly!

  32. i never knew nipples could grow out of your armpit

  33. aww she looks like a cute little pig… wait are pigs cute..? =8)

  34. Kelley

    Someone please step on her, now, and squish her. She’s a fucking freak.

  35. StEvec

    scary-looking, pumpkin-headed dwarf

  36. lmao @ 1 green contact

  37. J-Bo

    Hittin it for sure.

  38. Don

    She’s back to chicks, huh? Interesting.

  39. Solaera

    Um, Tila? Casey’s family has cut her off until she completes rehab and straightens out. She is currently being evicted from the house that she rents in LA which has no electrical, gardening, or pool services because she can’t pay her bills. Tila better have a jeweler check that ring out…it’s either stolen or fake. Tila, she’s not going to marry you! She just needs a place to crash, you idiot.

  40. Bladedemon04

    As I’m from Ireland (and live there on a daily basis) I feel qualified to say that YES, leprecaun nipples do in fact bring good look . . . if you touch them . . .

    That’s not license for someone to sexually assault a midget Asian woman, by the way. It’s just a FACT.

  41. leid-girl

    BIG SIGH…too many things to say here.

    #41 You are ON IT. I totally agree. I see a divorce…or cancel in plans……in the near future.

    TILA YOU FORGOT TO PUT IN YOUR LEFT COLORED CONTACTS…. HELLO or did Casey lick it off??????????????

    It makes me wonder what Tila will look like in 20 years.

    And PEOPLE………ENOUGH with the racist remarks! What does being Asian have to do with it?
    If she was black, would you call her the N word?

    If she was white, would you call her trailer fucking neader billy trash???????

    mexican, latina,………the list goes on. So what if she is Asian? She is ONE ethnicity, and does not speak for the whole race.

    Lemme guess………..buncha honkeys on this site. And I can put fucking DOLLARS you have already checked out her fake ballons then made your comments! haha.

  42. Tony the tigger

    It’s sad that in this world hard working people have to struggle while mutated, disease carrying trash like this doesn’t even have to work a day in her life. How in the hell did the DNA that squirmed through time to puke her out ever live long enough to do so?

    And by the way, leid girl, since you are bashing people for bashing her race, what race is a “honkey”, dear?

  43. nastyjay

    what a crock of shit

  44. Bud

    All over the news? I think not.

  45. Aims

    The sad thing is she probably cant feel when her nipples pop out (as they seem to do a lot)…. because her boobs are so big and fake she has no sensation left in them! A dog could be knawing away at her basket balls and she would be none the wiser! GROSS!

  46. Amaranth

    slut when she was dating one of my friends during college more then 10 years ago and she still is a slut. Ugliest Asian girl I ever seen in person who is famous.

  47. timmy the dying boy

    Please, somebody, just make her go away!

  48. sexiest gremlin alive!

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