DMX arrested for identity theft

July 20th, 2008 // 78 Comments

DMX must love getting arrested. He was picked up Saturday at a Phoenix mall on suspicion that he gave a hospital a fake name and social to duck paying for his visit, according to the AP:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that when DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, went to Scottsdale’s Mayo Clinic in April, he used the name “Troy Jones” and failed to pay a $7,500 bill.

DMX finally cashes in the “Ha ha, nobody knows my real name” and wins a pot full of FAIL. And the worst part is, he wasted it on a seven grand hospital bill. Way to shoot for the stars, big guy. You could’ve at least hustled yourself a helicopter. Or, if you’re the practical type, a swimming pool shaped like a robot: “BEEP BOO BOP I’m full of water.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Que

    Que who?

  2. Crack kills. No, seriously…

  3. Joanne

    Why the hell wouldn’t he pay for his hospital bills? It’s not like he doesn’t have the money.

  4. the q

    you will be assymulated into the ghetto collective.

  5. Jeniffer

    Have u guys heard that he ever appeared on the wealthy dating club “R I C H L O V I N G.C O M” for hot singles to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating? There are his hot photos and Lots of hot girls are found in his circle there. I’ve been there for day, it seems the girls are not hard to hook

  6. Tom Cruise

    Nigga needs sum hospatullz,
    Nigga gets sum hospatullz,
    Ain’t payin’ for no hospatullz,
    White ppl are evil.

  7. Niggums Jones

    I love his head cocked to one side “I’m tough as hell, don’t cross me or me and my homies will jump out of our hoopty and bust a cap on yo ass” look. I’m stricken with fear. Idiot.

  8. Not bad at all people! Three ignorant comments out of the first seven. Take a bow!

  9. Come on, people, let’s show a little more sophistication here. Blaming this guy for what he did is like hitting your cat when you come home and find the rug clawed up. It might make you feel better, but the animal in question doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand cause-and-effect and is merely following its instincts. I mean, look at him. It’s amazing we’re considered the same species.

  10. Tom Cruise

    #9: Same species?! What are you, mexican? It’s a looooooong way from black to white.

  11. What an idiot this guy is. Doesn’t mean the Klan should be out in full force on the comments though.

  12. I remember when DMX was the only thing playing on the radio along with JaRuhl

  13. veggi

    typical nigger behavior

    (statistics, not racism)

  14. sicasso

    black, white, yellow, or olive. makes no difference. that kind of behavior is truly moronic.

  15. Racer X

    What a dumb ass.

    /”famous” rapper uses fake name?
    //kinda writes itself

  16. Cattyluo

    Really!DMX is very hot on the site”"”They must be made a mistake.He explain to us on this site.

  17. cordell walker

    what planet are u from? it’s quite possible he doesn’t have the money..
    as you should all know by now, the more the poor men brag about $, bling, ho’s, etcc in rap videos (which are made for other poor poeple), the less of it they have in real life. or if they actually ever make the money, they blow it all in an instant trying to show off

  18. The only nigga walking the streets with 4 felonies!

  19. B

    Wow. I mean, he’s a dumbass for doing this, but…wow. What is this, the 1800′s? If we could keep the racism to a dull roar, that’d be great, mmkay?

  20. toolboy

    Good luck collecting that debt Scottsdale Mayo Clinic, I’ve been trying to get him to give me my $8 back that I spent on Exit Wounds for years….aiiiiight? aiiiight, then.

  21. whatever

    Why is this nigger not dead?

  22. kkk

    Instead of jail, just sick about 10 angry, hungry pitbulls on his ass. I would love to see them shred the sub-human to pieces.

  23. kit kitten

    piece of shit.

  24. grobpilot

    Just another common criminal with celebrity status. I don’t believe he didn’t have the money to pay his bill but, if he really is broke (due to financial irresponsibility), there are any number of programs available to individuals in his situation that would end up paying his bill for him. Just ask the tens of thousands of people who clog up emergency rooms all over the Southwestern US. They’ll tell you how to work the system (as long as you speak Spanish)

  25. me not you

    This guy must be totally nuts to fuck with Sheriff Joe. That guy’s gonna have his black ass in pink panties eatin green bologna!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  26. oh dear

    this from the man who brought us “what’s my name?”

  27. lloyd johnson

    I have only met one white person with enough courage to say things like this to my face. Please sit down with a black man and explain to him why you believe he is so beneath you. If you can’t be a real man and stand behind your words, then they have no meaning. I do not agree with what this man did, but insulting an entire race for what one man did is ridiculous. Almost all of our most heinous and violent crimes in american history were commited by lonely, angry, ineffective white men just like you. Should you be stereotyped?

  28. Mitch Haase

    What’s the big deal? Mexicans do this by the thousands every day in hospitals from Dago to DC and the cops don’t go after them.

  29. justifiable

    Please tell us he went in to the Mayo Clinic for something good like a head re-alignment, adjustment of his pimp roll or just plain ol’ asshat removal – because obviously they failed all across the board. What a stupid punk bitch.

  30. Navel Gazer

    @28 In Houston Admitting offices, there are signs posted everywhere in Spanish that say “You may not use your auto liability insurance policy for your hospital bill”———–LOL, like Mexicans have car insurance!!

  31. ambidextrous handjob

    #27 It’s easy to be lazy and condemn everyone who’s black because of losers like this idiot. Not lumping everyone into a group would be work, and might also be sort of uncomfortable, so it’s just so much easier to be a knee-jerk unthinking bigot and then go order the Hungry Klansman special at Denny’s and feel secure and superior.

  32. the truth

    #27- excuse me but didn’t the NAACP have a ceramony where they buried the N word? oh, yes they did.
    Yet, last week Jesse Jackson called black folks n*ggers!!! LOL

  33. the truth

    #27- excuse me but didn’t the NAACP have a ceramony where they buried the N word? oh, yes they did.
    Yet, last week Jesse Jackson called black folks n*ggers!!! LOL

  34. you pizza-faced losers

    He obviously needed some help for his injured neck. He can’t even keep it straight in those mugshots.

  35. bootlips

    Neegers are prone to violence and monkey behavior. It’s the reason why every country they control is a third world shithole. They only think of themselves. They’re a bunch of monkeys, who for some reason, act proud. If it weren’t for slavery every simian negro would be starving to death.

  36. Elliot_Spitz_On_Her

    #27 eat a banana, just you, not the whole race.

  37. lloyd johnson

    #32 that ceremony was as stupid as you are.
    #35 where is your proof? for every Zimbabwe there is a Tunisia.
    #36 make me

    I understand that you really want to feel better than someone. My advice is pick up a book and read. You may not be able to change your appearance, or your social status but at least you don’t have to continue to be unintellegent as well.

  38. Netsurfer

    #27 – Name one white (or Mexican or Asian for that matter) entertainer, with or WiTHOUT gobs of money, who did something like this – give a fake name so he wouldn’t have to pay the bill for something that he went and asked for, and then received. I mean, this shows what a chicken-shit motherfucker he truly is. And it’s hard NOT to stereotype the whole race, being as how blacks are 18% of the population and commit an incredibly high percentage of the violent crimes, have the highest percentage of out of wedlock and teenage births. I grew up in the same neighborhood with them, and some of what I observed that made them different from me was that they absolutely refused to assimilate into middle class society by attending school (most of them ditched school, riding around in cars and meeting up for sex), getting a job (high school drop-outs can’t get good ones, or they couldn’t get daycare for the babies they started having at 14 or 15) so they could work for what they want, instead of looking to robbing and stealing to provide the money needed to live a decent life in this country.

  39. lloyd johnson

    #38 I can’t help the fact that you grew up in a trailer park with a bunch of losers. I’m sure no one from there did anything with their lives. Please show me where you get these “statistics” from. Your nazi newsletter? The problems in poor cities are not because of the race of the inhabitants but lack of jobs. These cities were formed around industries that have either moved or changed directions. Every poor broken down city has dozens upon dozens of closed dilapidated factories and warehouses. That is why the people who live there are poor and angry no matter the race. (please don’t say something stupid like, “Well they should move.”)

    Kenneth Lay scammed people out of millions and millions of dollars then turned rat and became a witness against his fellow co-conspiritors in the Enron case. What an upstanding white man. I hope that foot tastes good.

  40. Nappy headed ass Richard Simmons and everyone else says the word nig, so why not everyone else right? I know this is a superficial website, but Superficial people I can’t believe that you all are actually allowing people to post the word in plain view like that. I hope no children visit this website. Everyone will think it’s okay to use the “N” word in it’s derogatory sense.

  41. lloyd johnson

    the “n” word is always derogatory. Just because some idiot says, “I use it as a term of endearment.” doesn’t make it right. I slap people across their faces as a greeting. Will that make you enjoy it?

  42. Netsurfer/ #38 it’s people like you that we as blacks carry on stereotypes that aren’t true about many of us. I grew up in the ghetto myself. I never even had my first kiss until I was 22 years old. Im still with the same guy too. It is a stereotype, and this type of behavior just perpetuates those stereotypes. It doesn’t help at all, but neither does your perception about an entire race. You can only go off your experiences and the statistics that you have heard. There would be no way I would’ve wanted to get pregnant not even at the age I am now at 26, and still be living in the shit hole I grew up in. I have since gone off to college, and have a wonderful health care career. All of my black friends from highschool that I was really close to have done the same for themselves as well. I didn’t know one of us who didn’t still have their virginity when we became seniors, and we are all pretty girls on top of that. Oh and, just because I grew up in the ghetto don’t assume I didn’t have a father, because he is still my best friend till this day. He was the one to encourage me not to follow in his and my mom’s foot steps when they decided to stop after only getting highschool diplomas, but Im still proud of them for getting that far while being married very young with three children. I had great black parents,and now I consider myself great. They did their best with us.

  43. #41 if that’s what floats your boat. if you are black then you should know what I mean, and if you’re are not black then you’ve got to be one to know one. Don’t get me wrong I call my cool white friends the nice “N” word, and some do the same with me, and some don’t. I don’t care if they use it with me, as long as they never use it against me. That’s my stance on it.

  44. lloyd johnson

    the n word will always be a slap in the face. expand your vacablary beyond it. actually if you want to discuss this, pm me; BMXMUG on AIM.

  45. zigger

    What a freaking DOUCH. Sherif Joe A doesn’t screw around, I hope he puts Douche-MX in the tents, along with the pretty pink jumpsuits. Let the Beaner prisoners have some fun with this fag.Oh, Obama can suck my Pelosi.

  46. Yeah it’s all over the place now so who really cares anymore. You can’t stop anyone from saying it. Don’t we have bigger problems to worry about than people using it with their friends. Actually to be honest Im not really offended by it anymore, but do children really need to be exposed to it. None of my friends are children, and I don’t use the word out in public all loud and ghetto anyway. I have a right to freedom of speech just as much as these racists on here calling people the “N” word in such a horrible way do. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me and the way I choose to use the “N” word. It’s not the only word that people have chosen to turn from negative to positive anyway. People don’t realize that being called a fool is ten times worse, but yet people call each other that all the time as a term of endearment.

  47. grobpilot

    Since the discussion has devolved into an argument about the races, here’s my two cents, like it or not:

    How many examples have we seen (and had shoved down our throats) about blacks and their triumphs over adversity? They grew up impoverished, abused, fatherless and somehow managed to become CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations, sports stars, celebrities, etc… Yet, many of those who are still in bad situations continue to bitch and whine about their lives and that “the white man is keeping me down”. Because of the civil rights movement, countless federal and local laws have been passed which cater specifically to blacks and give them every opportunity to succeed. Opportunities that are curiously not available to whites. The only thing blacks need to do is take advantage of those opportunities and pull themselves out of a bad life.

    Yes, it takes a hell of a lot of motivation to be a success but it can be done. But it certainly does appear that they want to be spoon-fed and work the system and not have to get off their asses to make their lives better. They figure they are entitled to everything they demand simply because of slavery, which ended 150 years ago. I really doubt that any blacks alive today used to be slaves and are therefore not entitled to any kind of reparation and I certainly have never owned a slave so, I personally don’t owe you a goddamn thing.

    I don’t like Obama and will not vote for him but I’ll tell you; If that son-of-a-bitch manages to become President of the United States, blacks have lost any right whatsoever to bitch about anything. He will be a shining example of a black man who grew up under very humble beginnings and managed somehow to achieve the most powerful position on the planet. The position is open to any black who was born an American citizen and managed to not be convicted of anything while growing up.

    Blacks have exactly the same opportunities as whites. In addition, they have advantages that whites do not have. They also have black-only colleges, TV programming specifically geared toward blacks, black oriented magazines, etc…. If a white guy wanted to start up an enterprise geared to whites only, blacks would scream “racist”, Jesse and Al would show up and close it down before the ink dried on the business license. Really, who would be the racist here?

    Yeah, every race has its problems. But stop whining just because you’re in a bad fix. The government is using my tax dollars to pay for giving you an advantage that I don’t have. So, you’re very fucking welcome.

  48. Piotr

    This is the most racist discussion I have ever heard. Don’t those of you who are being so racist have anything better to do than slam someone who has done more in his life than you ever will? Get off his dick for the simple fact that you on it like a gnat on a dog’s dick.

  49. Jamie

    I like how he was arrested at Metro Center Mall which is, by the way, the MOST GHETTO mall in Phoenix.

  50. bootlips

    Black inventions:

    Drive by shootings.
    Smash and grab.
    Dressing like clowns.
    Sucker punching elderly people.
    mud huts.

    They are the missing link. Half man, Half Ape.

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