DJ AM overdosed (In case there were doubts.)

September 29th, 2009 // 34 Comments

DJ AM’s death has been ruled an accidental drug overdose by the New York medical examiner’s office, according to the AP:

The toxicology report showed the 36-year-old had in his system cocaine, OxyContin, Hydrocodone or Vicodin, antianxiety drugs Xanax and Ativan, Klonopin which also controls anger, Benadryl, and Levamisole, a drug apparently used to cut cocaine.
The cause of death was acute intoxication due to the combined effects the drugs, the medical examiner’s office said. The dosage of each drug was not released.
He was found Aug. 28 in his apartment in New York City’s trendy SoHo neighborhood after a friend called 911. Paramedics had to break down the door before they found him, shirtless and wearing sweat pants, in his bed around 5:20 p.m.
Six pills were found in his stomach and a pill in his throat when he was found dead in his apartment. The pill in his throat appeared to be OxyContin. A crack pipe and prescription pill bottles were discovered there.

No one’s saying if it was a suicide, but I don’t really know what a person expects to happen after shoving that many drugs in their face. For example, if I went out back and chugged a can of Raid, that’s not so much accidental as a purposeful act of self-inflicted dumb. So if somebody could maybe change that on the death certificate…

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  1. Yah!

    MY first first ever!

  2. If my life involved staying out late, playing music, having banged Mandy Moore, and travelling all over the world, i’d probably overdose, too. Only logical thing to do.

  3. Huh?

    @1: Congratulations. Now your empty life is still empty.

  4. Tom B. Hanks III

    3 = homosexual rage

  5. big noses because the air is free

    Oxycontin AND Vicodin??? Wow, he must have been in a lot of pain. Like a person might feel after having both hands and feet pierced by nails.

  6. Motoring Fred

    Is this Jimmy Fallon in the pick?

  7. moka

    hey #1 congratulations, it feels good! i’ve had two firsts also.

  8. Huh?

    Ooh, clever comeback Mr. Hanks. Yes, I could see how you could confuse sarcasm with rage. Do you people seriously aspire to posting “first” on blogs? That’s like aspiring to be the idiot jumping up and down while standing behind a newscaster doing a live broadcast.

  9. Casey Jones

    good riddance you waste of space.

  10. ___

    #7, are you serious?

  11. Mal Gusto

    What does it take for the Hollywood press to label this an intentional overdose/suicide?????
    Clearly this guy was trying to die. Oxycontin in his throat?? Cause he was feeling the effects yet still wanted more.
    I am just a bit sensitive right now….. a friend committed suicide2 weeks ago….Broke a mirror, slashed his femoral arteries and his throat.
    Srry for the rant.

  12. #11
    Did your friend leave you any neat shit?

  13. Mal Gusto

    Yeah… a grieving wife and a bunch of unanswered questions.
    But, I did see a camelback (water pouch) that I hope to get when this all cools down

  14. JK

    nice Mstrkrft shirt. doubt any of the douches that listened to his music even know who that is. guess he had a little bit of good music taste.

  15. JK

    nice Mstrkrft shirt. doubt any of the douches that listened to his music even know who that is. guess he had a little bit of good music taste.

  16. Rhialto

    It wasn’t suicide but it was an accidental drug overdose.That’s really the last honor they could give him.

  17. Anyone think it should have been Travis Barker in his place instead? Or both… you know, like an “accidental suicide pact”?

  18. what

    wait, who is this person again?

  19. Mal Gusto

    #16…I’ve done a ton of drugs and over shot my target high plenty of times, but the differences between these 3:
    unintentionally doing more than you planned
    actually overdosing
    doing enough to kill yourself
    The dosage differences are gigantic. It takes a surprisingly large amount of drugs to kill a person. Ask Tommy Lee and Vince Neil

  20. bribios

    First posters need to follow in AMs footsteps. Or get jobs.

  21. Clamhammer

    Doo doot dun dun Dunt, Doot Doot dun dunt dunt….OOoosh, Ooooosh, OOoosh….Peeeeew, OOoosh, Ooosh, OOoosh….GERF!

    DJAM’s Electrocardiograph during his last moments.

  22. eric dane

    so being a DJ is actually a real job? Really?!?

  23. hehehehe

    Some big name DJs make Tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to play other people’s music for an hour or two. I’d say that’s a pretty good job.

    And yeah, somebody wanted to die.

  24. Logie

    Klonopin is not to control anger, it’s in the same class as xanax (benzodiazepines) — anxiety medicine

  25. Shelley

    “accidental” drug overdose? Really?

  26. why don’t people understand that they can’t mix some stuff and then wash it all down with some crack?

  27. Shani

    This Just In!!!


    He overdosed, boo hoo. The only ones who care are his drugy friends and ex drugy girlfriends. who the fuck cares that Nicole Richie is sad…she’s a useless overpaid for doing nothing shit head and so were all of his dumbass hangers on.

  28. Annie Likes Anal

    The tragedy. D.J.’s are such artistic geniuses. It will be impossible to replace him. Where oh where will you find someone that can play other people’s music in nightclubs. The tragedy.

  29. Olpol

    “I don’t really know what a person expects to happen after shoving that many drugs in their face”

    Exactly! This guy and Heath Ledger both did the same stupid thing. I don’t know how anyone can reasonably believe that an averagely intelligent person could do this NOT knowing it’s going to kill them.

    Therefore these should be classified as 2 cases of suicidal stupidity.

  30. Rancid

    #5 – brilliant

    I have no problem believing that it was unintentional. Someone who is wacked out on pills is going to forget the dose he took just ten minutes ago, and narf another handful.

    Trust me – they think suicide is much more sexy than just being a dumb shit. So they WANT us to think it was suicide – not a pampered asshole who didn’t have the sense to keep count of his pills (even senile old people have those things that look like a big plastic calendar and ration the pills).

  31. gotmilk?

    is there even such a thing as an accidental overdose? i’m pretty sure you assume the risks when you put all that shit into your body. there is nothing accidental about it.

    still not caring.

  32. I feel so bad that he died, especially because of drugs! RIP!! but jesus christ people STOP DOING DRUGS!! why do people do them??? please stop!!!

  33. GVK

    One needs to remember that this man was involved in an airplane crash a year before he died, and was prescribed painkillers and other meds to deal with the post traumatic stress and survivor guilt he suffered. Maybe he got addicted to them?
    Anyways, it is indeed possible for a normal person to lose track of the number of pills entering the body. It is also possible that a person will continue to pop pills till the body feels well. This has happened many times. Case in point: Heath Ledger, the sleeping pills weren’t working, so he popped and popped till he could sleep.

  34. john

    I bet he was in so much pain. If you get in to bad accidents like that… pretty much expect to have pain for life!

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