DJ AM had crack on him

August 30th, 2009 // 96 Comments

With the autopsy report coming back as inconclusive pending a toxicology report, the police reportedly found crack in DJ AM’s pocket after finding him dead along with a pipe near his body, according to RadarOnline:

Police first entered the 36-year-old’s $2 million SoHo apartment at 5:23 PM Friday after worried friends had tried unsuccessfully to reach him. Police and emergency medical workers discovered his lifeless body on top of his bed. A glass crack pipe was found nearby.
“It wasn’t until a while later when police actually found the bag of crack,” said the NYPD source. “It wasn’t discovered until his body was moved for the first time. The bag of crack was in the groin area inside the sweat pants he was wearing.”
In other new details, the source says police found more than a dozen bottles of prescription pills in the kitchen of his seven-floor Lafayette Street apartment. “Xanax and the painkiller Vicodin were among the pills found,” said the source.

The police have also confirmed DJ AM was alive as early as Friday morning and wasn’t dead in his apartment for days:

The time of death has not yet been officially announced but has also learned that AM was still alive at least into the early hours of Friday morning because they have discovered some IMs sent from him as late as 1 a.m. “He was alive Thursday night and into early Friday morning from the time of these texts,” said the source. “He was texting an unidentified individual as late as 1 a.m.”
It is unknown at this time if the messages were to his ex-girlfriend.

Reports are coming in that DJ AM was distraught over his girlfriend of a few months breaking up with him which makes no fucking sense. Listen, I don’t want to rag on the guy, but after seeing four people you know burn to a crisp as you escape death, OD-ing because some girl doesn’t like you is unbelievably weak. Not only that, the dude was rich and could’ve easily taken a month, or even a year, off to hire a hot therapist who’ll also fellate you while you play video games. I could’ve been molested by a clown as a child, and a week of Dr. BJ would have me high-fiving Ronald McDonald. That’s all I’m saying.

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  1. Annabel

    Yeah, maybe Fish’s comment was a bit too much, but what kind of a fu—– idiot totally wastes away this second chance life had given him? There’s this thing called “rehab” that I’m sure he’d heard of. But, of course, it was so much easier just to keep using drugs… If the plane crash wasn’t a wake up call, then nothing would be. And… nothing was.

  2. BrBreakItDown

    DJ AM:

    1. Tried killing himself once already, failed
    2. Survived a plane crash, only to sue the families of the pilots who died
    3. Chose smoking crack as a priority over his kids
    4. Contributed absolutely nothing to society by being a mediocre DJ, at best
    5. Pissed away the money he’d made on drugs instead of helping people
    6. Was offered help for his drug addiction many times but turned it down
    7. Chose to start doing drugs in the first place
    8. The only reason anyone knows about him at all is because of Nicole Richie (who also has contributed nothing to society)
    9. Had everything to live for
    10. Travis Barker is doing fine after the crash…

  3. Annie Loves Anal

    43 and 49. Oh yeah, we all had such wonderful childhoods. It’s called sucking it up assholes. My father was abusive and I can name at least ten friends that can say the same thing. Fuck it. You anablers are making me sick. I’m out.

  4. Tom K

    There is alot I want to say but I’m sticking to what my mother used to tell. “Never bad mouth the dead”

    Rest Peace DJ AM

  5. Tom K

    #52. Said it best.

  6. Tom K

    #52. Said it best.

  7. Tom K

    #52. Said it best.

  8. Not to sound like a dick, but anybody who dies off a crack overdose that earns more than half of the population gets no sympathy from me. Crack, seriously? He totally should’ve gone and just paid the extra few bucks to hit the slopes. As far as anybody feeling sympathy for his drug problems goes… what don’t you get off his(now deceased, rest his soul) balls and start helping the poor people who don’t have a shit ton of cash that gets them access to effective medical care?

  9. Sarah

    i don’t know much about this guy, but i see he had good taste in tv shows. yeah swan station…!

  10. I don’t see many people having a big cry about Fish’s angle on the subject.
    I guess all the people that preached about you “losing a reader today!!1!” on the last DJ Am post actually made good on their threats for fear of being shafted by the mighty meat rod of logically reinforced criticism yet again.

  11. sara

    Are they sure it was a bag of crack between his legs and not a bag…of…douche?

  12. Please let that be his 7th floor apt. & not 7 floor apt. in SoHo. NO, I DON”T CARE. Someone like this doesn’t need a 7 floor apt. in SoHo, Oh No! R.I.P, anyway.

  13. Yes, you are right ! Drug is injurious to health. I make out how drug must have been very difficult to stop using amidst mounting circumstance.

  14. Mel

    Really? More bashing on DJ AM? Seriously, any kind of morals about drugs aside, it’s still poor as fuck. It’s RIP Heath Ledger, who did almost the same thing, RIP Michael Jackson, who, let’s face it, was still partly responsible for his death for getting the doctor in to give him all those drugs… yet it’s FU DJ AM? It’s actually laughable you call yourself a writer anymore. I don’t know who pissed on your bonfire lately, but it seems I’m not the only one who’s bored of it.

  15. LiquidKarma

    This post was great…in fact I loved it. That’s it.

  16. fact

    Some of you are a bit delusional so lets all understand the same facts.

    Unfortunately there is no way to save or help a crackhead. There never has been a way. Countless people have tried and many are playing the reformed route but in reality they all go back the the pipe. This is common fact and yes it does suck ass.

    In reality most of you are trying to play the victim here. If you cared so much about crackheads you would not be on an internet blog writing anything. You would be on the streets giving crackheads food, money, attention, all that other shit. In reality you see them daily and you just drive by.

    So that is why I say you are playing the victim. You have to view people for who they are. No reason to change things, people are who they are and they are who they choose to be.

    A crackhead is a crackhead. An asshole is an asshole. A whore is a whore. A child molester is a child molester. A rapist is a rapist. You can not change these things they are all facts. Everyone in the world understands all of these bad character flaws and choices came from sick childhood shit or other traumatic events.

    You must realize that they had a choice though. If you act like he had no choice and this was so tragic you must then also do the same with the rest of the fucked up types whose crazy obsessions came from sick events they could not handle.

    So understand you might have a character flaw that needs to be addressed if you feel so much sympathy for these types. You have to learn to see things for what they are.

  17. Don

    I don’t know who this guy is, but does anyone ever really go to that wealthy dater site? I find the answer more intriguing than some dude who OD’d on crack.

  18. It’s too bad when anyone turns to crack or drugs to get away from their problems.. why do they not realize it only creates more problems and never takes the real problems away.?

  19. dj bloeme

    someone please explain why this guy is relevant!

  20. Tammy

    He deserved to die. Now he’s burning in Hell with Ed McMahon and Walter Cronkite.

  21. Camila

    “Never bad mouth the dead”

    ok, DJ Am is dead… GOOD!

    plus: because hitler is dead, suddenly he is a good person??

  22. i m not dina u fat pigs

    #69 “someone please explain why this guy is relevant!”
    Because famous people could do drugs with him and he wouldn’t talk about it to the press.
    And he was very good at playing a record on a record player. Well, mostly for the first thing.

  23. gotmilk?

    30, i hope that was a joke.

    anytime anyone does drugs, you assume a certain risk. end of story.

  24. B


    Listen, i know this won’t be taken serious because of what site its on, but i would really appreciate if we could tone down the blasts towards DJ AM. I knew him and he was a great person who had some terrible things happen to him. No one knows why he chose to do what he did, and he made a very fatal mistake.

    But this dude didn’t do anything personally to any of you guys for you to mock him and his death. It makes me feel like shit to lose him as a friend right now, but it makes me feel even worse that so many people would rather mock the dead than just even not type anything. Did you really have to release this kind of garbage into the air just to get a giggle or two?

    It’s fucked up that this is what so many of us decide to do. A person is dead. And just because he was a celebrity, you all talk about him in a way that i wouldn’t wish on anybody. He was a good guy that had some terrible demons in his closet, and you know what, they caught up to him finally and he made the biggest mistake he could. But the fact is he didn’t do anything to any of you, so to mock him this horribly upon the news of his death, i don’t want to believe that any of us really want to be the people we are portraying in this thread or the other one. A lot of us have lost family and friends to tragic events like this, and if we had to find out that people, for no good reason, just had the most callous things to say, im sure it would hurt terribly.

    But if this is really what goes through our heads, that the anonymity of the internet makes this a safe haven to say things that we would never say in real life to a soul, its just fucked up.

    Im sure this is going to fall on deaf ears, and many of you will be mocking it as well, but i just wanted to say it.

    It’s pollution, and it may not hurt anyone you know, but i’m telling you right now that it’s hurting a lot of people you don’t. Do something positive. Don’t make this normal. It’s not. It’s fucked up.

    Thanks guys

  25. kerri

    i just think it’s sad that the poor guy is dead and you people need to be so cruel. he survived a plane crash – yes – and maybe a healthy person could have pulled through and gotten the right help but come on – the guy had problems his whole life. he saw four people he knew – two of them close friends burn to death. he was also on fire himself – as was his friend Travis. i don’t know about you but that alone would screw me up mentally. before that the guy had a horrible time growing up because he was obese and had a father who hated him. he also strugged with a serious drug problem before and with depression. i’m not defending him – drugs are wrong and yes i wish he had chosen to get help but come on – a human being is dead. show some respect if not for him, than for his family. seriously – you’re being incredibly mean.

  26. Randall

    does anybody else think this is just a publicity stunt for the movie Final Destination. First he cheats death in a plane crash then dies suspiciously a few months later. Travis barker better keep looking over his shoulder, death doesn’t take kindly to being made to look like a bitch.

  27. TS

    Crackheads die. It’s what they do. Get over it and move on. He knew the risks of his behavior. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  28. m0nkeydump

    61. sara – August 31, 2009 3:21 AM

    Are they sure it was a bag of crack between his legs and not a bag…of…douche?


    That made laugh hard. Thanks.

    And who gives a fuck about this guy? People die everyday, but this guy is special because (as everyone else has mentioned) he is a terrible DJ and possibly fucked (or get fucked by) Nicole Richie?

    Some of you should read the comments before submitting your brainless arguments. This guy was doing drugs because he was so upset that 4 of his “friends” died? Is that why he proceeded to sue for the estates of the desceased pilots’ families? Right, real fuckin’ generous guy.

  29. abba

    LMAO @ the superficial commentator ‘Ronald McDonald’ really…?

  30. Darth

    This only proves that fame and a fist full of bucks doesn’t make you happy though.

  31. Galtacticus

    I’ve the impression that already a healthy and clean mind is something to be glad about.

  32. Nero

    Would the opposite be a sick and dirty mind?

  33. Matt

    Truly the saddest part of all is that he died never really knowing the secrets of the island.

  34. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    What’s Dr. BJ’s number?

  35. heatherz

    Dharma shirt ftw.

  36. valentina

    I hate to be an ass but this guy was a DJ hello!! nothing special but society has made him to be some fucking hero becasue he spun records? what happened to the days when real celebrities got props?? he was a crack addict who chose not to get the help and smoke crack! no one should miss this guy!

  37. valentina

    I hate to be an ass but this guy was a DJ hello!! nothing special but society has made him to be some fucking hero becasue he spun records? what happened to the days when real celebrities got props?? he was a crack addict who chose not to get the help and smoke crack! no one should miss this guy!

  38. DJCrackCocaine

    Was he snorting cocaine on a turntable?
    That would rock.

  39. Phucker

    Another crackhead bites the dust. Cest la vie.

    The only impact this douchenozzle had on my life was the 1 minute it took to type this.

  40. NYBigirl

    Who the fuck cares? The world now has just one less worthless crack head this fine day.

  41. Brooke

    I feel sorry for this guy’s friends and family, and he clearly went through a lot in the last year. But I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him because of the distress he’s brought on other people by making poor decisions. I had a friend in high school who nearly died several times, but instead of clean up and get his act together, he kept using drugs, he kept breaking the law, he’d lose job after job, and when any of us tried to help he wouldn’t have it. It makes me so angry seeing this guy’s poor mother, or his few remaining friends, because while he pretends he’s enjoying life and acting like he’s invisible, we his friends are all counting down the days before he finally ODs or drives over a cliff or contracts AIDS, etc etc. I’ve been through so many close calls with him that I am no longer sympathetic to his cries and pleads for help, because I know it’s of no use.

    So… I have little sympathy for DJ AM, whoever he was. If he had problems, crack was the last thing he should have been doing. And someone said he had kids!? How sad for them, and how thoughtless of him. I agree with Fish’s comments totally.

  42. kerri

    no one is saying he is special because he was a dj or slept with nicole richie. we are saying he was a human being with a family and friends and at least show THEM some respect you monkeydump jerk.

    you people are disgusting. my only hope is that you’re all sterile.

  43. DJCrackerJack

    This teaches all of us a very valuable life lesson.
    If you’re looking for crack cocaine in a club, the DJ knows where to get it.

  44. dubz

    you’re hilarious. when i read your blog, i literally laugh out loud (and that’s saying a lot)

  45. I guess I’m angry at druggies. Drug addiction seems like a manufactured problem to me.
    Maybe people should deal with actual problems instead of manufacturing fake ones that were easily avoided.

  46. Of course #30 was a fucking joke you idiots..
    This place used to have a sense of humor.

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